Sunday (5 january) – Your highest, truest self knows.

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As your value rises

your choices around that

will change.

Expect to need more.

Expect to deserve more.

Expect to get more.

You are worth it all.

well hello S U N D A Y!

THIS IS SUCH AN IMPORTANT DAY. On this day we are being asked to stand firm in something that is on the way to becoming, where it is not yet what we wish it to be. And there is a test in us believing in ourselves and staying with our commitments to do it this time.

But what comes in may sort of body slam you into thinking you can’t do it or you aren’t valuable enough and this is the test where you are NOT to fall into buying into such a pitiful way to see yourself. TODAY you snap out of it and rise again like the farmer who HAS to keep working the fields even at times the wind comes in to get them doubting if they’ll be able to keep up with all there is. Losing faith as we work what we want to see manifest in our futures is always a part of the Earth Walk journey. Will this work out? Can I really do it? Is this really possible? What could go wrong? If that goes wrong, what will I do?

And what I am getting with this energy is that we are to say fuck it to all those fears and just keep on plowing with love in our hearts and this knowing that IT IS our programming and our faulty upbringings that trigger those dips of faith where we actually buy into them.

I was talking to someone who was suggesting someone who can help me but I was saying how I am Psychic for everyone but with myself I am still the girl who grew up with no mama loving on her and then growing jealous of her and then fucking her up every which way so that MOST of my decisions have had to be wrong, because I grew up with NO VALUE. I grew up as the marked-down going bad food from the get-go.

And no value means you grow up to take less than and you say YES when others run out of the room with the clearest and quickest NOPE there is. Whereas I’m like, SURE, I can make that work for you.

My no value got me off track to choosing things less than and where I do things SO WRONG because my system was not built correctly. But I am Psychic for everyone. I know what we need to do and what YOU need to hear, but for me, when deciding on things, I’m still learning to hear the correct answer.

This actually was over me finding the best digestive aid for my alkaline vegan lifestyle because I am allergic to pineapple and that’s where the bromelain enzyme comes from, which I didn’t know until it ripped my belly apart after taking one capsule when I already was in pain. I was thinking I needed ox bile, which I stood there contemplating when the woman walked up, because I think I’m having problems processing fats and proteins —— but I don’t want to eat animals anymore!!!!!! So I was stumped on what to do. This woman said this other woman in town could teach me how to hear that answer in my body as to what to do or what items to pick. So I’ll be looking her up!!

But we run in these faulty ways and admitting them is the first part of healing them because then we don’t run from them or try to make them something bad. We can’t help what did us wrong, but we can help how we work around that to get back into a powerful position that is in tune to OUR innate strengths.

Our true value is MASSIVE. And we will learn that in 2020 where we just keep at what we feel in our bodies even if we don’t see that proof just yet. Still. It doesn’t mean we are to stop or give up or cave into the old world ways and just accept the limitations put into place.

There are ways to get around things but they require patience as we put plans into place and seeds into soil and water into seedlings rising to one day be what we wish them to be. And, as the elder farmers know, seeing value in what you are creating always reaps a value to match.

Thinking that I am not valuable because it is what I saw, shows me that I will choose things that are not valuable to me, as they match up with my valueless self. So I will choose for wrong — until I step into making choices AS the Queen, expecting that I will be able to reach out and instantly point to the best product out of 200 in front of me to pick from. THAT ONE will work!

As we grow in value, our voice will grow in choosing for better things. TODAY is when you first get the opportunity to put your TRUE SELF FIRST, in getting to decide on things, as you release your addiction to buying into scarcity and valueless things.  

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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