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Rule of the ages:

You don’t throw gas on others

Nor do you throw it on yourself.

Gas no more.

Good morning, love! Something is telling us that we need to be okay with the discipline of the process and remind ourselves to not keep thinking there is some timeline or speed that we should be going.

We need to trust our bodies as doing what they are supposed to be doing but again, today, the emphasis is on not judging things from the limited perspective. This also may be that someone else comes in to cast a shadow on your dreams and this is JUST a test. Of course we will be doubted, it’s on YOU, remember, to be that stoic and grounded tree who KNOWS this is your flower field to run through and not anyone else’s to diminish through judgment or fear.

But, just like how the rain WILL fall, YOU must do the things to keep yourself dry if you don’t want to get wet by it. You must change with the rain to provide the protection for yourself. It’s not that the rain must be the one to change!

Just like the other person we think must change when IN FACT — it is on us to provide rain gear when in contact with someone who could make us wet or emotionally drain us or frazzle us or waterlog us or fuck us the fuck up. WE are to be smarter here. They are the rain, so we must be the umbrella kept in our bag assuring they don’t make us wet.  

So be in the know, people are on the way, set to try and drown you but it doesn’t gotta go down like that — and you have the power to save your ship, babe. So open the umbrella, first thing!!!!  It’s a San Francisco soaker today. Think, El Nino.

What is so far-out interesting is that the focus is saying that we need to be the umbrella by controlling the words we use and how we communicate and how we either do or do not throw gas to others’ flames. We are to look at how we are in control here in making things worse or better, as the new lives we want are ALL ABOUT THE BETTER so shouldn’t we be working to make all things better no matter what they are? So that means we don’t ever want to throw gas again.

And as we steer this day through our own power of words, we also coincidentally have Mercury in Leo going RETROGRADE. So that IS kind of wow and it brings a big orange energy that even smells like orange blossoms! Mmmmmmm!!! How sweet!

But. It’s interesting because we are going from 4 degrees Leo to 23 degrees Cancer – and there will be something about that 23 mark when we get there, where we travel with our communication style on this retrograde journey is back to home. It’s back to what matters. It’s back to what feels good. It’s back to what gets us feeling held and supported and seen and appreciated.

It’s getting back to our roots so that we can fix and correct and get things real healthy from the base up. It’s when we really know we have to do for ourselves in order to get our minds speaking sweetly all the time and not so angry when that anger was all ready to been digested and alchemized into movement long ago.

Our minds can kill us or save us. And now we get to find our way home so that all we know is that we don’t throw gas on ourselves anymore. We are better than that. And the vibration of our words will rise to these loving and honoring ways as if we become royalty from within and we expect all things to just work out in our favor.

This will grow in us. It will feel like calm waters, where still, deep down we know, this is ALL for us and it all will come together just fine one day. Until then, we dream for our more and we strive to come through clearer and clearer, bringing our true and beautiful representation to all people’s realities.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day


PLANT THE SEEDS. Two weeks after the Full Moon we reach the New Moon where we suddenly have visions for new things we are ready to implement in our lives. This time now is for giving energy towards seeing yourself as your future self doing the things you dream of starting right now. So we begin a journey with the New Moon and over this next week we simmer with love over all that we dream of doing as we prepare to take steps forward from this new feeling starting in one week. This time is for simmering in hopeful dream visions.

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Feeling critical. Putting things into order.  Thinking of details. Organizing your life.



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2: Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.

6: Being compassionate is required today. Be LOVE no matter what comes up!

8: Hold the Galactic Vision!  Be positive and keep your eyes on the horizon. What you are putting out there is coming RIGHT BACK your way!



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