sunday vibes (8 september) — We need to stay alive for this. Keep your eyes on others!

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You will NEVER stay in the heavy forever.

Unless you keep running from it

Making it too much to handle

Holding it in your space

As something you don’t want to face.

We must look at the pain

in order to bring transformation

because a message sings

from the ashes of no more.

Okay. This just came through, but it actually came through in my dreamtime last night too (August 28), but around September 8 we are on a high alert for suicides and you need to listen to your intuition if ANYONE or any change to your plans hits your awareness. DO NOT make the feeling merely existential and give it no attention or thought. We have MASSIVE support right now with spirits and guides on the other side reaching us CLEARLY – as in, getting us to notice their scent, bringing a sudden strong feeling or just a message hitting our bodies that says THIS is something that you need to pay attention to.

BUT. My loves!! This is ACTUALLY a really profound shift that we now are walking through where I see these new pathways that are lit with light – and I sure hope this example isn’t me walking into the light, because – it’s got those feels to the looks of it! But these hallways or corridors of light are doing something like when they check for blood at a crime scene but this is something looking at an issue within US and how we walk and maneuver through life.

So for MANY OF YOU the FEELING of this examination can feel like the worst thing where you DO think you are doomed and there is nothing you can do to get out of your situation. What I know is that there is. And it is like a torturous and mysterious climb up the mountain where you DON’T KNOW when the corner turns and something brings in the love and light again, releasing you from the clutches of pain. But still, the message in this reading says keep walking. This is not a dead end mountain journey.

OUR MINDS are what keeps us trapped in the nightmare, but when we ground, and get back into our bodies then we can find that we DO HAVE THE TOOLS TO CARRY ON and we may still be hanging by a thread and only have the next breath of safety before us, but AT LEAST we have that one more breath – and we need to seek for it.

And right now we are to help our minds move forward — and other people’s minds — because this is JUST A PHYSICAL DETOX occurring – and you have seen how people lose it when they don’t have their caffeine and start to get sick from that addiction — roar.  And we need to stay around and take that one extra breath with that last leg that we feel we are on because next our minds will be opening to things we need to see that are like the final purge and let go of something that was ONLY HOLDING US BACK.

It’s like how gluten affects brain chemistry and is actually LINKED to depression but STOP eating it and 5 days later it is out of your system and you are transformed and will start avoiding it – becoming one of those people. In 5 days you can change your life. Sugar too has that 5 day mark where you suddenly go OH, HELLO to life.

So after the examination light shines TOO brightly into all our shadowy hidden places – after we feel like its all we can see — we then take off like Eagles from the nest where it is nothing but confidence and the feeling that now we move better in life or we are aligning to something that is very much a natural flow to us. SO DO NOT GIVE UP and do not let anyone else give up.

We will hear about sad things at this time and it’s going to be imperative that those who are grounded and aware can be the words or the inspiration to get them just a bit further on the journey. A shift is close and we NEED to feel this pain and see what we were avoiding anyway. WE MUST start moving our challenges out of the way through facing them with the million tools we got built in us to handle them – and that means things can feel heavy at times. But the release will always come. It comes when we don’t run.  

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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