Taurus Reading: Full Moon in Taurus (12 november)

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Oh love! This is when most things change in your life and they come at this time as blessings from the Universe where others will be catalysts in getting you to awaken to your purpose and to a new role that you now would like to step UP into.

The seed is planted around this time THROUGH THINGS coming your way that open lost vault spaces and bring you JUST the answer you need to get you stepping back into true form or into this level of confidence within yourself where you ARE moving forward and not holding back and waffling because others have programmed you to in some way question your bold or going against the grain moves.

And things come now TO MOVE YOU. They come suddenly to surprise you. And they come ONLY to awaken and shift a block within you that was keeping you from stepping into TRUE POWER. And this was ALL ON YOU because you have chosen to go along and not make a stink and not show that actually YOU KNOW BEST.

And staying undercover or under wraps was okay as it was a part of your learning process. Even if you were going into spaces of doubt and wondering if you actually have IT ALL WRONG – that too was okay. It all is to provide you with a road traveled that provides you gifts along the way that feed your soul and bring substance to what you WILL offer the world as you level up again and again.

And following along and not really breaking out of line is where you learn so much. But now something about you being behind the wheel, of a new car, is being called out of you. This is another level of your souls purpose work, in regards to where you are at the age that you are, and something is coming from suffering or feeling that you do not have a place, or even emotional suffering feeling that you are too wounded for repair, or the damage too far gone, and from this experience into pain or fear, you rise stronger than you have ever been before.

So there is a process playing out with this mysterious journey, and now is when you get OUT OF YOUR WAY and stop playing small with what it is that you are here to bring. You MAY have more schooling and experience and steps to take, but you are to keep at the process of getting things into order and bringing harmony to the areas of your life that have been consuming you with all sides BECAUSE of something with others against you or their way against your way — something with going along OR keeping it real and breaking out of your comfort zone in taking a leap of faith from something within you that IS – actually —  rock solid. It just was insecure behind you not really believing in yourself and thinking maybe you don’t know, or their way IS the better way.

But now you are to see that YOU KNOW BEST and right now, energetically, you cannot get more hooked up! You are in full on support where all forces are coming in to show you that you are okay and that every step into a challenging situation is making you stronger so that NOTHING will be able to break you.

And Spirit is coming in with blessings showing that you are supported, loved, valued and DO have something to say that we all want to hear. And its behind your own interpretation of what it should be. Its behind you leading the way. Its behind you believing in yourself even though the journey has been SO LONG. Its behind you TRUSTING that you have great purpose, and surrendering with anticipation into whatever the journey demand of you so that you come through clearer and even more magnificent than you already are.

It’s time to get Taurus sparkling into true form and shining this new light, from this new side of you that is ready to share this far and wide and with dreams that are new to you. The more you put yourself first, the more you will open to wanting a different aspect of your life to start blossoming. You are going to be choosing for more and its coming from this belief and respect within yourself that awakens to the truth that ALL people and places need your influence seeded into them.

We ALL need something you got. And you just need to find power in what you got to give at this point on the journey. Wherever you are in your own healing process and wisdom walking ways, you now have something to think about where your expertise is honing in on the answers you seek. Things connect to make sense and THEN you will walk different, with a knowing that THIS IS YOUR THING to give and be an authority in regards.

And don’t be surprised if where you want to go is not where you thought! WITH the value waking, your dreams will expand WAY farther than you were holding onto that were actually scarcity-based fears of others. When you do open, my love, you will see that you have only gone for 20% of what you can have. And with that realization, a newly blossomed Taurus, with eyes blinking with anticipation for ALL that you DO actually want.

Full Moon Affirmation:

I release the old story of how others have gotten me operating in a way that isn’t really the truth I feel in my body. I break through facades of old parts of me that now are ready to evolve and upgrade into something that helps my spirit feel free. I am ready to express more of my authority and to step up in regards to how YOU SEE ME as I show you that there is way more depth to my true reality. And now I choose to reveal who I really am.  

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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