thursday (12 september) — You will feel this and you just need to flow with it. You are OKAY!

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You need to have faith

In something beyond —

In something mysterious

That you can’t put your fingers on.

And you need to do it

As if your life depends on it.

Because it does.

Good morning sweet loves! Okay do be aware that today comes in with big and emotional energy that will be more than you can process, but just know that right now moving through this and trusting that it IS a part of a process is all you need to do. We were just being told to avoid the river that was diverted and to find the old ways that were innate, and today we are to stay on this leg of the river and just flow to where we are being taken, trusting that this is important for us, EVEN IF most of you wont find it all that comfortable.  

There will be lots of things to think over as many situations are coming that could easily be judged to pieces, but something needs compassion and forgiveness and this surrendering way that just allows something to be and become rather than forcing it to change, like man did to river waterways.

So when images or parts of your day present that aren’t easy to understand, still don’t stay stuck on them and rather flow knowing that what you need from this will be made known when you need to know it. This will allow you to stay loose and not get too worried looking at things as glass half empty when they are merely still becoming what you dream them to be. So don’t cut yourself off!

You are in the works of stepping into a new dream that was created from you changing a pattern, that otherwise could not bring this next level thing – but you still have to stick with this and hold on for dear life because we are fragile now as this grounds in more solidly. This is like how someone can throw us off our game if we share too much about our dreams and they cast shade on what is still fragile in us and becoming.  So we need to hold some things quiet and not to just be mishandled all willy nilly by someone who would NEVER do what we wish to do anyway.

Grasp this concept because for a while we are stepping into new creations that otherwise could not be for the weight of the dreaming we gave to them while sitting in what we thought of as life’s misery. So to THE BEYOND is where we go and this is when we need to trust and have faith – as if our lives depend on it. And they do!

So we need to NOT know any outcome is sure and get over thinking having savings will keep us safe and just trust with the great mystery and flow like the Eagle who knows the entirety of the journey is merely the parts of the sum, but that all together there always and forever only is wisdom. So when is wisdom to be ran from or to escape? And what I feel is that we are getting stronger in knowing that even if a flood has come and even if we feel like we are as lost and confused as EVER, STILL the Eagle carries on through the experience – yes, maybe the sudden car wash with no car feels like a nightmare, but after each cycle plays out, the green light appears and it is GO for us and our vision IS clearer in some way.

Like, the windshield DOES get clean and we now got wisdom on how to not find ourselves in car wash without car, or to discover the discipline to stick with it and not freak out because it’s so horrendous for a few minutes, or days or months or whatever. But the cycles DO play out and we DO get to use the time to dream of something more protective for next time.

So this energy now is getting us to see that we must turn our interpretation into one where we feel held by the Great Mystery and trust that THIS means something for our soul evolutionary betterment. “And if there is a lesson to learn, PLEASE ALLOW ME TO LEARN IT QUICKLY”. That is what we need to say when we get slammed with Category 4 and 5 storms. We can’t change a storm, but we can come prepared for its battering.

And from the storm, we learn how to prepare better for future storms. This is our Kali speaking stronger too. We learn from where we fall and then we don’t ever fall there again. Isn’t that where our attention need be? This is ONLY making you better. Allow that wisdom to help you flow freely.  

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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