Thursday (19 december) – Stay dedicated to YOUR new path.

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Don’t let their fear hold you back,

my dear.

Stay driving towards the vision

with your heart leading the way.

well hello T H U R S D A Y!

Today you are being asked to have compassion and apply forgiveness to a situation with another that has shaped your path forward, where you are now choosing for something better, even if it does require you be brave AF.

There is a decision to be made that deals with a tired old pattern that is so deeply grooved — and all you have to do is hold love in your heart and feel the pain, as you see it go by you, as if you are just watching traffic go by.

Something with this energy is odd because it’s so familiar that we feel pulled towards it but, still, we can feel we are to handle this different. Kind of like how something triggers us when we are younger but then we get older and it doesn’t. Or how something hits us before we have worked to heal its tear in our tapestry – and then, when we are on the other side, we then help others in a similar situation. That is what life is all about. We try, we fall, we get up, we heal, and then we show others the way from our journey of making it out the other side.

So we all are seeing something that we know tripped us up in our past but now we can feel that this is like a test to get us to vibe higher in how we see all sides of this and find compassion or find the way to let it go and bring more peace into our own lives.

Admit it. We all have made things worse from overthinking them or handling them through the instructions of others, guiding us THEIR way. We all know experiences where we thought we had it so right but then we end up seeing we were way hella wrong.

We have this wisdom of turning a corner in our life, where we have traveled the road that has given us experiences, where now we see that we CAN’T GO BACK and we can’t just not remember what we now know.

Sometimes we can take something like this and allow it to confuse us as we teeter into the old pattern of our old programmed ways OR we can take this like a warning strip on the road and consciously steer ourselves back to the unique visions we have for a new life. We ARE being tested this week to see if we can hold steady to our dreams.

And if you don’t know this, you can feel the weight of the familiar pulling you into the old patterns and keeping your dream world at bay. So the discipline will have to be 100% as we end out this year and we stay dedicated to voicing our new risings and set clear boundaries for how unacceptable things are from our sense of value that is expanding to fill out the picture of a better world.

Coming from a mother who couldn’t love me until I was 11 resulted in me attracting heap load of friends who have solid parents and who value themselves on the automatic, like they know how to say NO. My therapist will always say things like, well yes, you agreed to this arrangement but other people who don’t have your wounds would know to say NO — without question.

And that is kind of what we have to think about. We DO naturally cave and give in where we have been wounded — and others who were not, do not. But where we were wounded is where we grow exalted, so down the road and when all is said and done, it is always an honor to get through the trials that are destined for the evolution of the soul that is YOURS.

So feel the familiar but know the unknown of your new is the only place you want to be – no matter what tries to glamorize and fool you into jumping back into the old ways with people who fear the risk-taking moves you’ve got planned. Don’t let their fear hold you back, my dear. Remain dedicated to changing for the better. It’s time to upgrade!

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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