thursday (19 september) – Activism with Love. Activate with Love. Act with Love.

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Give them reason

to want to follow.

Activism with Love.

Activate with Love.

Act with Love.

Something is coming that deals with a force that stands firm against another force that stands corrupt. This energy has lit up my chest area and I feel ready to fight for the rights or to defend at all cost or to protect my baby from something violating. So it is like an armor, but it is heavy in that is HAS to be worn. And it’s protective in that it brings a force that is like something you have never seen before.

The reason it is so FEELING to me is because I have a t-square with my Sun/Mercury in Pisces, Pluto/Moon/Black Moon in Virgo, Rising Sign/Mars that sits in the last degree of Sagittarius in the last degree of my 12thhouse. That is some badass shit. That is a trigger that is set to blow but it comes from behind, so you never know — BUT you do know that upon provocation that volcano WILL blow. That is me. If injustice does arrive, I BLOW. I don’t run, I blow up with something that defends or protects what is not being treated correctly.

And THAT is the energy I feel. Something that is so a part of me is what I feel you all are becoming — and this is some good news, although it brings some pain, because the opposition will be there. I was judged my whole life for being that BLOW that comes out of nowhere. Never did they like when I spoke up and shared my feelings or my ideas of another way. Never did they like me stopping them or questioning them.

And always they did try to overpower me and diminish me and make me out to be insignificant. And for that reason you need to be aware that others questioning you doesn’t mean you have to cave or change ANYTHING. Others fighting you doesn’t mean you have to alter your course or defend your visions. What matters is that you stand firm in what you believe in and whatever your passions feel committed towards. Now we see people blowing up ALL THE TIME and it’s recommended, in a way, because when we BLOW UP FOR JUSTICE it’s totally all good.

So when you do blow up over something that is important to you, DON’T let your fire be blown out by someone who judges you or tries to manipulate you into not feeling valuable or valid. Activism with Love. Just keep talking your talk and doing your thing but DO NOT allow others to infiltrate your boundaries to the point you get mean and wanting to fight or consumed and fixated in the wrong places because you aren’t getting your way. Blow up for injustice, but ACTIVATE with Love.

We have to move things along by using a force that is for the good in the same way Mama does that last huge push to get the baby out, to get things moving, to get the new flow into her life.

Blowing up over what is wrong is what is being called out of us. And now it is just that we need to blow up in ways that encourage the river to follow and to flow in the ways we wish things to be. WE need to be cheerleaders, excited to show others the way and not angry at them for not following us yet. Give them reason to want to follow. Activism with Love.

Cultivate the crops you are growing and if there is some sort of problem with a plant then deal with that, don’t throw the whole plant or garden out – you deal with the challenge, working to stop its destruction, and bring healing to what is out of balance. Think in these ways. Be the farmer who is dedicated and always has a plan to navigate the unexpected terrain of growing something over time.

We keep one eye on the future of what we want to manifest, with the other eye present on how things are rolling along in the current state, always ready to speak up and stand firm if something is not going to encourage the sustainable growth of the future ideal. With these two eyes we see that it never makes sense to have the current state eye doing ANYTHING that is not about love and hope. If the disease comes to the crop the farmer goes in to believe it can be healed. Not with hate that how dare you go into imbalance on me! It is only SAVE THIS and do it with the immediate force of gentle loving care. THIS is how we clean up the messes we have to face in our lives.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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