Thursday (2 january) – Move it out of the way.

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Move the dark cloud

out of the way.

You got it in you

to move it.

well hello T H U R S D A Y!

Good morning, sweet loves! Okay then! Today there is MOVEMENT! But this is quite unique because something comes in today to squash our faith and to make us think we maybe are just big losers, the ones who WON’T really live out their dreams. It’s like someone is shaking out a rug and right now all the dirt is floating around us as we think we are making things better by shaking it out. And when it saturates your space, it will fully saturate! You may not even be able to see clearly for a minute.

Just remember that all dust eventually settles again and THIS MOMENT is perfectly timed. We are to walk into that dust space, where we question if we are not good enough for a minute and then we are to use the 2020 energy of a new year and a new decade to BLAST that old world thought out of our consciousness as we plant a new energy and seed: I WILL LIVE OUT MY DREAMS THIS TIME.


This bump in the road was put there as a 4 year test to get you NOT buying into the thought based unreality of it and to use your body to get going and get moving in the opposite direction. Today that low and questioning feeling was just to get us showing that we ARE in this to win this and will not so quickly cave at any stage of the process.

It also is being made known that our thoughts matter! And that paying attention to how they meander is like staying on top of toddlers. But we need to do it. We need to accept that they will stray, as they always do. It is to be expected that you need to pay attention and steer something in a better direction. So KNOW that it is written in this day where we will take something and move it to where it is better suited.

But we must move it. We must not allow the leak to just become the day we have to walk, with toxins in our space, clouding our vision. We don’t just let our toddlers go out into the pool or into the garage – because, where there could be trouble, we speak up, draw the boundary, and set the tone of NOPE. And you can do that today when that dark cloud comes in. Take control, my friends.

This test deals with the sealing of a pattern from 5 to 7 years ago. The corrected way of thinking and processing this is laying out as if we are painting the lines on something. So whatever gave you a scar over the past 5 to 7 years – will no longer be an automatic trauma pathway that will have the power it did in recent years. This is like letting it go and moving to a new town and eventually the old thing just not triggering you in the ways it did. So grasp that a line was painted to block the ease with which you COULD go there again. Now you will go somewhere else.

This makes me think of fasting and how, when I did the 40 day fast, I was so active all over the mountains I live around. I wasn’t home, eating or preparing food, so I was out exploring. It was so much fun!!!! But now I am busy eating and preparing food — better food and nothing at all like I used to eat. Now I am Alkaline Vegan and make everything that I eat. I love it!!!

But without the line being painted on, or me cutting out the food, and me making a change, I wouldn’t have discovered this other way of life that actually makes me SO HAPPY. So hold that analogy as you walk through this day and also realize it is time for a change.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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