thursday (21 november) – It’s on you to value yourself enough to expect it for yourself.

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Don’t get stuck

where the magic isn’t.

Believe it is somewhere.

and go there.

well hello T H U R S D A Y!

Things are forcing their way to the surface for a few days to come and we all need to get ready to see our things FLY as per the energy we have authentically been putting into them. All the work we been doing is really showing up in synchronistic ways that mirror the truth inside of us.

And because we need to grow and evolve in order to manifest these beautiful things we wish for ourselves, and our planet, we are getting the information on what we need to see, in magical and mysterious ways, that create these quickly awakened states.

We shift, shift, and shift some more in these days, my love! It is wild what I am feeling in this week so far in that this week changes things in a really big way in getting our lives – or the world or something big and out of our control — into a better order so that we do feel on top of things enough to not be forced to only be paying attention to scarcity needs and things being left dry and empty.

Like, we all are ready to turn the smoke alarms off and just enjoy this day, just focus on things that are positive and hopeful and alive and making things better. We must see things that block us, appraise them to see if we can do anything about it, appraise them to see if we can change ourselves to affect them becoming better, and/or then we need to just move on.

Something with our feelings right now is also bringing things into a balance where they are healed or put into order so that they are NOT alarms going off and distracting us. And we need to decide how we handle them. Do something, or move on – but don’t waste your energy on staying when you KNOW INSIDE YOUR BODY that you should just move on and let this go.

YOU KNOW that person who triggers you who wants to talk MAY totally flood out your system and pull you into their drama – so move on – at least on this day because we are completing things FOR OURSELVES. This is like if your house needs to be cleaned, don’t be off in someone else’s house fighting with them about the mess of their life.

Focus on what you CAN do and if something leaves you NOT DOING, get out of there. RUN. You MUST be productive or keep moving until things are flowing. We can get SO MUCH DONE in these days and really see the shifts that we have been dreaming of for eons. Something magical is going on and it is just the relief of pressure that we have needed. So don’t get stuck where the magic isn’t. Go for where it is. It’s on you to value yourself enough to expect it for yourself.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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