Thursday (26 december) – We lead the way to the New Earth!

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I am driven to carry on

and keep with the steps

required to get me top dog.

I patiently receive and see

that the tests in life

groom me to better be.

So I got this no matter what.

And towards my dreams I will get.

2020 is the year I rebuild my life

into what I’ve always dreamed.

This one is for me.


well hello N E W  M O O N!

Oh moon! You are showing up over 2 days again, as if we really need to pay attention.  Okay then…

We love when you go new in Capricorn and blast our hearts open with a truth that life can be lived a different way when we put in the time and effort and just keep on keeping on, believing that one day we will have this in our hands and be living what we know is the missing link to our true happiness.

The freedom of happiness and to be doing our things and having them support us and support those behind us is all we are going to be thinking about right now.

There are huge waves coming in 2020 and one is with babies, where like, a lot of you will get pregnant. Haha. But no, seriously. And also with people stepping full on into their career. It’s almost like the people who are awake now are feeling called to give something their all – as if the time is now and there is no question. Kind of like how emergencies get us to stand up and do something NOW.

This also means you WILL BE GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN. And. This is a grain inside of you but you need to push against it because it is not YOUR grain. You NEED to go against it, like pushing something out of the way, like pushing a splinter out. You will be making movements in your life like this where you have to PUSH IT and keep at it and know that some things will require your strength but that is not anything to fear, rather just be forewarned.

Like, if you are coming to visit me in this season, you need to be prepared in having a certain kind of vehicle and also other gear to make sure you are kept safe. And you can fear the journey thinking wtf, I can’t just come see you? You can fear that you actually need safety precautions — OR you can have the safety precautions and feel safe because you have them and therefore you can just go out there and enjoy whatever kind of ride it may turn out to be. Hopefully you don’t go over the edge. But it’s happened before, so it’s nothing to fear. You can be rescued if things go bad. So don’t worry! Enjoy the ride!

The old world got us programmed to only seeing that we may need safety precautions for our future and therefore we dig in our heels and freeze and divebomb into fear that maybe we won’t be able to handle this. Dangerous curves ahead should only be seen as THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME KNOW and now that I know I can be on guard through this time that may or may not challenge me.

Because, my loves, our journeys have purpose no matter how much you think that can’t be true. THEY DO. Each step. Each layer. Each piece of trauma, let down, betrayal, domination, suppression, limitation, system soul crushing violation. Each splinter of those things births us into superhuman teachers to help others heal, while also laying down the blueprint of those things NOT EVER BEING DONE AGAIN.

Like how we could never do these certain things that would hurt an animal or another person. They are unthinkable. Healing our wounds creates a space in the future where things like sexual abuse will be the same as drinking battery acid. Like, you just don’t do it. But WE HAVE TO HEAL in order to create that space in the future. And now more than ever, we realize we are doing the work for future generations to come and – again it brought tears to all cells of my being, like my whole body cried when I typed those words – but we are!

They need us. They need us to wake up and save something that is being sent to its death. We must pull this back and bring it to a new working order that is about love for all. Our love leads the way and rebuilding from what has been torn down and destroyed is a great place to start! There is nothing we need to run from but we must face each piece of this and CARRY ON towards our dreams of how things can be better. We lead the way to the New Earth. And if we lead, they will follow. So…

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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