Friday (27 december) – They won’t stop you.

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Don’t stop what you want to see

by seeing what others think

you should see.

Believe YOUR THING and you will see


well hello F R I D A Y!

WOW. The last 2 days had really long readings!! So much to think about and learn and see from this other perspective but to only and always remember that we are all building a new house right now and it requires this future vision, while we stay grounded in this moment and think through each step as we are in them, constantly weaving them into the future. It’s big work. But when we are birthing our big dreams, this is how it goes!!

Now do be aware that people around us are fighting our growth every step of the way, for some reason. You will be around people that show you resistance but what I want you to see is just that they are scared and, truthfully, do you want to follow what is scared OR continue through this, pushing past the resistance and getting to what you know is beyond this gate of the old world ways?

You can feel that there is more for you in life and we must face the storms that are right before this place that we want to be. And that means we must know things can feel heavy and people can seem unhinged from what they are believing in – but the blinders must stay on, moving past what tries to tell us that things can’t be done.

Now many of you are going to be using your voice a lot in the next couple of days – this reading is even making me stretch my throat and jut it out there! Like we need to keep it real and blast our truth no matter who wants to nay say us.

But also see this as you needing to get something off your shoulders, to bring something up from the depths, to express the pain that something from your past has caused you and to purge this thing because it NEEDS to get out of you, like the splinter that is only causing infection because it is there.

There are things that need to be removed because they do not encourage positive growth for our future and that is what is most important. We may have things in our life where we have to make a quick decision and decide what can benefit from us most. Like if there is a flood, what do you grab first to save?

Be alert, like with icy roads ahead, you may need to lower your speed on this day as you see what decisions need to be made. But a choice made where you value yourself and your visions for the future will need to override some position of power that wants to get you to turn around and go back and accept defeat.

You are to value yourself and KEEP MOVING THROUGH THIS. What we have is a test of illusion that truly is just about seeing where you are on your journey and if you can believe in yourself enough to push through what resists the dreams in your heart – enough to say WHATEVER to any naysayer who wants to live a life, in your opinion, that is heading over a cliff.  

Something about how people are being put in your way is to throw you off track from realizing your power in a way. And things can get heavy and complicated and rush hour traffic frantic – so just be aware.

There ARE clear shots for all of you to pass through, as in 100% of you, and it really is just by grounding in deep today, like knowing the weather may be rough but feeling empowered that we are doing BIG THINGS right now for our BIG FUTURES to come. And we all know this right now. We all know this moment matters and that what opposes us is what we must overcome and move beyond. It is a wall of a test that we, the mountain climbers, will surpass. Believe and you will see.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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