thursday (28 november) – Don’t let them stop the vision of what you are working for.

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There is something better

and it’s on you to know that first.


well hello T H U R S D A Y!

Stick with me today because it seems our path is going into two directions up ahead and the early parts of today are what shape things for us. And this is not some ordinary day that is fleeting in nature because on one of the potential paths we are being lifted into this bright green field with some kind of nostalgic essence of the old days, or summer feels (winter in southern hemisphere), or something with old college days or something with a feeling that has a real strong, safe, and supportive feeling to it.

You may even notice that you are smelling things more and being hit by scents that really take you back to something. And it feels so good to be in this space. You can just be sitting in your car and looking out at a for sale sign and it somehow brings you a really strong feeling that activates something in you.

DO STAY IN THE MOMENT with these times because they won’t last forever and this is some magical gateway space where we are being supported and surrounded by feelings that are working to shift us. So when you feel those moments, don’t just acknowledge it and then grab your phone to look up something unimportant.

Stay in the moment and look around at what is really there in your life, for real. We are needing to come back down to Earth so that we can see things again, appreciate things again, and find the patient flow that does always believe there is something out there better and something to live for and dream for.

If you don’t have faith in something, you are just living for a paycheck. We NEED to work for something, dream for something, build something to keep us interested, and not checking out in life. What I know from the 40 day fast and what I soon will be sharing with you is that cutting out the emotional joy of food turns it into something that is THE MOST satisfying thing about my days now. Food was SO not appreciated in my life until I didn’t eat it for 40 days. Now I am 100% present around it and am filled with delight in all other moments of life BECAUSE of that foundation of valuing what supports and nourishes me. Food is self-care, actually.

Otherwise we are consuming things without even thinking or even really tasting them. We jump through experiences, just wanting to get to something else and miss out on the whole journey of what the experience was. We are void of presence, in actuality – but only because we were programmed to be AND we check out from our pain and end up living very numb lives because of it.

This new green path I am seeing is FULL of opportunities to wake up your soul to wanting to be here now and turn off the TV or the computer or the phone and really crafting your life into what you always wanted it to be. Something with the nostalgia rolling in is getting you to see that thing you DO want to invest in is something you always wanted to do.

This may be something with teaching, traveling, putting something out there, or opening to something that you were told is unacceptable or not what your family would have done. And you are going to feel inside that you have to invest in some leap of faith – and you do!

Now the other path is one I’m only looking into briefly, and not going to explain deeply because you will get my point. But all I see is that if you end up there ALL IT IS will be a battering by others who are opposing you or physically trying to stop the vision you are trying to put out there. So it’s like being in a mosh pit where all the focus is on messing you up. It’s not pretty! And it’s mostly in the mind space so you may feel LIVID and electrocuted – and totally gone.  

BUT HERE IS THE KEY TO THE DAY. You ARE on the way to the green space automatically UNLESS you get into some argument with someone and you decide to bite back or contribute in some way. If you can’t hold back, and have to put someone in their place, you will be taken to the battering space. IF you just let this go, TAKE THE HIGH ROAD, and move on, you get to go to the green and feel all these sweet things getting you to invest better in yourself, in your opinions, in your dreams, in what YOU would like to see happen for YOUR life that is still yet to unfold in the near future. There is something better and it’s on you to know that first.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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