Thursday (9 january) – Manipulated to follow, no more!

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We have been designed to lead

but manipulated to follow.

We must awaken to our design

in order to lead the life

we wish to leave as our legacy.

well hello T H U R S D A Y!

A lot of you are not feeling very good today and it will have you in a slump because something has you down. Like, you are seeing so many things that you have done wrong and now it may feel like you can’t get out of this or rise above the position you are in. There can be some fearful thoughts as if maybe something is too far gone or you can’t correct something.

This feels emotional and I almost feel like the awkward energy of yesterday really pulled people in and where they fell down some slippery slope is where they now remain with their thoughts of how something has hit them.

And where you are is where you need to be to get to know the parts of your life that are not supportive and holding you when you fall, or when you come from a different angle, or need to use your voice to declare your boundaries.

You NEED to come out of left field and in a somewhat awkward way to make the point and get things going in the new direction that YOU need them to be going.

We all have been designed to lead but manipulated to follow. We must awaken to our design in order to lead the life we wish to leave as our legacy.

And that big picture view is where we are learning to adapt to life, even if we fall and lose it all, so that we take the experience and use it to fuel our betterment in how we would ever have to handle the same thing again. We must look at it as I walked it and now I know — and NOT I walked it and now I have to fear it will happen again.

The old world manipulated you to think defeat and that the cycles are not always playing out and rolling and evolving into something else. You are changing in that you WILL be seeking out the way or will be learning to roll with things, always staying conscious of how to make the most of this and see the ways to heal what needs tender loving care.

You walked this, allow it to make you stronger. You don’t need to know the way, but you need to be okay that feeling this unusual sort of pressure is where WE ALL SHOULD BE – and feeling that maybe things ARE too far gone is where we are to find the power to continue on and just keep with this one step at a time as we DO focus on how to support what is still left standing so that it can grow to be what is the majority.

Support how far you have come instead of focusing on all that you got wrong, support how much you have grown instead of focusing on all the mistakes you made when you were young. We MUST tip our attention to the good, the healing, the come arounds, the comebacks, and things that ARE showing that just because we look on the brink of death doesn’t mean we are.

Go look at some of your winter hibernating trees and think about their normal process and what it looks like is not what it really is. It looks dead but we know it will eventually come back to life. We just need to now know that about our own lives.  We are never to believe we are too far gone because that’s what the old world wants you to believe.

STAND UP. STAND STRONG. And choose to carry on through any storm that, for sure, is only there to make you stronger. You can trust yourself — and your flowers WILL bud when the time is perfectly right. Until then, keep growing. Release your addiction to expecting death. See into your new life that you are GONNA make happen.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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