thursday vibes (18 july) — you are going to do the higher thing today.

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So fly free,


With the heart

Of your future self

Sitting in your body today.

Oh — people are a bit irritated today! I felt a spark the moment I walked in the reading room, like short tempers and feeling claustrophobic with each other, like seriously needing space from things that just aren’t fitting so perfectly just yet. So don’t take people too seriously today with their dramatics but do know we express and what is in our heart is made known.

Now, I like this day even though it’s kind of showing up as a thunder and lightning kind of day but I like it because I see this one as a big test in us really holding steady to our new dreams and the ways we want to release our past and move into a better expression.

So we collide with others who are lit up and firing off and WE control ourselves and our words and our reactions so that their blown fuse doesn’t also blow ours. What I see about getting older is that things don’t affect you as much. You roll with life, the older you get because, as I say, you have seen it and done it by your 4thdecade, so it’s just what it is and not nearly as all-consuming and devastating as it would have been years earlier. We just get tougher and smarter and we also learn to pick our battles.

Today is asking you to conjure up your older self and NOT get fooled by this trickster move that is like swerving to miss an accident. Like, you CAN drive right into it and make no effort to correct your ship but why not try correcting it if something you don’t want to have happen hasn’t happened yet? Why not exert yourself forward with I WILL DO THIS SUCCESSFULLY and from the get go? Not, oh gosh I wonder if I can?!  Remember baby — KALI — YOU CAN. You got your tools built in you!

And there is a way for YOU to make some situation better by altering how your patterns WOULD respond right now. So, this automatic thing that is not actually you WILL try to automatically play out and the person triggering you and coming at you has just been put there to test your talk, to see if it’s actually being walked. You talked that you were this person who handles things in these certain ways. Now you get to walk that and see if you still talk it!

So let this make you aware today that you aren’t supposed to get mad or fight or use words that destroy. Like, take the deep breaths and chill out for a minute because you got the tools, you can handle this, you don’t have to keep doing all the things you wished you stopped doing the last time you did them with regret. You can stop yourself and go about your things in a new way.

Today you have it in you to level up HUGE through the next 4 days from how much you get right and vibe high and let it go and don’t get so worked up in this one fleeting moment of a huge life you’ve got yet to live. Getting frazzled by others right now is like cutting off our oxygen when we are in a forest where all the answers are held and all the healing and medicine is HERE.

If another tanks you into their drama then you got no connection to the magic that abounds. It’s like wearing a sheet over your head at the beach. It will cut you off from what would otherwise be a really awesome experience.

And today DOES have awesome written into it where we come together on higher levels with others and begin this gateway of attracting our people that feel like home to us. Don’t throw the sheet over your head today because you can’t find each other if you can’t lay eyes on each other. And, if you are fighting with someone, the sheet goes on and you go invisible to the connection set to align.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day


BRING IT FORWARD. Once we reach the bright light of the full moon IT IS ON. Now we are to put things out there, show them what we got and put your steps towards new aspects of how you want your life to be. Emulate the full moon and shine brightly.

moon of the day



Thinking about upgrading. Feeling detached. 

Wanting to improve. Discovering solutions.



numerology vibration




1: Energy is moving towardsand igniting the themes of the other numbers.

2: Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.

8: Hold the Galactic Vision!  Be positive and keep your eyes on the horizon. What you are putting out there is coming RIGHT BACK your way!




THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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