tuesday (1 october) – There is something for you to see while here.

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Discoveries will be made.

Don’t run in the opposite direction.

Into the dark

is where light will be found.

This is okay!

well hello T U E S D A Y!

Good morning! So today we will be coming together with others and something that needs to reach the surface WILL, albeit through a painful, confusing, or deep sort of situation that pulls us FULLY fixated into it.

That means we want to be on the best path for today so that we can be fixated into something that gives us massive pleasure and joy and the feeling that we are in something deeply magical.

On one hand some of you are diving head first into something that is pulling you back in time where you now see the comparison of how you have grown and how your eyes now WANT TO DO THIS DIFFERENT, want to respond different, want to be different.

Like, we are wise with what we are manifesting and we want to do this right and not fuck it up and to really rise into the hope we see this BECOMING instead of the fears we have because we know that things don’t always work out the way we wish them to.

If you can just see that what you know is this heavy dense weight, and what you dream can be is this light and misty not yet grounded thing, then you can understand the feeling of the fears and how they do feel heavy and sort of gray.

But the dreams for our future are not heavy or gray AT ALL. NONE of you FEEL them that way. But the fear, the edge of the cliff, the money issues, the relationship issues, you feel them as heavy and gray, and in this energy they rise as strong feelings inside so that you can get to know them in a new way and can lighten the load they put on your life and shift to the new level in regards to how you see this and how you handle this and how you now walk in life BECAUSE OF THIS.

Perfect example. ME. Look at me now and look at me 4 years ago when I lost Moon Bear. For one entire year I could hardly smile. And I’m not even joking. I WAS SO SAD. And because I’m a Pisces and I remember all emotional experiences 100%, I just called that back by saying the words. But MAN was I sad. I was so heartbroken and mostly because I woke my dad from a coma by laying my hands on him and I healed my cat from liver failure by laying my hands on him and Moon Bear was in a coma waiting for me for 45 minutes before I was told what happened, but then someone choked the life out of her as I was there, finally able to try to save her. And as I write this, my whole face is wet with tears. IT WAS THE WORST THING for my heart to handle. #1 worst thing for this Pisces to deal with and NOTHING will touch me again because I hit the rockiest bottomest.

But. LOOK AT ME NOW. Just look at the transition, 4 years later and now I am IN LOVE with life!!!! I live SO BIG!!!!!!! 2 hikes a day. Vegan. Laugh and smile ALL DAY. Meet the most incredible people every single day. Am SO comfortable in my body. Am SO comfortable in the world. Am SO comfortable in the energies of this time in history, even.

But dude. I was a mess before I lost Moon Bear and then I lost it all, again and again. But now I sit at the best version I have ever been in my entire life.

Basically what this is called is DOING THE WORK. And I was “forced” into it, although our paths are always actually perfect in whatever they bring. They can always be better, but they are never mistakes.

When we know they can be better we enter the Mastery Life and then we transform, in the way, if you have been following me since before 2015, I am showing you.

And I walked this so that I could light this path for you and show you that all the dead moments are not really dead, as nothing ends in the ways we believe things to end, they continue on in new transformations, as WE are doing for generations to come, through the work we do on these inner levels of healing within ourselves.

SO hear those words!! You may be in something heavy as all get out, but so was I. And I couldn’t smile for a year, but all I do is smile now. So give this a chance to transform. Let if fully die and THEN it rebirths you. But you cannot control the timing of this. The only thing you can control is the least resistance that is needed to receive what will come to you if you surrender into this being a part of your journey.

And this too shall pass, but there is something for you to see while here. Look around with love and expect something to come to you.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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