Tuesday (17 december) – It had to be this way to heal you.

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Nothing is ever going to be the same

Because I expect things better.

And I believe I will manifest my dreams.

well hello T U E S D A Y!

We have seen some things and we are feeling changed. We see this about ourselves and can feel that a new flow of energy has been ushered in. Now DO KNOW this is a bi-polar thing going on and what I am being shown is that we are moving in opposite directions but we are going full speed ahead into a direction that we have created from this past year — and basically with HOW WE SIT RIGHT NOW IN OUR INTERPRETATION OF IT.

So this is one hella important day because we must start seeing into the glass half full in realizing all the things we had to learn were just things in which our souls were not as evolved as we may have thought.

Remember, we THINK our way through life, but the mind is only THOUGHT – it is not reality – it is a computer that can be filled and used and manipulated to do whatever you want it to do. Our thoughts become reality when our feelings are attached to it, one — in how we manifest and how we have to FEEL that we have what we wish to see in our lives, as if it is already our own right now, and two — in that we can think from here to high heaven and NEVER get anywhere if the thought is incorrect or not the best thing for our growth.

We are naturally going to see ourselves in the best light, in regards to what is messed up about us, whereas we will also see those very things as flaws in others.  We aren’t going to just see our wounds from the get go of when they first occurred, because otherwise we would have seen it and healed it eons ago.

Instead, we will be in denial and thus manifest exactly the thing we least want to see in our lives. That is why being human is so interesting!! The journey is a roller coaster but each fall leads to an even higher, more exalted space to experience life. THUS if we never fall and pick ourselves back up we stay in a very boring world that you, MY FRIEND, would never be able to tolerate or compromise in allowing to be your life.

You know this deep inside of you as your body is ready to get down to business and do what it takes to get things into order so that you’re choosing for a path that feels good and that seems to be contributing to you starting to see the light in things or the rainbow after the storms or the strength that comes when you got thrown off path and into the gutter to lick your wounds (AND HEAL).

We had to have something touched upon in order to know that we are wounded and need to find the ways to bring this into completion, to live out the healing of the situation, the being heard, the being seen, the being acknowledged as important and worthy of needing things better. We need these situations on our path to get us to wake up and ROAR.

And however that roar takes shape is perfect because we deserve to be heard and it IS time for the new light to rise.  It is in YOU, my friend and it is time to see EPIC growth for your path and to know that you get to choose the world you reside in, actually — and your vibration gets you in. Healing and bringing things into balance and cleaning up the messes and facing what needs your attention IS HOW WE VIBE HIGHER.

So, do the chores, take care of what is around you, stay hopeful that you will get through all situations, look at how others are let down by you or you them, and realize that is something that needs attention and healing. Just being open to that is all it takes to get you vibing higher.

In this new magical energy that just came, YOUR VIBE will create the world you get to see and touch. This is like moving to a place that IS really loving and all about community. Even if the world is burning down – which, it seems to be – in the love of an immediate environment we are held positive so that we can send love to the places on Earth that are in pain.

It is 100% important that you keep your areas clean so you can naturally flow into spaces that are supportive and nurturing to your soul. We create the way out of the gutter when we stay consistent with our goals. So, carry on, my loves. Step by step, check each thing off the list, keep empowering yourself and you DO get to your dream. 

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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