tuesday (17 september) — Do not engage with the insanity that is on the way. It’s not for you.

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Do not engage with someone

who talks irrationally.

Do it because you

value your space, your time,

your future steps, your sanity.

Today we are to improve upon what we WOULD have otherwise done – and what we would have otherwise done is just the reaction we took on from something that let us down or hurt us in our past.

So we are kind of like going back to set the record straight at this time so that we can start walking towards our dreams again. When we keep tripping up over our wound reactions we keep manifesting all those things that turn us backwards on our path, and then we beat ourselves up for never getting anywhere, for being so wounded, for getting so much wrong.

WE become the ones who are our worst enemy. But my love. All that ails us is from wounds that are THINGS done wrong to us. When we can understand the THING and feel how it hurt us, we somehow release the WOUND REACTION and instead of being a huge speed bump it becomes a flattened road with maybe just some grooves in it like the highway warning strips. We KNOW we are sensitive and feel this here (warning strip) —- but we won’t have our whole car shaken from it (speed bump).

And with this week we see how changed we can be by things that DO need to fall back into true order – but we only see them when we stumble upon how uncomfortable they FEEL to us. We find what is wrong because we feel how wrong it feels. And right now something hits us where we may question our value or feel that something with our love nature is so flawed that we can’t manifest love or success or stability.

But remember. We are rising again. That was the old programming, expressing through the generations, where we all are the walking wounded and keep wounding each other. It is not that something is wrong with the other person if we cannot handle who they are; if nothing is wrong with US we CAN HANDLE IT ALL. So when we get provoked we always need to slow down and stop and see what this means about how we have been hurt or let down and how this thing or person brings that up.

But we too are wounding others and we don’t even get it until we heal our own wounds and then see how we also play a part in the dance of life with others, IN ALL WAYS. If someone is showing us bad behavior it is the wounds that created that, and maybe they will take them to their grave and never ever face reality, but what is important is that WE SEE THAT — that we do not bash the old white man for being so misprogrammed and wounded. We can admit THE WAYS the old white man follows DESERVES TO BE BASHED. But the person does not.

SOMEONE or something is coming for you today and there will be a big test in you improving upon a wound reaction. Honestly, you may not be able to stop yourself and then you will be discombobulated in the brain because this one is a frazzling one, but the point is that you are to step over this and do it better from the perspective of realizing YOU TOO are and were hurting. In recognizing how it changes you and has given YOU wound reactions, it should inspire a desire to want to show yourself as a better person so that today can only be a warning strip day.

We never do lose the scars as, once made, they are made, but they become where we grow stronger, just as scar tissue does. And if in this incarnation we have to learn in specific areas, then so be it. This is our life. But we got the tools, we got it in us, now we need to start showing what we have learned and healed.

Our love natures have something else to say about their true nature way. Allow your voice to blossom.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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