Tuesday (24 december) – Go where your feelings inspire you to go. Rules can be broken.

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It may feel unknown

but your body knows.

Go towards the good feels.


well hello T U E S D A Y!

Okay. We go another layer deeper into life, through a shift that hits us and wakes us up to something where we are given this opportunity AND TEST to walk something as our higher selves – and to walk it when we are tested to go back into an old pattern where we would engage in that fight or try to show our visions to another who seems to be coming from the opposite perspective.

You are being given permission to let go of thinking you need to fix others who are not wanting to be fixed. We must hold that time is precious and we must go towards things that are cohesive or at least giving the impression that we can make a difference to them. And if not, move on.

This kindhearted Jehovah’s Witness was telling me how we are supposed to not seek the far off trees, to try to convince those most opposing us, but to be around the trees that are cut down near us, the ones that most hear us and are close to our vibration. Not to overstretch but to be with what is around us first. Kind of like keeping things local.

You will come upon something that tests you to fight with a far off tree or to once and for all set a new pattern in motion and NOT waste YOUR PRECIOUS TIME on something that is a dead end street, destined to just hold your head under water and make you think you are lost to max.

But, like, that is not your area to be in and there is something for you to choose for today where you are going outside the lines or taking a huge leap of faith and choosing for you, choosing for what feels good, choosing for what makes you feel hopeful and expansive for your future.

And you DO deserve to choose and you also ARE making choices that set the stage for 2020 where you will rebuild your life and we will rebuild how the patriarchy ruling ways are destroying what we need to keep future generations safe.

Like, I just felt HUGE TEARS after writing that line. Oh my gosh. What a wakeup call to feel that we are paving the way for future generations and if we do nothing, they get nothing, but we will be dead and gone and won’t see how our actions or inactions contributed to the life they now live.

I don’t know if you saw that picture from Victoria Hills from 2010 to 2019. I never see things but that came my way and it was like, WE MUST ACT. We must save Earth for the children to come, for the animals to thrive, for this world to be as abundant as it desires to be, to expand into the love and balance and harmony that it is DESTINED TO BE.

WE are the generations here now, WOKE AF with hearts on fire to make things better. And where we are right now is local, local, local. And also what feels like home and natural. YOU ALL KNOW that when you do a kind deed you feel straight up awesome inside. ALL Y’ALL can’t wait to share with another the good deed you did after you did it. You get lit up with love, that love gold, when you are kind to others.

And to know this – it will be like a wakeup call to a lot of you. This new feeling inside is saying, hey I matter and I get to choose the life I want to live and if I don’t live up to YOUR expectations, that’s on you to process. We must go towards our vibes and what supports the rebuild we desire to do with our lives.

This week it is so important that you KEEP BUILDING and stay on the jobs and do the things that get you into better shape. ENOUGH of going towards what abuses you and forces you to be unable to express your true self. FUCK those spaces, my loves.

Your true self has a vision for how things need to be and you need to be the one leading yourself in that direction, even if others think you are the one with the problem. Lead your life, and if they want to make a soap opera out of you, that’s on their own patterns to do. You stopped watching soaps in your teens, so go out there and LIVE YOUR LIFE and show the world that things can be done and that something like a rainbow does arrive when we take these leaps of faith into the next level of our miraculous journey unknown. Celebrate the mystery by diving in fully to where you FEEL you must go.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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