tuesday (24 september) – Shift. Feelings. Magic is in store.

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Feel this and be guided

in the ways it calls you

to steer your direction

or re-position your magnificent soul.

Give voice to your feelings.

Give value to your voice.

well hello T U E S D A Y!

Okay, HERE is the shift I was talking about!!! How funny. I thought it would come yesterday and I’m sure it did for some of you but I feel it in my body today, like a new scent in the air, like living in the city to then living on the beach. The air brings the feeling that something is new and this one feels encouraging, as if signs of good things to come are showing up like balloons in the sky that are on the way to us, as we now wait and watch them grow closer. Something in the sky gives us a sign and this is to let us know that things are now in a new groove where new things will start to ripple forth — and MAGIC is in store.

Now we also close the door on something that deals with our love nature and it was harmed or not valued over the last 5 to 7 years, which put into motion a pattern that would be if one of your tires was flat; it kind of has started to turn your car inward and onto a path that you otherwise would not be on.

So it brought about compromise and possibly insecurities or needing to feel built up in these other ways, SEEN in these other ways because of this over-compensation thing going on. Balance was taken away and the struggle to stay afloat or just adapt to that strike to your situation set you on a path that you now need to shift away from.

You learned from what you walked and there was incredible purpose to all the pain, but now it’s time to bring more balance to your life through EMBRACING what shows up as a sign and NOT a curse, as a guidepost and NEVER a dead-end. You DO got it, actually. You CAN climb this mountain and reach the top where you see that taking the big risks leads to the big heart feelings that can never be forgotten. I have a Mercury in Pisces and Pisces rules my 3rdhouse which my Sun straddles. But I have no memory whatsoever for things that come from books or facts or the details of ALL THINGS after hearing them — UNLESS, it is something emotional that I experience. If it is emotional I will remember it forever, I will NEVER forget in the same way Geminis remember all the data.

Emotional experiences are in me forever because of how I am built. And I am grateful for that, actually. But LIFE comes from the emotional experiences. The data and facts and things from books are marvelous and entertaining but LIFE comes when we walk INTO emotional experiences. When our heart feels, we remember that – and those are the only things we remember when we near death.

And with this new concept I am sharing, where I am asking you to live like we only have one more year of normal life, and to see where it inspires your heart to leap and where you now feel you must go for some dream, our FEELINGS must be given voice, even if they shake and quiver with insecurity. I was talking to this dude who is pretty fantastic and I had to say something about when I met him, but I couldn’t utter the words, “When I met you…” so I stumbled insecurely around, “When I uh, when you, uh when you came over here…”

But it was cute because it was my shy voice showing that there are feelings inside, whether they mean anything other than a feeling, feelings need to be given voice because they always tell some sort of story. I did the same bashful thing with this woman where I had to let her down over something that was no worries, but I was so insecure and like a 5 year old, and shocked at showing that. But they were feelings expressing and the voice told a story that behind my own closed doors I do understand the message. And you too have feelings that only you know what they mean, but they DO mean something because the feeling is so strong inside of you.

Feel this and be guided in the ways it calls you to steer your direction or re-position your magnificent soul. From deep love within will manifest you a passionate life outside of you. We are on the way to SOMETHING. Day by day, choose the WISDOM from the feeling way. Listen closely and trust this.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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