tuesday (26 november) – well hello NEW MOON IN SAG!

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See the peace

and you will bring it.

See the vision for a better way

and you will walk it.

You are designing things.

Design your dreams.


well hello N E W  M O O N!

Oh moon! We LOVE when you go full in Saggie! We even give you the sweet nickname because the majority of people LOVE Sagittarius. So when you come to us in full, we grow excited for the ways you will open us and shift us to another perspective so that we DO manifest a new life potential. You inspire us to believe and you take us out of some fixated way of seeing something so that we can fly free, as our mental spaces open to new doorways and rooms that we never knew were there.

Ah. Can you tell I’m in love with this energy? This New Moon sits exact on my Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in my 11th house so yes; I am SINGING the love for this magical feeling!

This is MAGIC we are in, my loves. It is magic because we have so much power to really see things shift in the blink of an eye and to have our lives unfold brand new or altered in some way from this moment forward – BUT in relation to the pain and the struggle and how hard it has been for so long.

So it’s like people in the back of the line are suddenly getting passes and passports to shift into first place or priority or NOW things are working out GREAT. It’s a beautiful thing to see because it’s showing that the hard work is paying off and that we DO need to focus on our inner work, on looking at WHO WE ATTRACT, and making it a priority in seeing that in some way WE DO.

And if we don’t want to attract those people or things, then we need to change something about what we are doing or HOW WE ARE SEEING something. Like I’ve said, I grew up with my mom hating the sight of me until I was 11, where I then had a PERFECT mom for 10 years – but then she went back to her old ways when I blossomed at 21. And, because of that pain, I am VERY AWARE of people who hate me. I notice them like neon. My psychic antennae feel them out in the crowd.

But most people wouldn’t do that!!! I only do because I know the pain of feeling it, and where we were given pain, we somehow keep going towards these things that affirm that — and they give us even more pain. WE ALL DO THIS in some way where we were left empty or damaged or neglected or devalued –the PAIN of that is now fixated and manifesting even more. It is like a leak.

BUT NO MORE. In specific ways that are detrimental to our future growth, we now see into another view or way of seeing something and it all is to open a gate and get us running into a new way of holding the vision of our future lives. If we feel things are hopeless, we are buying into some old wound of pain that is fixated in us. And if it does hold you back, you will wake up to it at this time.

Now something with this back of the line moving to the front WILL affect some of you who have been rocking life right now. Not everyone is feeling challenged as the gateways opened on a lot of you already, but if you have been on the rise and feeling like WOW already, do know things may settle or slow down for a bit before another big lift off comes for you.

We are somehow “becoming more equal” in terms of energy and potential. Many people are privileged by something that has made things easier and, energetically, those things are finally coming naturally to those in the back of the line, the forgotten, the wounded, the left behind. This is really beautiful, loves. And it’s somehow neutralizing how our eyes look out and process something.

This is still a bit mysterious but this will make life better for us all. See the peace and you will bring it. See the vision for a better way and you will walk it.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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