tuesday (3 december) – You are built for any storm that may ever rise.

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Your value system is upgrading

And it knows when to say NO.

well hello T U E S D A Y!

Okay my loves! Today you will be coming together with someone and that YOU HAVE CHANGED will be evident in how things go down as a whole. So the thing you feared before in your past, or that complicated the point you were trying to make, now shifts so that things ARE coming your way or the old result is no longer playing out in your interactions with others in some way.

Do not expect everyone to change and then you will change to follow. You must be the leader who first looks into the typical situation and gives it a better way to manifest. We will be thinking this way in how we spend our holiday season, as a desire to bring back the old nostalgic feels WILL be there, but we want to do this new. We want to think of the end of the year and holiday season as a time to reflect and to feel good giving the love that we’ve got to give. We’ve had guns put to our heads and were told to GIVE when there is another style of giving that comes when we naturally overflow and WANT to give of what we got.

What you are warned about today is that someone may show up as a test with a huge and dramatic load that they want to spread your way and it’s important that you are shielded from this and not allowing it to water log you. This can be something real sad or hopeless and, for sure, some tears may fall.

This time presents so that you can show that you are changed in how you process things. We go back to the other day where we see this is not all that there is so we don’t need to get worked up and freaked out, but it IS important so we need to pay attention as if our lives, or the lives of those we love, depend on it. 

And for that reason we do not let it overtake us so that we feel lost and out of place too but, we come in like a nurse, all capable and ready for whatever, AS IF we trust ourselves and know that if we need something we will figure out the way. We don’t KNOW the journey of our visions, but we trust that we will figure it out, each step that may rise.

That is what we are all learning this week as we learn to trust ourselves more. We have NOT trusted ourselves. We are NOT always our own best friends. But we CAN trust ourselves. And we CAN be our own best friends. We just got to go with some shifts that get us turned around again into our true self-expressions. 

And who you are and how you are built IS ready for the storm. You ARE capable and built to bring whatever answers you need to climb to the highest potential of your future.

All of your story is written inside of you already and now it’s about getting your value system to awaken so that you DO go for that top position in this lifetime of living how great it really can be when you believe in yourself and when you use words inside that cheer you on and say KEEP LOOKING and say failure is never a reality, as all things that don’t work just make way for what WILL.

As you release the programming that said beat yourself up for how flawed and damaged and done wrong you are, you then find the strength to DO GOOD and to walk a life where you have learned from your mistakes. The regrets can keep you living in the bottle, forced to relive the regrets over and over again.

But this new way you are rising to wants you to learn from touching that hot stove and then getting the F out of there, into a better way of being, that LEARNS from what was a NO. Living in the bottle is reliving the pain of burning your finger on the stove and just staying in that part of the process. But the true you rising FEELS like it’s better to just get out of there and learn that touching a hot stove is not a desired experience to step into again.

Therefore, your value system knows to say NO. So learn from this wave of drama coming in, AGAIN, and say no to what does NOT support your sanity and new strength of character that is rising. You have learned. Now move along with that.  

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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