tuesday vibes (10 september) — Break the rules but do it because inside you know it’s right.

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Know this

And flow like

You own this.

This is a BIG HEADS UP DAY and it carries so much importance for us like basically having the correct time to show up for a train that only arrives once a day – OR, not having the arrival time and totally missing out on an opportunity for something that will sail you away to better places. Without knowing the time you’ll end up wasting the day at the train station where you are with the one person you don’t want to be with where you both are feeling very vocal about disagreements, like those political ones.

NOW. To get the time, and avoid this draining of your day, you just need to know that today you are to make changes that deal with you doing what you need to do to feel healthy, alive and in agreement that you are COMPETANT to make YOUR decisions and to know the way you need to travel, even if things are totally still in the dark and you have no idea if what you dream for yourself is really even possible.

But we all are being led by this string right now that is very spiritual and magical and not really anything we can put our fingers on, but we feel held by something moving us easier, like with a handrail going up some stairs. We are still doing the main work, but we are not alone in this, AND we still are not sure where we are going with some things as the old world ways are so stuck in us that we almost feel like we can’t do something because it is so written by others that it is NOT the acceptable or normal thing to do.

But with the Age of Aquarius we break massive rules! The rules were put there to keep us small, my loves. So to break rules? FUCK YEAH we break rules. Where they say, “don’t ever do”, OH YES, if you feel inside that you must try, PLEASE DO. Because 90%, you CAN do it successfully.

The things written into “normalcy” in the world are limiting to the max because when we are limited we live smaller and stay dependent on things keeping us numb to life and reality. But things odd and not what you would think are actually for the best for us because they bridge us to some sort of understanding — differences when coming together bring a new level of understanding.

This is like how I say when I moved to San Francisco when I was 24, and before the internet and cell phones became our reality, and how I only knew what was the land of St. Louis, which now I feel BLESSED beyond belief to come from, but it is NOT the truth of all that is out there. And moving to SF where people from all walks of life come to discover themselves and discover each other, you learn real quick that there is a whole other story going on about what is the truth, what is the best way, what is possible, and ultimately what we should follow.  

I believe that it is from my jumping about from here to there whenever I feel called, where now I’ve landed in Durango, which is my favorite so far, but this opened me to knowing I can have way more than what I learned I could have. AND its kept me on that vibration of knowing there is a way, and lets see where I feel led next. I think it has kept me on the vibration of not focusing too much on the outcome or the ultimate place or some one thing that is the only thing.

We actually climb, learn, stop, and climb some more. So we ARE to be breaking away from things when no longer they fit our flow. I know I loved my house when I moved to Spirit Valley Road, but not when I left it. I loved Jemez Springs, but not when I left it. There was an inhale and an exhale and life is doing that to us right now. But WE must choose for the better way and we do from releasing the hold of the limitation of our past telling us we DON’T EVER DO.

So release if it’s not holding the feeling you dream for, and throw out your fishing pole just to see what else is out there that feels divine. We are colliding with DIVINE and it comes in a surprising package. The old you will pass this by.

The new you HAS got the time. Know this and flow like you own this.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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