Wednesday (1 january) – Oh new decade! Hello 2020!

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I am good enough

and I’ll rise

when it is my time.

My process is perfect.

well hello N E W  Y E A R!

Oh new decade! We love when you show up as a 4 vibration and you move us through situations that test us to be better peoples. During the 4 we will be in opportunities that will ask us to use our intuition to move through them – and not our minds. We will manifest the EXACT SAME SITUATION if we leave something during a 4 year where our THOUGHTS on how this “should look” are what get us to jump or quit or walk away. (Take that sentence in)

We must listen to our bodies in a 4 year and USUALLY wait things out for the answer to come our way. We somehow must trust the bigger picture of growing our lives better by BEING in what is there until the next rock for us to jump onto shows up. We can move effortlessly at this time if we learn to WAIT.

It will feel much different than the 3 year of 2019. As I always say about 3, it is always A LOT and it is either very good or very bad, and that’s pretty much what all of us said – last year was A LOT. I do know 5 and 6 will be GOOD for us!!! So this year WE WORK and we WALK THE TALK and we go through processes without jumping the gun or thinking we know how this will go. We must NOT allow our minds to rule our life or we will be in the gutter often this year.  Instead, we must listen to our bodies, trust Spirit, and wait for the next instructions. Last year was think and do. This year will be think and wait on that.

How perfect that the first moment of 2020 is at 20 degrees Pisces, which is where my Sun sits! And I DO feel different in this reading room!! I kind of want to start teaching more!

Anyway, let’s get into today’s energy! We are in a space where people are either feeling VERY disoriented today, as if they are leaning or wobbling or just not grounded with the new energy. For these people it is best if you can be on the couch, under a cover and in fetal position, just holding yourself together until things shift for you. I was on a sailboat in the San Francisco bay, from a last minute opportunity, and I leaped at the idea but I had never been on anything but a boat on a lake and my body was NOT OKAY with it. I have issues with feeling fenced in with nowhere to run AND I NEVER get in the water! Spike Lee is a Pisces and he says the same thing!! Up to the knee is about as much as we get into ocean or lake water. So it was rough.

I remember the last minute opportunity of it made me go YES, let’s do this, but my body was like WAIT A MINUTE – do we need to train with this?! Do I need to acclimate? I felt a big warning in my body about this not being the best thing for me. It was also a super windy day and we were out for hours and that feeling is what I feel people will be in today. It’s not settled and it’s uncomfortable. So just stay with it until the boat stops! It will reach land later in the day!

Now, other people are feeling really excited for this day and are focusing on the dreams of what they want this year to look like. There is inspiration to look in the mystery and allow it to be something that is NOT solved and IS unpredictable – and knowing that, we set the stage to dream a little dream.

Something about the energy has us believing we can do a lot and this can have you wanting to redesign what you see around you and also appreciate it even if it is not the best thing for us. This may be about compassion rising, where we don’t want to fight what is wrong but rather, understand and give love so that it can transform into something right. We are in powerful times and many of you are aware and feeling that right now.

There will be one test at the end of day and into tomorrow where OUT OF THE BLUE you will suddenly lose faith in yourself and think that others are better and more gifted. This is like a cloud that just came to cover the sky and it can release almost instantly if you talk it down and lighten up on the harsh critic. If you buy into the negative feeling, it will linger through the night and into tomorrow! SO DON’T! You 100% don’t have to. This is a test where your wiser self is supposed to be saying NO, actually, I am good enough and I’ll rise when it is my time. My process is perfect.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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