wednesday (11 december) – Oh FULL MOON! We love you in GEMINI!

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I am ready to see

What limits me from

believing in my far-out dreams.

I take this leap of faith

Into what I hope

Will hold me with grace

Because this rising soul of mine

Is ready to explore a new space.

well hello F U L L  M O O N!

Oh moon! We love when you go full in GEMINI as you get us seeing that we have something to share, something to say, or something to express that has not been coming through clearly but that now, energy reveals to lift this, shift this, and get the light shining on a new perspective that needs to reach the light of day.

Now, do know that the Full Moon comes around midnight, Eastern Time, so this one will also be celebrated tomorrow. Something will build starting today and growing into tomorrow where we walk upon something that gives us that AH-HA and takes us next level on our journey.

This one is gonna be big because when we shift in the mind, we shift in our lives. THIS IS WHY I am always making so many points of you needing to be more of an authority on WHAT you allow to be put into your mind. We are being manipulated with billions of dollars of advertising. BUT we are waking up and seeing this and seeing how people who are influenced by certain things DO have a very similar energy.

This is what will create a big gap coming up because the programmed media is fueling hatred, and the feelings in our bodies want to feel more love. So the words, the advertising, the videos and stories, trying to constantly convince us of something, will be outed, because we KNOW they are trying to convince us because this IS a lie.

BUT if you aren’t feeling yet in life, because you have been programmed to only think and to believe what you are reading, then this time can come as a huge shock where you can’t understand why everyone isn’t following you because the words are there!

If you ARE feeling in life, because you have felt so much pain and have had to spend so much time working on healing what fractured you, then this time will feel wildly liberating because you are seeing beyond the circus show. Like seeing above where the planes spray chemtrails over us. There is an ABOVE that can see this other thing going on down below and WE are becoming these computers that suddenly have this app. Think about it. Most people are being told the chemtrails are only contrails and they believe it. They accept it, when their eyes can see it is on certain days and they can quickly come in and take out the whole sky, for the entire day, cutting out the light and the Sun. And, like for real, if it was a “normal” thing then why wouldn’t that be something given attention as we need to do something about this – planes taking out our whole sun? But we are just told they are normal, and that is that. So we accept it because the news told us and we carry on.

But with this new app we got, we can see above the deception and the foolery – in all that continues to try to fool us into staying small and following along like robots.  

And it’s in our bodies; it IS our bodies. It is our intuition. It’s that we are feeling things now and that doesn’t feel okay. Something is here. Something is up. Something is not right – but we will stand rigid instead of following along, because, wait a minute?

So in your life, you are about to stand rigid and will say, wait a minute. And you need to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Move forward on what you decide. SAY what you need to say. But reveal this thing and let it loose because holding what you were and believing what you were was keeping you buying into the illusion. If we buy into it in any way, we cut ourselves short from what is the potential and what is available.

It’s like we have a grocery store with every vegetable or fruit available and we only eat what is in the canned food aisle – BECAUSE we were told this is “best.” We were told that with ulterior motives and we must liberate our minds so that we can find the fresh produce and be eating things one step away from where they grew.

Our bodies are letting us know that there is MORE and our minds are opening to how WE have held ourselves back because we freely buy into whatever we are fed through the media and internet. It’s time to take back the truth.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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