wednesday (11 september) — Let’s get this going and get this built.

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The “more”

requires discipline

AND dreaming.

Both must work together.

Both you can handle.

We are moving closer to the Full Moon in Pisces and people can feel it! Something is rising big time, like a wave building or something that is in preparation, and around now there will be some sort of next level movement.

Now I feel like we have feet that are moving like wild as so much is being shifted around and taken care of, but there is this sense of urgency where we are like the nurse and we have so much to do so it’s important to triage and also to not get too stuck on the perfectionism of things so that nothing at all even moves forward.

Life is to be improved upon, and while some things do need extra thought like buying a house or choosing a sexual partner, but many things need to be put into place and then we just need to go with it. Like, set it and move on knowing that you CAN come back and rework this at a later time.

But like a bridge, there is a big picture here that needs a fire lit under its behind in coming together to do this other service. So YES it may be wonderful to rework that one piece and to really stay with it until its perfect — but dude, we need the bridge and what IT will DO for us.

So you will have to compromise in ways where you expect that this is a process unfolding but you need to keep moving along and not get stuck in passivity or confusion around details that REALLY don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Right now we need to be the nurse and go where we are most needed, but also accept that maybe we can’t fix everything perfect, but we can do what we can to stop any further damage.

BUT. Remember. We also have been lied to in all ways through the media and programming steering us to be these lesser beings who do not know they CAN thrive. So just like with herpes, diabetes, aids, cancer, heart disease and more, Dr. Sebi proved you CAN heal them. We have accepted a way because the media programmed us to believe in it. But others going deeper are showing that there IS a way.

And really it is just on us to go looking for it, to send the fishing line out and see if we catch on to something. But if we don’t believe, then we only send our fishing line close to shore where things are a safe bet, as per what we already have been programmed to believe. But there is a whole ocean out there, just like the one I traveled that brought me to Durango, Co. I didn’t know this way of living was possible until I just kept moving along and discovered we got a BIG OCEAN to explore — if we so choose for it. So as you reprogram, get ready to need to push yourself outside the limits and outside of what IS most comfortable, if it is limiting and stifling your growth.

You have a big say in where you go with this next Full Moon, and beyond. This one is a gatekeeper to magic, so you do want to be awake and conscious of how to not go downstream into where the river has been diverted. There is a natural flow and we need to find it, but it comes from some revolutionary act of your own soul that puts you against the grain, where you get to discover that THIS is what you actually needed all along.

The odd, the unconventional, the brand new thought breaking through old traditions maybe IS the thing that lights your heart up big time. If it is, go for what presents. What feels like magic, IS. But it most likely will NOT match up to what you have been told. Be aware of this!! Always stop and look beyond if in your heart STILL you want what conditioning says you cannot have. Your heart knows best and right now it wants to show you ways to upgrade conditions around you so that you get to choosing beyond what is just cluttering the scene and confusing your brain.

Malfunctions show where the problem is, now you get to dream up the solution that IS just waiting on you to color it in.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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