Wednesday (18 december) -Get up from this.

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Get up and move your body.

Then make a list

Of what is bringing you down.

Then, get up from it.

Get up from where you have been.

well hello W E D N E S D A Y!

Okay. So first thing, you need to be aware that something is going to totally get you the moment you wake up and it could for sure send you into a spaz or some sort of state where you are totally being overly dramatic and wildly emotional in a way that is fully and completely done with something. Like, this was the last straw.

But today I want you to find the way to not let this take you down and to INSTEAD do something like ground or meditate or do yoga, but do not allow this disruption to your system to be something you take with you throughout the day. We normally DO. We normally get hit by something and then stew in it the whole day. But today we have power when we ground down and do things that need our attention. Today all we need to do is make a change and force ourselves into this other perspective or way of seeing what really just happened.

It’s like, we can totally mess up and go overboard, but today there will be a boat to quickly save us and get us into a way better position. Like, we don’t have to pay today if we make a mistake but we DO have to correct it almost instantly. We can have a hissy fit and get all crabby and bitchy about how let down we are over something but then we need to snap to NOT feeling that way and get over it as quickly as possible. Because it really does seem to be the test of the day.

And it’s like you will slip and get back up, feeling way empowered by the end of the day OR you will slip and lay down there the whole day all tripped up with others who slipped and stayed.

It’s great that I’m catching you early in the day because, seriously, I am being shown that keeping busy with what needs your attention, that before you were escaping, is the way the boat shows up to save us and take us to better lands. And this means staying fixated in a problem with or without another person is only going to make it a huge mess of drama and, really, wounds from the past manifesting again and somehow muddying up your scene, to the point that you just don’t know.

We do need to be okay with NOT KNOWING right now but we need to keep from nose-diving into glass half-empty in regards to how we are processing what this means.

To do that, start this day with a list and get out what is lingering and bothering you. You will have the energy today if only you take that first step and do one thing that needs to be put into a better shape. This is a time to rebuild and to get serious in facing what we need to face but not making it the end of the world or something unfixable.

We have to flutter awake like the big dreamers and be like fog rolling in, knowing our dreams WILL become the majority and our reality. And I have to stop and say that I worded it that way because the image I was shown was us dreaming like the fog and how we dream it first and then it rolls forward for us to walk into. So this time is POWERFUL because I am being shown that image.

So don’t let anyone dampen your dream or fool you into staying on the ground, accepting some slip-up as the energy of the whole day. GET UP and move your body and do the things that are bringing you down. Start with one thing and you will end up getting so much done today and feeling GROUNDED and okay. Who doesn’t need that feeling?

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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