wednesday (18 september) — Keep on with this. You are getting somewhere better.

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Proceed through the process

Don’t collapse or

Think you need to turn back.

Things shift quickly at this time!

Good morning sweet beauties! Rise and shine because we have a really special energy that just came through that is like rainbows after a storm and that sings of big change to come FROM the things we have been dreaming about for the past month or so. This is something recent but it now has the power to ground in so deeply and it will provide some sort of growth that helps you sway out in the world in a new way.

We are facing something that is part of our dream and it needs us to hold on tightly to the hope that it will provide. While at the same time we are facing something dark and/or sexual and/or religion based and/or violation based – but it deals with some huge rip into what should not have been touched in that way. And there is fury here that is building in the people, like fire growing wildly — BUT it is for the purpose of making this other thing known and lifting it to the light.

So do sit with that in your heart, that we need things loud right now because it really is the only way we move and change and DO, being that we are so programmed to just talk about things and never actually do the DOING to get them moving. So we need firecrackers. We need loud alarms going off. We need to feel like the well has JUST run dry and THEN we get to doing what we maybe “should” have been doing all along. — But no SHOULD’s for now. We automatically batter ourselves enough already and that is NOT SELF LOVE. SO hold back on any criticism like that today. Reel it in.

What we want right now is to feel safe on the land and to see that it is supporting and sustaining us. We are aware of what stands in the way, even though we are not aware of how to fix this. But being aware is what gets us into planning mode where we figure out how to work around what is trying to block us. Again, this will relate to using your mind to BELIEVE this is just part of the journey and nothing out of the ordinary.

When we can surrender into proceeding through the process without holding on tightly and judging profusely or collapsing to the ground in defeat, then we learn this flow that just moves us along where we are more adaptable to and keeping at things until they shift. Nothing stays the same. It ALL has moving parts. But least resistance awakens your feelings to letting you know when it is time to stay or time to go.

You may not know what steps 2 through 40 look like on the journey when you stand at step one, but if you FEEL this is something so crucial to your life and a part of something that is YOURS, then you have to go for it. You have to throw savings thoughts and money stability out the window as you allow your feelings to guide you to what you dream to be living. MOST of you feel pretty low when you think about money or debt, so might as well not think about it and instead think about abundance and all the life you WILL be living when you finally sit steady in that vibration. Make the shift. See what you want to be living, not what you want to rise out of. See the growth in your fields, the veggies you WILL harvest.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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