wednesday (2 october) – Rise yourself and talk the negative down.

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You are only for the win.


Own it.

And then you get to walk it.

well hello W E D N E S D A Y!

So the heavy that got a grip on A LOT of you yesterday now releases. And it is JUST LIKE the story I shared yesterday with asking you to look at me a few years ago, unable to even lift my head or smile or feel ANY hope about life, and now I smile all the time and am constantly in this state of gratitude for all that I get to lay my senses on. I feel like a kid because it’s all so wonderful and amazing and new to me.

And I was a dead looking plant that was showing no growth at all, but inside I was doing all this work, behind the scenes and with my pain I was still moving through something that now I know was bettering me. And now my grip on life is SOLID – even when life feels like a slippery slope.

There is some sort of spring board that we will be finding that is lifting us up where we feel more empowered for what we have overcome, and how we ARE noticing that we aren’t beating ourselves up so much for the journey and for ALL the many “mistakes” we ALL have made. Something is getting us to wobble in the direction of hope or recovery where STILL we know there is something to this and we MUST carry on.

Now there is one fine line issue today that will come and SEIZE you with this sudden change in the air, that comes out of the blue and directly at your heart, where it makes you feel like you CAN’T do this and the mistakes are TOO MANY, the damage too far gone, the debt issue too deep.

BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE. This is 100% a test that has a fine line to it where, if you buy into it, then you get to eat that shit AND sit in it — but if you stand up for yourself, STAND UP FOR YOURSELF and value that you WILL figure whatever out, as you have EVERY OTHER TIME IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE you came to overwhelming situations on your journey – then you won’t even be affected by this energy today. It’s really the point of the day. 

If you can just rise yourself and talk the negative talk down, talk the mind off of its ledge, plunging into yet again, buying into the belief that you are a failure and will never accomplish what you really seek out as a dream – if you can value yourself and set the record straight, like the responsible parent would, then you will be good to go and will not even have to experience ANY MORE of that negative, devaluing energy today. It is 1% or 100% today.

Your gifts, your creativity, your very essence is going to get a punch today, and are you going to be the kung fu master doing the mastery life? Yes, you are! BECAUSE you are just going to talk that shit down and put it in its place because YOU got things to do and there are dreams that need YOU believing in them.

They will only get out there if you continue to keep yourself on the rise, EVEN WHEN it feels like a slippery slope. I believe that OFTEN slippery slopes take us backwards for two reasons. One is that we are on some timeline situation where we are matching up with someone else or something else up ahead, so we have to be pulled back for a second. The other is that we passed something too quickly and we need to be pulled back to see this and glean some wisdom that will make us better for the journey ahead.

So slippery slopes DO take us back, but ultimately they are only for the better. With one we feel more pain probably in needing to see something, the other we don’t know WHY our lives have slowed down or things are off, as we do sort of wait in limbo. And these slippery slopes are when we need to learn to slow down and trust more.

But, however, it goes down for us when we have to be RE-ALIGNED, having hope is the whole point. It’s just like getting off the highway to use the rest area. You don’t have to see it as a loss, like you are missing out on getting somewhere because you have to stop. It’s for self-care and for something to make you better for the journey ahead so why would you pass that by?

The truth of who you are is that things are ONLY working out for your advantage. The programmed version of who you are believes all pit stops are for the loss and that we must RACE to some destination unknown but push through, don’t stop, and race as QUICKLY as you can.

While the truth of you – the real you NEEDS to rest and PACE and realize THAT is actually the best way.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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