wednesday (20 november) – Go to where you are wanted.

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Go to where you are wanted,

because it IS better over there.

(You just got to choose for it!)

well hello W E D N E S D A Y!

Today brings something eye opening, AGAIN, where we are looking at something that was done wrong or is something completely unacceptable. And because of this we had to go to something else, or move it over there, or focus in another direction. But because of this detour we end up with a better view. Who knew life could be like that? Haha.

This can be like, we WOULD have put our thing in the worst place, actually, where that thing is now what annoys us so, but because something was already there, blocking our journey forward, we were forced to move to another place to figure this out — and THIS turns out to be the better place after all.

So if you are trying to find a parking spot, but there is nothing and you have to drive further to find one, know THAT is where the magic is and where something or someone or some factor that brings in a balance is to be.

We ARE working towards healing things and getting them where they need to be, but now we are ROLLING WITH THINGS when we find ourselves blocked by where we THOUGHT we should be, and how we move along where “we are not wanted” as in no parking spots available or where the space is already full, we keep moving along, like water down the river until we DO find a place that holds us. That is when things are healed because we are not focused on finding the place to lay our roots still, which puts us in scarcity mode, thinking maybe we WON’T find our place.  

NOW we start to get SOLID as we come together into a place that offers a view of what IS what we want. All of you are letting things go now on the MASSIVE and with decisions that were all speed ahead not too long ago, but now come to a screeching halt BUT slide, satisfied into something new that maybe you thought you would never go back to or believe in or think could be.

We go back because the people we were who made those decisions are no longer. Our lives are upgrading and we do a return in order to correct them so they can hold us in space in the future.

The lofty comes against the challenge of reality in the same way intellectualized knowing comes against the reality of walking those things. It is a different story to intellectualize someone having a baby, versus having one yourself. To travel to Italy for the summer would be one thing to intellectualize and another thing to actualize, with scents and tastes and textures, where the actual energetic faces of people, in reality, would touch you.

Riding a bike on the countryside in reality would have you wanting to move there and start over and make it work. Riding it in your mind would only feel like this pleasurable experience that your eyes would take in. You wouldn’t imagine how it could transform your energy into wanting a new life – but it would if you actualized the experience, or rather, took it to your gut and felt it in reality.

So allow these pieces to come together, and where you are blocked, keep moving along until you find something that does hold you. Like, if you are cleaning the house and the vacuum cleaner breaks, don’t stop cleaning, but do something else instead. If the printer jams, don’t stop the project, just move your energy to something else that runs smoothly.

We stop and flow in these days right now. But if we stop and get mad that we are stopped we can really create messy situations in our lives. We can make it 100 times worse. So be stopped, but take it as the invitation to change something for a minute. Go to where you are wanted, because it IS better over there.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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