Wednesday (25 december) – Oh new moon! We love you in Capricorn!

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I am on the pursuit

of a new dream

where the visions I hold

can become my reality.

I trust the mystery

that is yet to manifest,

knowing I am built

to thrive and survive

all that may show up as a test.

Today I take a step towards

the belief that I can

manifest a better life.

well hello N E W  M O O N! 

Oh moon! We love when you go new in Capricorn and when you inspire us to get serious about our lives and the impact we can make on getting things to look better. We love how you get us feeling solid with our commitments to climb towards our dreams and to strap on the eye guards so that we can stay focused on the jobs at hand.

Oh Capricorn, we even love how you wake us up to reality – even if that call often feels like a spinout in the gutter — STILL it inspires us to wake the fuck up and DO SOMETHING, be aware of something, walk your life forward, differently, BECAUSE of what almost knocked you out.

Now our hearts have been going through something that was a wake up call to reality and this was required for you to walk into 2020 and blast off in that first month. For some of you it will take until the sixth month – which is perfect — but MOST of you are not going to wait that long because of how you are handling life now and will handle the next few days of this year.

Now the lessons are HUGE!!!! And each of us will have them individually and ultimately they are to wake you up about something you HAVE to change. How it will be for 99% of you, is that you will cheat the odds or do something where you just ALMOST get hit. This is to get you more grateful for what you got and also looking around corners into safety issues about what you CAN prevent. Like wearing a motorcycle helmet. 

If you were around when I thought I lost Momba, but then got him back 15 hours later, hours into already grieving his loss, then you saw that I was JOLTED ALIVE to get my baby back. And I have been feeling SO PRESENT and also have flipped my life into fantastic again where it’s everything I want. But it came from the extreme of OH NO trauma to OH MY GOSH life is magical. When we get that thing that shows up in the final hour after we thought all was lost, we JOLT ALIVE.

And my loves, it is necessary that all y’all get jolted so that you can see what you need to do and apply the step by step process into getting you into a better life where you DO love the days you get to walk.

One of the biggest regrets in life is that we let time pass us by – and we all sit at this regret many times a year. But we don’t have to. We can actually live our lives and live them so full that we only regret that there are only so many more new days to live – not that our past was wasted and we did something wrong.

We only sit in thoughts of our life is wasted when right now we are in the gutter, spinning out and getting nowhere and feeling totally fed up and done with it. THAT is when we feel regret for how much time has passed us by. And it is because we are surprised we sit in this pothole right now, when we’ve been working SO HARD! What is it going to take to get out??

But here’s the thing about Capricorn, he likes to get you there in that position before he shows you the better position. He kind of wants you down and out and flat so that you CAN start over and stop following everyone else’s ways. Maybe your life feels like it’s on the wrong path because you are on someone else’s path and your path is like 4 paths over, a quick hike away.

Capricorn likes you to go on a hunt for things and to feel your way through them like never before, but to keep at the pursuit, no matter what. Like if you open a café and it has 9 to 5 hours, you are responsible for staying open and delivering on that. So it takes commitment and dedication and you don’t just stop because you don’t feel well or there is a challenge. You keep at it. You show up. You hope for the best. You BUILD a business.

We are taking something in our lives that needs to be rebuilt with this promise where we are IN IT and will do it and are not gonna let this dream pass us by. We WILL get this again or we will still find that long lost dream. We CAN have IT ALL and the things that will grow for us, grow from our plans and dedication to see them become our reality next year.

And this New Moon in Capricorn comes in the last hours of the day, so we will celebrate tomorrow too – but hear this reading today and honor the ceremony of this moment and how much it does need you making time and space to be IN THE NEW.

You need to be in the dream of your crop to come, the house you will build, the business that will set you free, the love that will ground you, the baby that bursts your heart open with love. We must hold this day sacred and create it with the flavors of our new dreams. The old will feel UNBEARABLE today as people are vivid and vocal and way too much about only their side of things. So choose for you and what holds and supports your future visions. That is really the only thing that matters. It’s you that matters.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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