wednesday (25 september) – It will be blurted from your lips!

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This gets us back in the game.

With a flash of light

We awaken.

well hello W E D N E S D A Y!

We jump the gun today because we just can’t help it! Something with the energy PROPELS our emotions, expressions, and actions forward — and this will take a minute to get used to but it relates to new ways that our bodies or systems run so that we are leaning forward into life instead of holding back from being wounded in life.

And I have to say that I just, for the first time, understood the saying, licking your wounds, as I was shown the image of us sitting with our wounded aspects – but I never got that before. Licking your wounds always confused me!! My main thought – until two minutes ago — was that licking would put pressure on it and keep it infected and that would bring more pain and delay the healing, so who licks their wounds anyway — who came up with that?! Okay. SO yes.

Today you may WAKE UP in some way that propels you to get up and stop living in this defeatist way AS IF your wounds are to hold you prisoner forever. Like being in the car wash, and going through the cycles and going through the processes to remove what is not a true element of the initial thing coming in — you or car – THERE DOES come a time when it ends and you must walk out of the cave and show yourself all clean and jazzy and good to go and ready to show the world what YOU GOT. Think about how you drive after the car wash too – and even more so when the interior has been detailed.

Now DO KNOW that we have to get used to this new energy that propels us forward. It will be kind of funny but for most of you, at first, it may be that you just respond before someone finishes, THINKING you know what they were going to say – but you will be totally off base, like opposite direction. And you could see this as blurting things out or having real loose lips with what you are thinking, but these are the first steps of getting you to assert that energy in other ways, in other parts of your life. So this is training wheels in learning to just go for it and do it and say it.

But also I am being shown that this is happening a lot too with strangers or where you are getting gas and you just start talking with the person there. What I want you to notice is that ALL of this is getting you leaning into life, leaning back into others, into community, into looking at the faces of REAL PEOPLE who are not behind an impersonal screen, always choosing between two sides of things, two camps, two opinions, either this or that. These connections are to get you WAKING UP in lightning speed just as I did with the concept of licking your wounds.

And realize that it is together that we individually feel better – the knowing that we touch people, connect with people, and that they ARE out there just as loving as we need to see them be. Our peoples may still be in the rough and clearing their wounds, or in the smallest of numbers so they surprise us when we collide with them on our journeys, but they are there and we are finding them so that our hearts can get back into the game, out of all the licking and pain that, in some way, has reached its dinger timing – where we must now propel ourselves out of this and towards something that SEES US and AFFIRMS that we are important.

So, today, realize too that you may be in the slumps feeling like no one sees you or your creativity, but that may be licking your wounds, so go out to someone else and SEE THEM, see what they create and affirm their value, and then just see what that does for your pain. We are made better when we reach out and show ourselves in ways that bring light to others’ paths. So all your pain can be released from giving to and being there for and standing up for anyone or anything else other than yourself.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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