wednesday (27 november) – Their story doesn’t need to be your story.

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within you

is tuned to truth. 

Trust yourself.

well hello W E D N E S D A Y!

Good morning, sweet loves! Change is in the air. It is in ALL our airs and DO KNOW that some people are bringing some illusive conversations that are perfectly timed to try and trip you up on the mountain climb of your dreams. I feel like something revealed itself and movement has occurred, but many are opposing this and trying to keep us from rising or doing it or accomplishing some huge goal.

For this reason, stay grounded with your affirmations and new ideas forming because all seeds planted ARE planted. And wrong seeds planted in your crop are unacceptable right now. We need you only focusing on planting the hope and the desire to shoot for something that is out there still, but to hold like an anchor to the reality of life in knowing things CAN rock your boat and get you slumping into the opposite direction where no hope grows.

Again, stay conscious always, but others who have messages of NO HOPE planted in them are only dishing out what they know. So it’s on you to stay woke and not just buy into that or allow it to affect you.

We are working to stay pure with our mental spaces so we use our boundaries to not look at that or take that on or go to those things just because they are available, or what we know. Like, with porn or social media or with drugs or tinder. If we do these things, we will believe in these things, but are they really healthy and good for us, or just something easy and what we are being programmed to do? Are we thinking for ourselves?

The change that is in order is from an elevation of our consciousness that will now stand rigid to opposition wanting us to just fall in line and obey. Things are crazy in the airwaves where they are NOT reality, but are being spun to appear that way for many, and this rigid feeling you will start to have in your body, this strong NO and leaving the room or resistance, is because you don’t need to take this on or even try to understand it. To try to understand it can pull you into the chaos or the drama of it. And this is the most important thing we need to ground ourselves with daily. We must NOT allow them to take us away.

If it looks like quicksand, trust that it is, don’t try to figure out if it’s really only mud. The RIGID RESISTANCE within you is tuned to truth and you just need to lean into where you are being shown to not back down.

But remember, this is just about not backing down from your truth. Others are going to think they are 100% right on and if you feel resistant to that, trust yourself. You are correct.

We have some hard lessons coming this week with TRUSTING OURSELVES. I am being shown standing tall, with all these people around with opposite ideas, screaming out with anger. But the vision is also of something silver and brittle, which tells me we are talking about mental spaces programmed to be flat and lifeless and without full color.

So don’t go there today, if it looks and feels like quicksand, IT IS. And it’s not your problem to fix. Move along and up the mountain still. Our journey continues on.  

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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