wednesday (4 december) – Get used to it: tight, but loose.

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Hold tightly.

But hold loosely.

We never do know.

We are learning to stay fluid and mutable.

With the flow of how things must go.

well hello W E D N E S D A Y!

Okay loves. So I think you know that I do these readings ahead of time as I step into the energy room and feel what the day will bring and interpret it into words. I’m writing today’s at 4am, 12 hours since my baby, Momba Doodle, as he goes by, has not come home, after I watched him run down the driveway through the snow. I stopped the readings yesterday, even though they were flowing so effortlessly but I forced myself to stop and continue them today. Which WAS unusual.

In this reading room I can see that someone is bringing a message to you that IS going to cause you to feel strong things, but we are applying the lessons of this week in not looking at things as a mistake so that we can’t move forward – instead, digesting them different so that they MOVE US forward. Not that they are the things that destroy us, but rather, empower us to create change.

This person was to come to you and bring a message in some way that helps you to see something in your own life so that YOU can let go of the pain and find the strength it brings and your focus can be on living more, doing it better, being present, and NOT letting these life things consume you to the point of non-movement.

I can tell you that losing Moon Bear on Dec 30 2015 and now maybe losing Momba on November 28, 2019 feels TOTALLY different in my body. And for many reasons, but the #1 reason is because I gave my boy SUCH A GOOD LIFE. He was like my lover and I adored every moment we had together. He often got two hikes a day, but always at least one. He had a life that most dogs lived in a year or 10 and we had the sweetest connection I have ever had with any living thing so far.

But. Giving him my all and loving him so deeply and giving him a life where I cherished my time with him makes it so much easier to lose him and to see the big picture of life and to know this WAS his time and this was not a mistake and I will go strong AF from this, and all kinds of other big picture things.

The last thing I want is to lose him, but if that’s what it is then that’s what it is. The big picture will always tell another story, down the road, so WITH TRUST we must ride on the “adventure” of our lives. Never knowing where we will be taken but always present and aware we must be to the learning experience of life on Earth and all pieces playing a part in our evolutionary journey.

We are learning to stay fluid, mutable, and on the flow of how things go – because we never know. But with all, we must look to the higher perspective – and we innately do, and have been learning about the past few months, when we value ourselves.

When we value ourselves we do not live in scarcity mentality where we think there is too little or that we will lose out and others will win. Scarcity mentality gets you looking at all things NOT glorious, gorgeous, or on your timeline as mistakes and negative things that are wrong on the journey of manifesting your things correct. But we are to learn the flow of processes and tumbling stones becoming things unimaginable when the big picture plays out.

THIS moment now is not all there is (think big picture) but THIS moment now is so very important for you to pay attention to (think being present and aware of what is here right now). Dance with both and life takes care of you. Dance with neither and you are stuck wanting to escape from life, always waiting for something else to arrive before you feel happy, ready, or safe.

Escaping from life ALWAYS means there will be regrets. So we must take the pain and allow it to be the string on the kite that gets us flying high. USE IT as a tool to lift you because we never really know what any of this really means.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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