wednesday vibes (28 august) — Get mad, and then get busy.

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This day has A LOT of sensitivity to it where we may feel like we are constantly in the wrong place at the wrong time, and you may even feel like you are waiting on EVERYONE, like no one is moving fast enough for you.

Do know we now are being primed to open further to something, but we start in that low place or we get triggered and think we are just LOSERS of the maximum or will never be seen and valued the way we KNOW we deserve. And we can feel MAD and FRUSTATED about it.

The things that rock us and get us to FEEL are about things that have us feeling like no one sees us or appreciates us. So allow that pothole to take you off to the side of the road with your flat tire and just sit there and think about how much you are NOT in your body and not present IN THIS MOMENT now and are off in sadness from the past or fear for the future. And we need you HERE NOW.

One thing I cannot live without is my Network Chiropractor and her muscle testing me through the sessions. The other day I was there, and this has happened three times now, but she’ll stop the session because she can’t muscle test me because I AM NOT IN MY BODY. Then she’ll have me do some things to get BACK HERE NOW, but it cracked me up because the other day when she stopped the session I knew exactly what it was because I had been SUPER distracted over this thing for days.

But in her office I finally remembered that all I had to do was get back in my body – because I WAS in my mind. I was out of body by being consumed in my mind over something. I WAS physically in the room, showing up, looking as normal to be, but when it came to talking to my muscles, that are the truth of the matter, the answer was, NOPE, you are off in outer space and eons from the reality of this moment now. You are a ghost of a person because in actuality you are solving some problem, and staying fixated into NOT feeling okay about something, and because of that your body is not even aware of what is around you going on.

It numbs us to be out of body or to be so consumed in the mind that we miss out on the life around us. And another part of this buildup into Friday with the New Moon in Virgo, and then another shift comes on Sunday, but this is our ultimate wakeup call in life. This IS it. This time in history IS IT.

And we now are being activated to be the nurses and to SNAP TO ACTION like Kali does 100% of the time, who KNOWS the tools are on board and the adventure of life needs to be lived, with trust that taking those leaps of faith, because they feel so strongly in your heart space as things you dream for, ARE a part of the path to be journeyed into, even though there IS no guarantee and we MAY be wrong.

Those are always on the table as options. But our new selves rising need to rise to the occasion and dream exalted as if I KNOW MY DREAMS ARE GOING TO MANIFEST FROM THIS LEAP OF FAITH. We must cocky it up and get PROUD to the bone that this is our time, our incarnation, when the Rainbow Tribe FINALLY wakes their sleeping Kali and steps INTO the fire of life with a willingness and acceptance, like the nurse holds with each emergency that calls their skills, or TOOLS, forward.

Nurses do not face a disaster with fear, they face it by being IN THE MOMENT PRESENT and open to seeking out which tool they will need to bring the situation back into balance. It’s all about being HERE NOW and KNOWING you have the tools if only you stay open to receiving WHICH ONE is best to use in each situation.

But there is no fear there. There is only acceptance and surrendering into, but which one should I use for THIS challenging situation? Nurses do not run and escape from the problems. They RUN TO the problem. So get ready to be the Ultimate Nurse and to seriously get to planting some trees because we got the new generation to support and give what we got to experience. We FINALLY, being the nurse, will hear that as a priority in OUR lives.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
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PULL BACK TO PROCESS.One week after the Full Moon we shift into a two week period of inward focus. This first week is where we just pull back to see what we understand better about the last two weeks of movement. This is almost like a retrograde because it pulls you inward and you can feel like you are going backwards – even though you are not. Just as the plant is not going backwards in the winter while underground – but rather it is the inward that comes before the next outward. A resting space. So rest and be okay with this. We are SELF CENTERED right now so don’t expect others to see you because they are focused on themselves – processing.

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Feeling sensitive of your reputation.

Wanting to be seen. Feeling colorful and creative.


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0: Notice that something is returning or coming full circle. You have been here before.

3: Something is being shared or communicated today. Expect lots of movement, potentially positive or negative.



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