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member first time log in
Oh hey! If this is your FIRST TIME to log in do not try to figure out your password! You may not have one yet! Just go straight to LOST YOUR PASSWORD and get a new one sent to the email address you order the Moon Vibe Guide from. Then you can log in and read the guide online! 
what if it says invalid username or email when I try to log in?
reach out to hello@aquariusnation.com

if you are getting the moon vibe guide weekly email —  but you are not recognized here just reach out to us! we know what  is happening and can apply the fix quickly!

what if I can't see my subscription or membership listed above after I log in?
THIS IS NORMAL and perfectly okay. we are moving to a new platform on the website so only those who ordered the guide within the last month FROM THIS WEBSITE will see that information.

If you would like to see your information up there reach out to hello@aquariusnation.com and we will work with you on switching your payment to  the  new platform. Otherwise, as a collective we will approach this and reach out to you in a few months so that we DO have all of you with all your information in one location — right here.

why am I getting 2 emails?
with the moon vibe guide subscription you get 2 email services that you CAN UNSUBSCRIBE FROM!

one email will hold the weekly notification that a new moon vibe guide is online. that one is called moon vibe guide WEEKLY.

the other email sends out during the evening with the daily reading for the next day. so its just a heads up — as some of you really love that email most! that one is called DAILY RITUAL.

AND BOTH you CAN UNSUBSCRIBE FROM and this will not change your subscription.  then you will get no automatic emails and only special update ones sent to the whole tribe when there is an important message.