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Your Guidebook to the energies. Be prepared so that you can make the most of the lessons and opportunities that are on the way.  Experience accelerated growth into joyful and abundant living from the support and guidance found in the Moon Vibe Guide.
  • 50+ page pdf each week
  • weekly energy readings a week in advance
  • full moon written readings for each sign
  • new moon podcasts for each sign
  • inner circle tribe space + discussions
  • weekly private videos with KV
  • big discounts in the shop

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moon vibe guide

Your essential WEEKLY GUIDE to the cosmic forces and guidance they have for you.

With messages sent to assist THE RAINBOW TRIBE in rising into position and serving purpose in bringing in the AGE OF AQUARIUS.


You are here now in the most epic of transformative times on Earth. Some call it the end times. Others call it the rebirth. We are rebirthing into the Matriarchy way and into the Age of Aquarius, which is a period of around 26,000 years. We are in the first few years of the new and therefore the OLD is REAL LOUD on its way out — which is to be expected.

So that we are here now is pretty special. But navigating the waters of the New Earth ways is unlike anything written before — so its unusual, exhausting, depleting and exhilarating all within hours of the day. It can feel REAL HEAVY or SUPER EMOTIONAL or like you have lost all hope and there really is not a purpose for you.

The ability to do the Moon Vibe readings was gifted to KV in the end of 2015 BECAUSE  of the time we are in now. And in these readings are the nuances and feelings of exactly what is going to happen each day. So you will be walked through that journey, AND supported, empowered and shown the short cuts every step of the way.

It doesn’t have to be as hard as it has been. The Moon Vibe Guide provides the insight into the road ahead so that you can focus on what is around you while not worrying about what is to come.


Whats included in the Moon Vibe Guide?

  • The daily moon vibe readings sent a week early
  • Full Moon written readings for each sign
  • New Moon podcasts for each sign.
  • Weekly personal and private video with KV.
  • Big discounts in the shop 
  • Read the guide online and/or PDF
  • Inner circle tribe discussions and space.


What is unique about how KV does these readings?

As of August 2015, much to her disbelief that anything of value could be found in daily readings, she was told she COULD do them and to just try. What happened is that a room appeared before her where when she walks in, the energies of the day present through smells, sights, feelings and images to interpret — and its on her to just pick a day. These are the Moon Vibe Readings. KV is a medium to the energies and her wisdom comes through Spirit.


How long has the Moon Vibe Guide been around?

The daily Moon Vibe readings began in August 2015, while the actual Moon Vibe guide began in June 2016.


What are the membership options?

You can join for the month or for they year. They are both subscriptions, but can be cancelled at any time. Its easy to cancel, but send us an email if you would rather we take care of that.


How is the Moon Vibe Guide delivered?

Every Sunday night you will get a PDF delivered with the latest issue of the MVG. We also load the website page with the readings for the week in case you would rather skip the email and just visit the website daily. Whether you want this to keep you from the computer or give you something more positive and hopeful to visit each day, we are working to give you the best MVG possible. We also have nightly emails with the next days reading for those who want them to come as daily emails a private social networking site is in the works. 



I just love the way you talk to us! Your podcasts are something I have treasured since I found you in 2014 and I’ve been subscribed to the guide since you first shared it with us. I just want to say thank you, KV.  Your words make life so much better! ~ Laura P, Jewelry Artist, Bali

I am not the same person I was before I found your readings. Now they are a part of my ritual morning that I would be lost without. Thank you for believing in your gift and sharing yourself so vulnerably  ~ Sonja B, Yoga Instructor, New York

So grateful to have you help guide us through ascension! I have changed so much in the past year from soaking up the wisdom in your readings. I have never had readings hit me to the core like yours do. You are a gift KV and I cherish that I found you in my lowest days. I heard your call!” ~ Louanne W. Long Beach, California

Thank you for being a messenger in easing our souls. Our path is transformed by your wisdom.” ~Athena V.

You are gifted, my love! These readings are UNBELIEVABLY accurate almost every single day for me! I know that if life gets hard, all I have to do is race to Aquarius Nation and your readings will guide me back home.” ~ Dr. Elaine W. ~ Portland, Oregon

“How are your so tuned in to the energy? Sometimes it feels like you penetrate my soul. Thank you for these encouraging words. I literally feel like spiritually I was on the floor sobbing and your posts, especially today, gently lifted my soul.” ~ Modest Bett

There is nothing like your readings, KV. I have studied astrology for 25 years and have followed you since I found you on YouTube in 2013. The Moon Vibe Guide readings have transformed me on my healing path and have become a part of my day that feels like home. What you are doing is changing the world changers. Power on Kerryanna! I wholeheartedly support you and your mission. ~ Aubrey K, Shamanic Healer, Boulder, CO

Every single day since I began following your (incredible) account, the interpretations you share are so insanely on point I can’t quite believe how blessed I feel to have found you and what you do. If there is anyway I can support your work pls let me know. ~ Grace L.

The Moon Vibe Guide is the best gift to my world. ~ Alix B.

Many people are working with the collective energies in doing readings, but your readings nail it in a different way. It also feels like you are talking to me personally and touching on the things that no one else knows. I don’t much get on social media as it never resonated so I appreciate getting these weekly newsletters from my email! ~Dag G.

The Moon Vibe Guide is my religion! I find that life is much more manageable with the insight you provide each day. I notice that I don’t worry as much or beat myself up for not being good enough! Thank you for doing what you do! I would be lost without this guidance. ~ Nicole M. ~ Boston, Massachusetts

I love getting the Moon Vibe readings a week early! I often notice that I am a few days early with the energies and you save me by offering them in the MVG. I’ve been a loyal member since issue #3! These readings make everything better in my world. I feel seen and supported by the ways you write.  ~ Debbie O, Homeschool Teacher, Vancouver, Canada