moon vibe guide

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  • the moon vibe readings a week in advance
  • 30 minute per sign podcasts on each new moon
  • early access to full moon readings
  • 50+ page PDF each week
  • instant download of the current issue upon purchase
  • private online space to read the guide
  • support, ahead of time
  • coming upon our 3 year anniversary!
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moon vibe guide membership

channeled guidance.

teachings on the age of Aquarius.

readings that feel like home. 


Your essential WEEKLY GUIDE to the cosmic forces and guidance they have for you.

With messages sent to assist THE RAINBOW TRIBE in rising into position and serving purpose in bringing in the AGE OF AQUARIUS.

You are here now in the most epic of transformative times on Earth. Some call it the end times. Others call it the rebirth. We are rebirthing into the Matriarchy way and into the Age of Aquarius. We are in the first few years of the new and therefore the OLD is REAL LOUD on its way out — which is to be expected.

So that we are here now is pretty special. But navigating the waters of the New Earth ways is unlike anything written before — so its unusual, exhausting, depleting and exhilarating all within hours of the day. It can feel REAL HEAVY or SUPER EMOTIONAL or like you have lost all hope and there really is not a purpose for you.

The ability to do the Moon Vibe readings was gifted to KV in the end of 2015 BECAUSE  of the time we are in now. And in these readings are the nuances and feelings of exactly what is going to happen each day. So you will be walked through that journey, AND supported, empowered and shown the short cuts every step of the way.

It doesn’t have to be as hard as it has been. The Moon Vibe Guide provides the insight into the road ahead so that you can focus on what is around you while not worrying about what is to come.

moon vibe guide membership

the love.


early access to the moon vibes.

All the reading are channeled ahead of time — and as a member, every Sunday you will receive the moon vibe readings for the week ahead. So if it’s Monday and you want to hear about next Sunday, you get to as a member. 

private new moon podcasts.

Members get a 30 minute per sign podcast for the new moon each month. Being that you will listen to your Sun, Moon AND Rising signs, there will be a lot of fun to be had in those podcasts! I also share more intimately in the podcasts because they are private and just me talking to you.

early access to full moon readings.

Members get the Full Moon written readings when they are completed and before they are shared publicly. Members get everything early and ahead of the game.

shop discounts

Members get loved on in the shop with a 20% family discount. I figure if I am going to get you addicted to Potions Drops, I might as well cut you a deal on them.

moon mapping & extra astro data

Members SOON will be sharing in something I created in 2013 called MOON MAPPING where we flow with the moon in a feminine way, while being receptive to the natural flows that are here to support us. Here I will be getting you more into your birth chart and a new way to understand how the flows will affect you.



pdf & members page

Each week a new guide will arrive beautifully designed in a 50 + page pdf and also on a private members page where you can see all the blog posts of the week with a picture capturing the energy of the day. 

kv and her moon vibe readings

from spirit.

Hi love! I’m KV, short for Kerryanna Vanzo and Back in August 2015 I was visiting Ouray, Colorado and pretty much the moment my feet landed in the area these higher level guides introduced themselves and said we would be learning about the Galactic Vision Teachings. The first one was called Death. The next Riding the Curve. And The Pools — that one is a game changer. These will be put to a book in the near future.

But they said I would start doing daily energy readings for my tribe — which honestly I did not even believe could be done! I was not a believer that the nuances could be important on the day to day —  until I did it and realized I actually have the ability to walk into any day — past or future — and FEEL what we will feel.

What I feel is what I share in the moon vibe readings, which are in your hands a week early in the moon vibe guide to make sure you are prepared and ahead of the game for what is on the way.

Every single day since I began following your (incredible) account, the interpretations you share are so insanely on point I can’t quite believe how blessed I feel to have found you and what you do. If there is anyway I can support your work pls let me know. ~ Grace L.

What I recommend about the Moon Vibe readings is that KV guides us continuously and consistently through the healing process in bite size pieces daily. Every day is a  movement forward on what we already are building upon. This guide is magic and I love how we always are learning! THANK YOU KV!  ~ Marcia P. San Diego, CA

The Moon Vie Guide is the best gift to my world. ~ Alix B.

Your posts have been on point for me everyday! I recently am going thru a really tough break up and your posts have honestly made me feel alive again and stronger which I didn’t think was possible. So I just want to thank you for showing me that I can overcome any obstacle in my way. ~ Oliver B.

Every day is SO ON POINT!!  ~ Meg V.

I’ve been a faithful follower since I found you on youtube in 2014. You are the real deal and your work is like no other. Thank you for helping me stay on path with my true north. Because of what you wrote in readings I made decisions that now have me with the love of my life and working as a Counseling Astrologer! Your work played a monumental role in what I now feel so forturnate to have manifested! Thank you KV! You are a Queen. (Note: been a MVG member since issue #1) ~ Patricia E. 

I don’t know what I would’ve done over the last 6 months without these readings. You are truly a blessing! Thank you thank you thank you. ~ 

I’ve been reading your daily readings, everyday, for almost a year. Today, you truly have blessed me. ~ Queen S.

I’m so happy I found this tribe. Your words leave me speechless for a bit everyday. Thank you for bringing us to our light. ~The perfect Imperfections

Your readings contain more insight and are more accurate than any other!! ~ Angela K.

Thank you for being a messenger in easing our souls. Our path is transformed by your wisdom.  ~Athena V, Author, Chicago, IL

Love you so much KV. Please dont ever stop. As soon as I’m able I will be subscribing and supporting you as much as you’ve supported us for all these years, but thank you so much for making these life saving messages available to those of us who cant afford extra monthly payments!! You are so important! ~ Laychoo

The moon vibe guide is my religion and I’ve been a member since issue #33! I love how safe they make me feel and as if you are checking out the path before we enter. I appreciate you so! And I start my day with the guide and it’s changing me for the better. ~ Laura Stauffer, Life Coach, San Diego

How are your so tuned in to the energy? Sometimes it feels like you penetrate my soul. Thank you for these encouraging words. I literally feel like spiritually I was on the floor sobbing and your posts, especially today, gently lifted my soul. ~ Modest Betty

You are gifted, my love! These readings are UNBELIEVABLY accurate almost every single day for me! I know that if life gets hard, all I have to do is race to Aquarius Nation and your readings will guide me back home. ~ Dr. Elaine W. ~ Portland, Oregon

The Moon Vibe Guide is my religion! I find that life is much more manageable with the insight you provide each day. I notice that I don’t worry as much or beat myself up for not being good enough! Thank you for doing what you do! I would be lost without this guidance. ~ Nicole M. ~ Boston, Massachusetts

Many people are working with the collective energies in doing readings, but your readings nail it in a different way. It also feels like you are talking to me personally and touching on the things that no one else knows. I don’t much get on social media as it never resonated so I appreciate getting these weekly newsletters from my email! ~Dag G.

I have never read more accurate readings! I don’t know how you do this but it’s the real deal. I love the Moon Vibe Guide and get so excited sitting down with it Sunday evenings! ~ Jana S. Oakland, California


NO! The Moon Vibe readings are for ALL SIGNS! This is the energy we all will walk through on the journey of the days ahead.

BUT for the Full Moon + New Moon, which each occurs once a month, KV does readings for each sign unique.

Aquarius Nation are the beings who are here bringing in the Age of Aquarius when our New Earth takes form. The songs of matriarchy sing in the Age of Aquarius.


KV has been offering the daily moon vibe readings since November of 2015. The Moon Vibe Guide began in June 2016. So the guide has been around for almost 3 years and its got a big future ahead of it!

But the journey that led to this offering truly began in 1999 when KV channeled 700 pages of what she was told would be High Vibrational Astrology — what the planets really had to say about their message to us. And this is before people used the words high vibe!  And what came from her then were things she had no idea she even knew.


Before I knew I could go into any day past or future, I had NO IDEA I could do this. But how it goes now is that I am presented with this room that I walk into after I declare what day it will be. And once inside there is NO TELLING what I will see! But what I see is what I share in the moon vibe readings. All those unusual nuances I nail that prove accurate are merely what I am being shown. And I have NEVER been at a loss or find them challenging to do!