I guess its finally time to share this.  I started getting this message a few weeks back, but wasn’t really ready to talk about such a thing. Then this nightly event started to happen where every night between 12:30 am and 3 am I am fully awake, and being told information about what is happening on this planet. I kept wondering why I was getting these downloads in the middle of my sleep cycle, but now understand that it was the best way to reach me, and REALLY reach me with this information.

So what has changed with our world, and that all of you intuitive and sensitive peoples are feeling, is that, yes, the scales have tipped into the darkness, and for the moment, fear is ruling this planet.  And keeping it real, this is kind of similar to a Candida infection where now it is growing out of control.  The fear is so heavy and dense that even the light beings are falling prey to this power and are contributing their energy to the dark.  This message is actually going to be one of empowerment, so hold steady. This is just like in life where we do have to face the dark in order to find the light. This article is no exception.

So what you are feeling is that we have actually gone past the point of being able to bring our world back to the way it used to be.  And yes, this of course is why so many people are feeling sad, fearful and mad, but honestly, we don’t need you feeling those things.  It’s kind of a coyote trickster move to fall into the dark and then to contribute to that even more so in reaction to BEING in the dark, when in actuality the desired move is that you now JUMP TO ACTION to try to right this sinking ship.  We don’t need all you powerful light beings now freaking out and screaming about how water is filling up this ship and instead we need you grabbing buckets and getting the water out.

And understand, this message is not to bring us further down into the fear, but instead to face the fact that from here on out it is all about adapting. We now have to adapt to the world changes that are inevitable now. We must adapt to the water shortages. We must adapt to the food shortages. We must adapt to the energy shortages. We must adapt to the Earth changes.  This is the point where we learn to do things differently, and that is not such a bad thing!

Just like with the movie “The Real Eve”, which speaks about how everyone on this planet has DNA which can be traced back to this tribe in Africa, the reason the tribe migrated in the first place was because of the resources being depleted. When we run out of things, we move on to another area to acquire more.  We have been mowing down this planets resources without the thought that there would be an end to the supply. And now those shortages are right in our face everyday and it is US HERE NOW who have to face the facts and deal with creating a new way of life so that our children and their children can still have a planet to manifest their dreams from.

And at this point now,  there is no new place to migrate to, there is no new uncharted territory, so we must adjust to how we use what is still here.  This is basically like, someone forgot to turn on the oven for a holiday meal and the turkey didn’t get cooked, so we can sit here and cry and go into anger mode because we don’t get our turkey, or we can accept this and move on and love what we do have.  This is the position we all have to take now with picking up the pieces and beginning again.

So yes, it’s true. We can’t go back to the way it was when we were living in la la land and not thinking about the power of our words and thoughts, what we were putting in our bodies, and what we were supporting without even questioning what was really going on. We can’t go back to the dense state as we are aware of our powerful and perfect selves, even if we waiver and forget often throughout the day.

Now all this information is what I have received over the past few weeks, every single night between 12:30 am and 3 am. Every night I get another piece of this story and now feel called to share what I have been told.  This is brand new information to me and before the messages started coming, I could never have guessed or imagined that this is what they would be telling me…

So the most important factor is that we MUST WAKE TO THE POWER OF OUR ENERGY TO CREATE CHANGE AND BRING THE SCALES BACK TO THE SIDE OF THE LIGHT.  The reason we fell back into the fear is because YOU POWER HOLDERS are not following through on your lessons learned. You read the books, you watch the videos, you feel inspired, you feel educated and in the know, but then you go out into the world and get angry and scared and fearful and doubt yourself, which spreads that energy out to your environment.  What you will read below about the Pillars will show you that you are either a Blue or a Green, as I am one of the Pillar Beings of the Green and if you are here now then you are probably in that category… but more on that later.  And when you are a Blue or Green, your energetic power is 100 times stronger than the Yellows or Reds, but the Yellows and Reds are about 100 fold to us.  So our power is stronger, but they have more numbers.

And what is required now is that we all go out into the world and CONSTANTLY hold the vibration of I AM SAFE and I TRUST THIS.  We MUST use our power, every one of us, to keep from going further into what will look like the Depression Times. Basically what is going on is that this is like a forest fire and it has already taken out all this land and all this wildlife and if we stand by and do nothing, it will continue to destroy our planet.  If we continue to forget that we are safe and to forget that we CAN trust this existence and if we forget to dream of a better future and if we forget the law of attraction, then we will continue to lose more land, each and every day.  We are in a dire situation and you are all feeling this right now!  You are all feeling that SOMETHING IS ON THE WAY. You are all hearing about the droughts and shortages, and goodness, I just bought 3 lemons for $6.00… WHAT??  But every one of you is feeling this in your gut, deep inside, and the fear it is causing is changing the balance of the light and dark.  The more we fear, the more land we lose, loves.

So the utmost important thing is that you set aside your fears and your need to know WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT. It is your fears peering into the future that are putting us into the dark energy.  You, powerful one, you must do this no longer!  You must sit here now, and convince yourself that all is good. You must center yourself and control your breathing and remember that you have lived SO MANY LIVES on this planet and others.  You have experienced so much, you are wise beyond belief, and yet you sit here now and worry about this particular moment and what may come next!  You forget that you are the creator of WHAT COMES NEXT!  YOU!  Yes you!  Reading this now. YOU.  You are creating this New Earth and you are contributing to whether the whole planet burns up in smoke.

We must take control of our lives and how we interpret what is going on with them. So we don’t know if we will have a job, food, a home, a partner in 2 weeks!   But if we have it now, we MUST pay attention to that NOW being fulfilled.  We must give thanks and see that YES we are protected and we have been taken care of.  We must trust the future. We must believe that things are going to work out. We must constantly look back to remind ourselves that all the fears of the past, where we thought we would not be able to overcome or rise above, HAVE been surpassed and we DID get through it.  We must remember that things can change on a dime. We must remember that yes, the water may be low now, but it CAN fill up and overflow within a year. It is as if we all are standing at the ocean when the tide is out and fearing that it will never come in again. And it always does!  These lessons of scarcity are ONLY to show us that we have been taking everything for granted!  We have not put the love and gratitude into what we have now, so we have to lose those things in order to bring the balance.  And from the loss, comes a brand new way of being.

But I do want you to know that this experience we are in now was to be expected. This is a part of the big grand scheme of things. The level of how much land we lose is the only open option, but land being lost as a way to bridge us into the New Earth ways of sustainability, honor and right action was a part of this plan.

Now I also have been informed that there are the Pillar Beings who are holding the Safe and Grounding Vibration that will be a source of support for all the peoples.  All these Pillar Beings will share the wisdoms that help others to feel SAFE and also EMPOWERED.  Sharing the wisdom of those feelings will be their two main reasons for being here now and what they will be thoroughly and utterly focused on.
I was told the number of beings who will hold these Pillar Positions, and it was so small that I feel hesitant to share that here.  But yes, I am one of them and what has been shared with me over these past weeks in the middle of the night has birthed a brand new focus and determination to share and inspire and to help you all know the safe feeling that I have felt since December 2012 when everything changed for me.  And each of these Pillar Beings are uniquely different in order to reach all of the peoples on this earth, but they all came from the same sort of upbringing.

Their Background:

  • They all had a traumatic birth, through things like forceps or induced labor drugs.
  • They all were rejected by their Mothers, or both parents.
  • They all were light beings but misunderstood and felt very out of place in this world.
  • They all had psychic and empath gifts.
  • They all were indigos.
  • They all know situations like poverty, drug addiction, or mentally illness.
  • They all have extreme sexual abuse.
  • They all have considered and attempted suicide.
  • They all felt like they were cursed and destined to suffer and be the loser in life.
  • They all had difficulties in all areas of their life except for the expressing of their gifts.
  • They all did not have things come easily, like having college paid for, as things did not get handed to them.
  • They all did not naturally learn that they were loved, valuable and honorable beings, although each one came into this incarnation KNOWING they were doing something big. Unfortunately nothing showed up in their life to confirm that.
  • They all had a life that felt like an uphill battle…

UNTIL…. December 2012.
  During this time, the peoples who are holding this Safe and Grounding Energy as Pillar Beings had their lives change.  Suddenly everything started to come together and their roles started to change out in the world.

These beings too no longer feel ANY worry or fear over the Earth Changes
as they are holding the SAFE and GROUNDED energy and NOW are going to share that with others.  This works like a pyramid where the pillar being is on top and receiving the energy of the color of each pillar and there are layers of people below who are receiving this energy and then sharing it with other people. So once you are in your group and receiving the inspiration and remembering who you are and remembering the law of attraction and going out into the world ALSO holding that safe and grounded vibe, then you are spreading that out to others and to every place you put yourself in. Every store you go in, you will create change. Every person you smile to, you will create change. Every time you feel safe and move out into the world, you are bringing the light to that situation or that place.  This is similar to genes and with having a child; when you create a child, that child will later be able to create a child, which will then be able to create a child, and the genes continue on.  And the color of our Pillar travels through all who we reach WHEN WE ARE IN OUR POWER. The remembering is the key! We have been forgetting our power and that is why we have been sitting here worried and fearful about what is to come.

                                                                ~ THE FOUR PILLARS ~

The Red Pillar: 

The Red Pillar Beings will have the largest amount of followers as they are here to reach the mainstream.  They will attract the mainstream through their sexual appeal as this will be the magnet that gets the mainstream to pay attention.  They will also download information intellectually to these peoples, opening them to things they never could have dreamed, but the sexual aspect lures them in and opens their minds. This Pillar will share mostly information.  These Red Pillar Beings/Guides are great blessings to this situation we are in and they will be the first ones to step into their higher calling because the mainstream is so asleep, yet has so many large numbers contributing to the density/dark.

The Yellow Pillar:
The Yellow Pillar Beings will be in the religious sectors. They will reach the Catholics and Christians who are thinking they are fighting for the good team, but who are actually so fearful and contributing most to the dark and close minded arena.  They will open their minds to moving more to the love vibration and they will teach things like how to love and accept homosexuals and how to be more forgiving. They won’t delve so deeply into spiritual concepts of energy and all that, but they will be opening them to a new way of living a religious life.  These Yellow Pillar Beings will be very conservative but they really will shift the religious people to feeling more happy and joyful about life, in real ways and not just talk or fronts.

The Green Pillar:
The Green Pillar Beings are reaching the progressive and alternative scene: the ones who are already ahead of the times. They will reach the ones who have very strong personalities, very strong intuitions and the strong will to create change and also DO SOMETHING this time around. Truth be told, these are more of the badasses as they can see through all things false.  The Green Pillar Beings are attracting the most powerful change makers who are READY, NOW and will not be sharing so many new spiritual concepts, as they will be more focused on helping to empower, helping the peoples to remember their power, and also to act as a grounding agent, bringing them back to center.  The people who find the Green Pillar will be of all ages, but mostly the younger ones who are just blossoming into their purposes and the ones in their 40’s to 60’s who have held back in life and now know it is their time to make a difference. Green is the one that is most like an energy transmission or an espresso shot and these people will  shift environments when they walk into rooms and project the green outward.

The Blue Pillar:
The Blue Pillar Beings are reaching the ones who are very familiar with all aspects of spirituality.  These beings will primarily reach people who were in the first spiritual movement of the 60’s and 70’s.  They are likely from those times too and they took some turns in life that put them more into a conservative or corporate environment, OR, they will just be able to connect with people who went that route.  The Blue Pillar Beings will reach people who are more mature and who have all the intellectualized wisdom of what life is all about, but they are missing something that is keeping them from living and succeeding in the spiritual arenas.  The Blue Pillar Beings will help them remember who they are and to remember what it takes to really make their dreams manifest. Many of the beings who will go towards the Blue Pillar have problems with believing in themselves over time. They feel all amped and I CAN DO THIS for a minute, but then they lose faith in themselves and fall back into old habits. The Blue Pillar will open the doorways to new habits for these strong and sometimes stubborn beings. The Blue Pillar Beings will also attract the peoples who are softer and more delicate with spirituality.  So Blue is another Pillar that will attract large numbers of people and they too have the extra powerful manifesting energy of the Greens.

*Blue and Greens will also often work very closely together so many people will cross pollinate with The Blue and The Green Pillar Beings, as both groups will provide them much needed support and empowerment.

Look at all the babies! They are the Pillar Beings of All Colors.
We are about to be INUNDATED with new babes and they have the most pure vibration that we could ever want to embody.  They attract ALL PILLAR colors.  They are basically the Pillar Beings of All Colors.  They are being sent to help balance out the energy and they are going to come in such huge numbers to the point that you will think most people around you are pregnant.  Their first job will be to shift their parents. From being around these new babies the parents will start to change and will be letting go of  a lot of their wounds which have been keeping them locked into a lower vibration. So these babies are working as energy shifters in that just being around them is going to bring people to higher vibrations. They will also be very sensitive to discord and the energy of words.  Their parents will learn to be more conscious because of the reactions their children will have to them getting mad or frustrated or saying mean words.   These beings are more powerful than anything we have seen on this planet.  They are ultra aware!

Now when you know your pillar, you know your color. Once this awareness hits you, you will start to dream of this color and other things will keep confirming it.  Every night now, in the middle of the night, my room fills with green flying faery looking things!  And they are Bright neon green too!  And before the schooling even got to why I was seeing green, I was like, what is up with all the green?  You can use all of the colors, but one will be your power color and the one you are called to use whenever you go out into the world around others.You are encouraged to consciously hold this color and to project it outward when you go out into the world. I had to go to the hospital to visit a friend and before I entered, I thought about how I was putting myself into a hub of density and fear, but I put on my safety shoes and walked in with my face up, smiling to all who I passed. I held the safe vibe and I breathed green with every breath.  It was the first time I have been in a hospital since my Dad got hit by a car and months were spent in the hospital, and I have to say, it was actually fun!  When we are conscious of our gifts, of our power, we shift everything! A new perspective births.   Your job is to birth this new perspective.

And love, you have to know that help is on the way!  We will get through this. We will create a new way of living based on honor and love. And YOU are a key player in this with what you are holding as a vibration in your day to day activities. So look often there; look to what you thinking right now! And you can know that I commit to being a source of inspiration and hope to help keep you grounded in your most powerful truth of why you are here now. And you know I can’t stand to use all the tired and played out spiritual concepts in this the information age, but dude, you CHOSE to be here now. You WANTED to be here now. You WANTED to contribute energy to the battle going on now. You KNEW how powerful you were when you first incarnated and now it is of the utmost importance to remember that again and to go walk your badass confident safe feeling self out in the world.  Be the leader you were destined to be.

ALSO!  I have created a private space called the Life Collective where I am putting together writers who will be sharing articles of information with how to move into the New Earth Ways, but also with tips to save money and to do things in more the age of aquarius sustainable way. This will be my Green Pillar space to get you all together and to fill you up with the support to really create change in your life and also out in the world.  What is beautiful too is that this is a social networking site so you also get to know others who are just like you.  I do charge a membership fee but I also want to make this open for anyone who just does not have the funds at this time, so if you are looking for a Safe Green Pillar Home, I created one for you!  Please join us.  I have the door open right now. And if you can’t contribute the membership fees then just do the FREE option.  I will not turn any pillar colors away as long as you keep it on the love and are committed to wanting to keep in on the I AM SAFE vibration.  If you are ready to stop this forest fire, then join with us and lets amp your energy up further!