moves retrograde on December 8, 2014 at 23 degrees Leo
moves direct on April 8, 2015 at 13 degrees Leo
moves BACK to the degree it was at when it first moved retrograde on July 6, 2015 at 23 degrees Leo

First off understand that this is two years in a row that we start the new year with only ONE PLANET IN RETROGRADE:  Jupiter.

This is really birthing that drive in all of us to DO MORE and BE MORE and to live life MORE FULLY.  We want to be happy! We want to know that what we are contributing makes us feel needed and important in the world, even if we only change ONE PERSONS LIFE.  We want to know that we MATTER.  We want to feel like life is VALUABLE and that we are squeezing out every morsel of life’s possibilities.

Many of you will start on this vision quest. And what you will be focused on is where things are falling short in your life, and what you can do to right this ship, to make the changes and to really get serious about doing all the things you dreamed of doing, but doing them NOW.

Confidence is going to rise to HUGE levels where people all around you are going to start talking about long held dreams and how they always wanted to do this, or always wanted to move to a new state, or always wanted to study this certain subject, or always wanted to make a living doing this thing.

We will also be going back in time and pin pointing what we have always loved to do, since we were children. It is found back there!  Our Souls Purpose work is something that we are always called to do!  It is pulled out of us over and over, and often we take advantage of these characteristics by thinking that there is not a career for those gifts. But there is a career, or a way to make money, from ALL of your gifts!  You just have to go back and piece them together and feel out what it is that you so naturally do and that you LOVE to do.   There is a story that can be heard from all those things that you naturally love to do.

Surprisingly, where on one hand everyone will feel more creative and more wanting to do those things that have us expressing in artistic ways; we will also be thinking more about the balance of life and with really needing to make time for friends and to make time to meditate and to make time to PULL back in order to move forward in the best possible ways.  This is like planning a move where weeks before hand we organize things and put things into categories and work out how to do this in the best possible way, versus doing it day of and frantically freaking out trying to do too much and not really keeping the scene clean and efficient.  We will now be more open to planning ahead and thinking things through and going slow with the process of how we would like to move forward in our lives.

BUT ultimately our eyes are on the horizon and are fully focused on a NEW FUTURE with new ideas that relate to what it would take to believe that our lives make us feel truly HAPPY with what we have manifested.  This energy is almost as if we have all been given a death sentence and NOW we want to do it right and we want to live it UP and we want to experience LIVING LIFE FULLY.

We also will begin a VERY contemplative space where we will not be going so much outside of ourselves for approval or guidance but really tuning in to our inner power and our connections to source and quiet ponderings of the soul.  This is going to our inward space where we have all the answers. This is what happens when we get older anyway as we don’t tend to go out for readings or confirmation as it is SO EMPOWERING to come to understandings on our own.  This energy is a deep call asking you to go inward.

The past 2 years have begun the boot camp to becoming sovereign.   We are becoming more self contained in that we are finding our power place within and this is brand new in history! Everything has always been GO OUTSIDE for answer, go to google, go get a reading, go to OTHERS. But what people aren’t noticing is that this is like a deep dark well of a hole that never feels satiated and full, as we then need to race to yet another answer from yet another source outside of ourselves.   And truly this speaks of the wisdom that we only feel “fixed” and on purpose if it does come from us and comes from within.

How to work with this energy:

  • Be alone. Turn your back on others… its okay to do this.  Make time for deep, sweet retreat. Commit to times away from all influences, and yes that means facebook and IG and pinterest.
  • Indulge in SELF CARE. Get massages, bodywork, soak in the hot springs, meditate EVERY MORNING FIRST THING and ask for guidance on what you should do with the day or how you should approach a situation or what steps you need to take to manifest any long held dreams. Even just 5 to 10 minutes is a great start.
  • Rework websites. Rework stores. Rework plans for expansion. Rework and play with old collaborations that never came to pass. Rework old ideas that didn’t work out before. Rework all creative projects. Take your time!! This is not a rush job!
  • Journal work!  Write all your feelings out! Be VERY vulnerable and soft and compassionate and honest and forgiving.
  • Get a New Moon Manifesting Journal from aquarius nation, or start your own! This next New Moon is at 1 degree Capricorn, (which just so happens to be my Rising Sign YAY!). But this one is very important for starting LONG RANGE CAREER PLANS.  And it is the last New Moon of the Year, moving us into the VERY powerful year of 2015 when NONE OF US will be the same as we are RIGHT NOW. So I suggest you get very serious about documenting your plans on the New Moons and with a vision board of what it looks like that you are dreaming of manifesting in 2015, the year of FINALLY.
  • Plan on forgiving those who have hurt you. This will be a heart opening time where we will feel softer and with seeing the big picture of things. Suddenly all the small stuff just won’t matter. And grudges will seem so petty and wrong when it comes to the possibility of losing someone and then not having the chance to ever make it right again.
  • Shoot for heights that are BEYOND what you believe is possible. That is an order and this is encouraged! You are to dream like a child where other peoples opinions don’t matter.  Just allow yourself to play and to pretend that you can do ANYTHING and you can change EVERYTHING.
  • Start SOMETHING NEW while Jupiter is in Retrograde.   This can be a new project, or a new class, or a new habit, or a new relationship.  Emphasis on NEW.
  • Decide to do 5 THINGS THIS YEAR that scare you and that you could never imagine doing.  Think of 5 things that scare you to death and decide to do them. Write them down during the Retrograde but do them over the course of 2015.
  • Be like a child in EVERYTHING you do.  No worrying about adult things! Believe in the MOST POSITIVE OUTCOME for all things in your life. Pretend Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun are watching over you and will take care of all the details. You just have fun.

And you are mostly being asked to sit with this energy. SIT. STILL.  You are learning to go with the flow of the tides, but especially with thinking of future moves and with how you would like to REALLY create the life of your dreams.  You are the architect, love, and now is the time to write out your plans!  Have FUN with this!! There is no need to feel pressured, or the need to race towards something, or the need to compare yourself with others timelines, or with what they are doing.  Stay focused on YOU and stay focused on what it will take to know TRUE, WILD, FREE SPIRITED HAPPINESS.

In Part TWO:  Find out how this energy affects each Sign! 
stay close. coming soon!