You have some fears in regards to thinking others won’t hear you or understand you or see
the messages in the way you want them to be seen. So you are sort of attached to the
outcome of being recognized and valued for what you bring. And at this time you are to just
let it go and let yourself fly free in regards to figuring out how to share your creative gifts and
to feel at home AND seen in the world. There is nothing for you to do in regards to hitting the
pavement and rather you only need to ride on the tone of how things feel because your
sensitivities are peaked in order to guide you towards a new path where you EXPECT the
world to see you as the star. BUT. You will need to use your voice in expressing something
and making yourself clear in order to put your opinion or your ideas forward. This means you
may feel tempted to just go with something and not speak up, but the point is that you must
speak up and declare that THIS is how you need it for YOU to be happy. The test really can
come in you giving yourself permission to stand up for how you want things to be. And taking
this risk or stepping outside of your comfort zone is all for the purpose of showing you that
you can create a new way to run your world where you FIRST come from a feeling of
abundance instead of scarcity or thinking you have to fight for something. So it’s like waking
up in a spa state of mind and manifesting things from that baseline energy. So standing up for
yourself and saying HEY, I NEED IT THIS WAY — is what then gets you to realizing you can
go about ALL OF THIS in a different way, where you are coming forward in confidence and
authority in knowing YOU DO KNOW BEST. No one knows as best as Aquarius – but you
often are ahead of the times so it takes a minute for you to not be the only one knowing you
know best! Haha. But this time now wants to show you that if you see it for yourself then the
world will respond to what you see. You have this balloon holding you up right now and if you
don’t think you have enough value to be honored for your creative gifts then you are keeping
the balloon on the ground. So you must examine what YOU are thinking about your
creativity and how it fits into the world.

Oh wow. This lined up perfectly. So what you have to release in order to set your sails free
and to fly to the heights that is written into your code and into your living libraries as
incarnating as Aquarius this time around is that you must totally forget how EVERYTHING
has been done and you must rewrite from the script that you create from your heart space.
This means that all the career strategies and moves of others are to be thrown in the trash
when it comes to what YOU must do. You are writing NEW MATERIAL here. So you must
see your place in the world not from the constraints that the patriarchy has put into place,

but rather you are to use your gifts to upgrade and improve upon the old way THROUGH
visions you hold now for how it will one day be. Remember that you see the big picture and
not the small pieces. So see the big picture and hold that for the collective. You are to defy
ALL ODDS. You are to publish a book at 21 or 64. You are to make your first million at 21 or

  1. You are to think that life is this certain way for a big part of it and then to see it flip on its
    head and become the antithesis of all that had come before. You are to go from famine to
    feast and to share with us the story of the journey. So you must plant the visions for how
    things can be done and in ways that have yet to be discovered. You are to think beyond
    where we are now and how possibly we can correct this mess. You are to just know and hold
    that we have it in us. And you are to do this for yourself so that others can then follow and do
    it for themselves. No matter how anyone sees you, YOU HAVE IT IN YOU. You are destined
    to soar if you free yourself from the patriarchal messages reminding you that you have NO
    place here. Remember that those in manipulated power are threatened by those with true
    power. The Aquarians have this true power. But you need to see it and wake to it first. This
    somehow comes from speaking up and using your voice to declare how you need things to

What it will take is you separating yourself from others and also from the wounds that
shaped you. Not so easy, right! But it’s in you now to see beyond and to wake up from a deep
sleepy slumber where you have walked the way that the patriarchy has WANTED you to
walk. And you can feel like a BIG MESS as you work your way through this process but the
big mess is just the reaction to you being in a world that IS a big mess. It’s like kids now are
hyper-sensitive and allergic to things because these things ARE wrong. They are little
walking smoke alarms. But you can’t always operate as the reaction to the wrong thing and
now it’s time to find your true power and break free from the chains of wrongdoing where
now you are acting as the defense of that. This time also requires that you think about how
you want others to see you. And this means you will realize you want them to recognize you
through a role or through a specific sort of title that up levels your position in life. And you
will go deep through introspection to see your way moving forward in life. You also should
expect to be surprised, so it may be that you always wanted to stay in front of the scenes but
now will pull back, or vice versa. You may have been in the student role and now will look into
the future as the teacher. So you are not where you want to be, but you know it’s time to let
go of an old aspect of yourself that keeps you IN this current way of being. So listen to your
heart. It knows that it’s time for change and now you just need to trust the process and go
through whatever it takes to start shifting your life into the antithesis of how things have
been. You may need to walk blindly and trust based purely on the feelings in your gut.

This year is when things TAKE OFF. Your career is expected to expand in relation to the
work you are doing RIGHT NOW. And this means you are not to be in scarcity fears and
thinking of all the ways things won’t work out. You are to be clear of voice and speak the

corrections you think need to be made – while holding 100% space in your heart that THIS is
your time to MAKE IT BIG. You have something special and it needs your full support as it
BECOMES your wish come true. Forget how it has been, create from that unlimited
potential canvas and color in how this next year will be the one you’ve been waiting an
eternity to finally see as your reality.