Okay here we go!  I tell you what, my loves. This time is DIFFERENT. This energy is not some mainstream, flat and Midwestern plains sort of road we are traveling down right now.  This is instead a road like you would see in Western Colorado around Silverton.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  And if you have been there, you know what I mean!

This is like a switchback, and one after the other, with no guardrails, on the edge of a cliff, and with SO MUCH beauty and brilliance to feast your eyes on.  This is where there is so much to take in, so much that brings surprises, so much that feels very important so that you know you need to be attentive and aware, so much unknown that is only a few steps into your future, AND with things moving so quickly so you won’t even remember where you just came from.  It may feel like a blur. But when all is said and done, you will walk away from this time in history feeling inspired to dream all of your “impossible” dreams.  Your focus is gaining clarity.

So, as you know with me and astrology, over a decade ago I needed to look at the chart to interpret what was going on in the World. But now, I first feel the energies, and then how I interpret them just naturally matches up with what is going on in the chart. It means I rarely look into my ephemeris and only tune into the true expression of the energies floating around us. It feels more valuable. It means I get the information from my higher chakras and not from my mind, or mental data base.

But this time I am starting with the chart!  This time it actually helps to sit with the words of the movements instead of just the descriptions of the energies.

So what is going on?

Jupiter opposition Neptune:<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””> 

This is MAGIC! This is one of my favorite aspects to see in a chart, as this one always is indicative of a Shaman, a Psychic, or at the very least, an in tune human being.

These energies are all about expanding our minds to understanding things of another nature. This is about eyes tilted upward to the skies, while deciphering wisdom that comes from a point of depth and the mystery. This is not superficial. This is not about just getting an answer from the cards or from another human being.

These energies are about contemplation and are focused on how to make the impossible, possible. These energies will move you to shift from the half empty vision into the half full vision. These energies tune us to the vibrations of saying, “But WHY NOT?”

This will feel like a layer of gunk that is being released from our systems where suddenly things will move and we will stop thinking of all the reasons for why something cannot be accomplished, and instead we will be aligning to the faith of our Living Universe as the true driver of our path.

There is a surrender here where you will start to experience situations that show you that you can TRUST THIS UNIVERSE. You may even start to feel smaller as more pieces connect in a bigger sort of way. This is to remind you that there is a higher order and plan to your life and when you surrender into the signs, and with how things are flowing, you awaken to the truth that you are PROTECTED.

In seeing how all the magic is aligning through someone suddenly showing up on your path, or an answer or solution coming RIGHT after you inquire and state your need, you start to make this connection with Spirit, or the Living Universe.

When you make that connection, your whole life changes. When you ride the path that is all about trusting WHATEVER may drop into your lap, you are connected to HOME.

When you do not question or interpret something as good or bad that comes into your life, you are connected to HOME. When you discover that each piece of your life experience is based on paying back Karma and also on creating a future that will be woven together from all your past testings and opportunities, you are connected to HOME. When you awaken to the higher plan, you surrender into whatever may show up on your path in this current moment. That place of surrender is HOME. And that connection to HOME is our faith in the Living Universe, which means we will forever be guided on our path. It is that anchor. It is that safe space. It is that knowing that all is good and moving along just as it should. Who doesn’t want to find HOME?

And HOME is to be found by us all at this time in history. We are going to learn to have FAITH.  We are going to see that things are working out right on schedule.

You may even notice that you are feeling more psychic and intuitive. You think of someone, and then they call. I called my mechanic the other night to get an oil change, but I called after they had just closed. So I just went in the next morning knowing he would squeeze me in somewhere, and when I got in there he screams out, “I just thought of you last night!!” And I was like, “I know! I called you! But you had closed already!”

So even though this beautiful older man is not very connected to this metaphysical far out space of telepathy, he still DID receive the energy of me reaching out to him! Out of the blue, I suddenly came to his mind!

And this is going to happen HARDCORE! And as you know from me telling you, whenever this happens you are to say: I AM SO PSYCHIC. The more you confirm your intuitive wisdom by SEEING IT, the more it shows up.  Don’t question it. Confirm it.

So in gaining more of our connection to HOME, or the Living Universe Energies, the more we will KNOW that all obstacles can be removed and our path will become clear IF it is the correct path for our Soul.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra:
Now you know you are not allowed into my camp unless you LOVE Merc Retro! The password to enter is: I love Mercury Retrograde!  And why not? This one is a GIFT to our lives and he only arrives once during each season. Much like a cleanse… or an oil change. (Ah! So that’s why I just brought that up)

And you know that for years I have been preaching here trying to help you shift your perspective from the wrong messages that have been put out there about the Mercury Retrograde.  It is not a bad thing at all. I actually run my business around that time knowing I will rework things then. BUT the energies are very strong during this time and how you are seeing this time IS coming back to you. So if you want to fear the Mer Retro then so be it. But don’t come crying in my email box when your life collapses FROM those thoughts.

Now you can read more about my take on Mercury Retrograde in an article I wrote last year.
I also wrote about how it will affect each sign in the next High Vibe Guide that launches on September 23rd.

But this one in Libra is such a blessing! This will facilitate more of this opportunity for us to see another side, or even to go back into our thought processes and see where we are focused more on why something cannot be done.  I actually went off on someone the other day who comes from a lawyer father background but he looks at everything from the point of why something cannot be done, or he looks for the flaws in things.  His point of view is from the half empty position and when you are someone, like me, who believes we can do ANYTHING if it is our Souls path and we have faith in it, then it can be uncomfortable to be in the space of someone who wants to find the reasons why things cannot be done.  I normally brush it off, but with these energies I blasted back on him about how messed up that way of thinking is.

This energy now will move you to see what thought process you hold feel light and empowering, and which ones feel life draining and negative.  Which ones feel better in your body?  Which ones feel better to be around?  Which ones do you need to hold to manifest a life of your dreams? What do you need to transform that was coming from that half empty perspective?

You also will be very sensitive to how others see the World, and all the negative and fearful perspectives will sort of make you sick! You will want to escape from them and be off on your own to surround yourself in a place that feels hopeful.  This goes double for people in your life! So you can expect that the people who drag you down are going to feel that you have less available appointments to schedule them in.  Sorry! Booked for the rest of the year!

During this time we are working to balance out our lives with where we have been cutting ourselves short in believing the worst.  The energies are trying to move us into creating more BEAUTY and brilliance in our lives instead of all the doom and gloom.

Saturn officially moves back into Sagittarius: 
So this is our 3rd hit of the opening degrees of Sagittarius and now we are here to stay for 2 ½ more years. This one is ALL about gaining trust in the Living Universe and hoping for the best.

It is proven, although I don’t know where, that when we really believe that things will work to our advantage, they do. And when we really believe that things are going to be horrible, they are.  Case in point, I used to never win scratch offs, so I stopped buying them. But about a year ago I started winning. And now every single time I buy a ticket I KNOW I am going to win, and I DO!  It is wild. Down below is a picture of the winning ones I have right now, which equals about half my rent!  And I don’t just buy them all the time. I FEEL when I should buy one and every time, I win!<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  I say, “I know I have a winner here”, when I buy it and I KNOW I am going to win as I scratch them off. And what happens? I win!  I realized the other day that I now need to put that KNOWING FAITH into winning the lottery!<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  Time to go big time!

So this energy piece is all about lifting us to higher perspectives and getting very serious about what sort of energy we are putting out there. During this time you are to look back and see how things have connected, maybe how you wouldn’t have this job right now if not for this other situation occurring, such as by being fired or let go.  You are to see how moving to that city opened you to meeting this person and then how they opened you to this book that then opened you to changing your career. Or whatever. It is a great time to piece things together and to see how they ARE dancing harmoniously towards a mysterious future, but that it IS working to move us forward.

It is also our time to discover TRUST about our life paths. The more you see how it really does make sense in a big picture sort of way, the more patience you have for the pieces that show up that may not look like what you had planned.

This new energy will infuse us with a new strength that says I KNOW THIS IS HAPPENING FOR A GOOD REASON no matter what it may be. As many of you know, when I went on a week long retreat vacation on my own, I traveled with no maps and ONLY a connection to HOME and with knowing I was guided and protected each step of the way.

I made all decisions based on what felt was right. I drove through country roads trusting that I would know when to make turns and also how to get myself out! Sometimes I would get to a fork in the road and stop and feel out what felt brighter, or what caught my eye in each direction. It was so fun!

But on one occasion I was up a mountain in Western Colorado and my 4 x 4 truck that I rented broke down. I had no idea where I was. It was an hour and a half before the sun would set when I would be in darkness. I had 1 bar on my phone. I had 10% battery power. And I was all alone! And my first reaction was EXCITEMENT! I was so in the trust vibe that I couldn’t even worry or bring in a percentage of fear. I KNEW I was safe. I KNEW this was not a mistake. I KNEW there was something to this. I KNEW someone would show up to rescue me.

That epitomizes what is going to change about all of us over the next 2 ½ years. Our perspective will go to TRUST instead of fear, or why me. Let the WHY ME fade with the Nancy Kerrigan experience. (Did you just laugh? I did! Out loud too!)

So lets sum this up!

We are now being invited to dream huger than what our limited minds or experiences from our past have painted for us. We are not to look to what has happened as a barometer for what we can actually do next, unless we are looking back at miracles and blessed experiences.  Actually your best bet is to think of all the situations in your life when things DID come out of left field to save the day in miraculous ways.

You are to pause and see how things have connected and how you wouldn’t be here now if not for some of those occurrences in your past.

You are to unite with the Mystery, the Living Universe, Spirit, HOME. You are to be this little life boater on the vast ocean waters. You are to make small steps to influence your movement, but ultimately you are to trust that you will be taken to where you need to go. The waves will drift you into the perfect destination.

And you are to surrender to what comes before you. If it is painful and makes you sick, it needs to change. It is not correct for you. It needs a healing.  Don’t sit in it and make it all that much bigger; do something about it. Change something. Decide that you WANT something better than this. We also are in TIGHT situations now that we have grown beyond. This can feel like being 15 years old but still being put in the playpen to keep us safe.

So savor and nourish the dreams that are coming to you now. You need to GROW. You need to experience the MORE from life. You need to LIVE LIFE FULLY. You are to take risks and to scream to the heavens, “I am ready!  Show me that miracles happen!”  You are to dream that you can manifest what others label impossible.  You are to prove them wrong! You are to tune into the magical vibrations of your intuition that are always guiding you every step of the way. EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

You are to trust that when you are slowed down, there is a reason; when you are fatigued, there is a reason; when you cannot accomplish forward movement, there is a reason; when you feel suspicious of something, there is a reason; when you don’t want to be around a particular person, there is a reason; when you feel this amazing bond to a person, even though it is not coming together yet, there is a reason; when you feel these dreams to move to a particular place on our Earth, there is a reason; when you feel called to do something, there is a reason.

And during this time we are letting go of needing to define or understand those reasons, instead we are trusting that it will all make sense eventually.

And that is enough.

In fact, that is plenty.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>

So much love and gratitude for YOU!