eriously this energy is SO exciting! We are bravely deciding to take new paths, and only the ones that FEEL SO GOOD to us. We are dropping things left and right if they do not feel honoring and correct for us. And not only that but we have MUCH confidence at this time to go towards what is meaningful and fills our hearts with joy. This is leaping off of cliff energy and it feels GREAT! There is an electricity to the air that is inspiring us with new ideas and new visions of what we believe can be possible. We are coming up with new solutions to old problems. We also are shifting out of believing we must stay with something just because it is the thing to do. But why? Why should we? Why should we live for others over what truly feels good to our hearts? Before we were more aware of the others factor, and now we realize we must take care of ourselves FIRST in order to take care of others in the best capacity possible. And this means courageously deciding to take a risk for the sake of feeling GOOD with the life we have created. What do you need to change? What is calling to you? What is wanting to release from you? What are the signs trying to get you to see about what needs to happen next?

Pisces Horoscope Image

:: Pisces ::
This current energy marks a time where something really exciting is happening with you CHOOSING to come forward and share more of your gifts. You are in a synchronistic time when the signs are trying to lead you into a new, or updated direction.  You actually should notice MANY signs guiding you into making new life choices, such as with your health, diet, how you take care of your body and even with how you are using words in your mind. This can be when you really gain the insight into the power of your thoughts to create the life of your dreams! And seriously, this is coming from you learning to value yourself more!  These changes feel very slight and almost hard to detect, but there is something with you feeling much more confident with that magick that you got going on within you. Do know this also feels like things leaving you, or people suddenly not being able to “tolerate” you, but it feels more like they are in some sort of envy state where they are threatened by this new you taking form. Just know the people who really match the current you and the one that is blossoming will grow along with you and will not leave your side. They will enjoy your new GLOW because your true peoples want the best for you as they know your heart is as sweet as they come.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

This can feel like a very liberating time where you are learning the rules of the road in regards to how best to use those words so as to attract the things you are longing for in your life. This can be a time when you are letting go of feeling like you are less than or not good enough. And honestly this feels too like it is a subtle change in you where you will suddenly notice that the thoughts you used to have that constantly listed off all that was wrong about you, are suddenly now being replaced with all the thoughts confirming how kick ass you really are!  Notice this! Also notice that you are gaining confidence in wanting to shed any and all things that bring you down or damped your spirits. This is the liberating feeling I am getting where you are really deciding to only attract the love and honoring relationships into your life. You are also in a time when your words are going to come out suddenly and they are going to set people straight.  You will have a hard time holding back from clearing the record or really stating what is in your heart.  AFTER this clearing that you are to do, there will be new space in your mind to come up with brilliant new ideas or ways to make money!  So do know that you are encouraged to say what you need to say because it is clogging your creative mind space and keeping you from some insights that can FOR SURE be brought to life over the next 4 months.  But do honor that you will have more success with getting this thing off your shoulders if you first visualize the most beautiful outcome. Your heart energy is pretty powerful right now in being able to create harmony and pleasant situations. Or you can go old pattern ways that will not work at all and you will later regret the haste with which you spoke.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

This Full Moon in your sign may very well pull you into some drama of someone else’s actions. You may feel like an innocent bystander, yet you will be the one to have to do some damage control.  This may be based on a home situation or something that is shifting. It feels like it will be sudden and out of the blue and not all that comfortable. There also may be something with death, or at least with something that opens your heart fully.  This feels like you are OPENED and it can go either way where you feel deep heart centered love, or soul plunging shock at something that feels like WHAT?!  It feels like it will have you in a fixed state where you are having a bit of time letting it go and moving on. I’m feeling like this will blow over like the wind. though, and this is someone else’s garbage to deal with.  So do what you can to see the big picture of this time and know that this has nothing to do with you.  You may have the opportunity to need to watch your speech patterns in conflict with others.  This can be where you are realizing that what you are putting out there is what is coming back, so you will be more conscious of your words. OR, you will be learning this lesson through something going on between others where this feels like clashing and aggression. It can feel like two dominating forces trying to dominate the other and all that is left from it is threats and anger.  SOMEONE needs to be the loving and surrendering one.  You be the bigger one and even if you can’t change this situation just yet, DO at least believe that the best outcome will come to pass. You dream it into reality.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

Oh wow are you lit up and full of ingenious ways to make improvement in your life! You are hooked up to really pin pointing what you want to change to create the very best next decade of your life.  This seriously can feel like you are in your journal and mapping everything out with year plans and where you want to be down the road. And at the same time you also are being very conscious about your wounds and with what you need to face to be the best person you can be. This can be when you are given insight into your roots or beginning times and you are making the connections with why you are reacting the way you are, in relation to the fears you are holding onto NOW, because of what happened back then. There can be this sort of fed up energy, which is a good thing because it is MOVING you to change, where you are done with carrying the wounds of your parents or things that now just feel like dead weight and something you are no longer willing to carry.  Something from your past feels like separation, or mental confusion, or sudden death, in that this break occurred and now you are realizing that you still hold that wound in you with that thing that scared you and had you feeling unsafe in this world.  Ask for healing at this time and know that you are in a hooked up space to shed layer upon layer upon layer, if only you make the space to look closely into your dark closets.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

Oh this one feels like you are seriously thanking the universe and feeling grateful for what you have manifested.  This one feels like sweet nectar where you are calmer in your mind and seeing in a bigger way that things are coming together just as they should. This feels like something has happened to make you appreciate this moment more so that you don’t feel such strong needs to manipulate or FORCE things to happen as you want them to. It feels like a flow of water where things keep coming right at you and this finally has you feeling sort of full and satisfied with this moment right now. There may be something too that is changing with how you communicate, or at least with how you are interpreting things. It feels like a fresh start, and kind of like what you would imagine our minds operating as if we had just won the lottery. We imagine that we wouldn’t worry any more and we would just feel like chilling out and enjoying life more. I’m not saying you are going to win the lottery, but there is fresh air blowing through your life that FEELS like you have won something.  This also can be that your vision is changing with how you look out at your life. Maybe now you are appreciating what you have more, so you don’t feel so much of a need to feel like you are behind or need to keep up. You are just chillin.  Enjoy this energy because your mind space is going to come up with brilliant new ways to do more in the world, but in a more efficient and orderly fashion.

Libra Horoscope Image

Now you are someone who very well may be in the crossroads of something that is actually with others energy. Its like there are undercurrents going on and you will accidentally move into them and this will numb you out.  This feels like a foggy head but honestly it feels like others drama and that you have just taken it on as your own. There is the need to do some grounding work or go sit out in nature to release some of this JUMBLED sort of energy. It has you tangled up and is almost like a sting of a spider in that is numbs you out.  But you can free yourself out of this!  Actually you are in this POTENT space where you can shift out of confusing energies like this be merely changing your thoughts and holding one of knowing you are protected and safe within your own space. If you have the Empath Shield take it often! This can help you move out of this OTHERS energy because that is mostly what I am seeing here. It is polluting you and keeping you from seeing clearly into your VERY BRIGHT future.  But one of the things about the stillness, or numbness, or foggy head is that there are signs for you to see and your guides are hoping that by stopping your mind chatter, and moving you to SEPARATE YOURSELF FROM OTHERS ENERGY, you will notice them.  You will experience synchronicity very soon, if not already, that lights you up on a new or more upgraded idea or path with your career.  You are set to dream up some new ways to take your career to higher levels.  Get out into nature. The fog is because you are too close to others or the internet. This is just moving you to go take a hike or lay out on the grass and allow new ideas to FLOOD into your mind space.

Virgo Horoscope Image

This can actually feel like a pretty great time, eventually, where you are learning so much about your approach when you are not getting your needs met. There may be a sudden outburst that is something you cant even hold back from doing, but you will see that you were imagining something as greater than what it really was, or more important that what it really was, so it feels like something is swinging back your way in order to humble you and also open you to your approach with others. There is clarity coming with how you interact with others and there is a message of needing to have more compassion and forgiveness. The sudden outbursts can come as a sting, and honestly you ARE to do this sting or receive this sting, for the purpose of opening you to seeing if it was the way to be heard and get what you wanted. We need these experiences in order to correct our own path in how we interact with other humans. It is a learning process!  And you are deep in one with many people where you are learning to do it with the honey so that others want to bend over backwards to give you what you desire.  This also feels like a ripple affect, so you may have a confusing situation with one person and that frustration causes you to spread that to others.  This can be like someone hurts you, or is keeping something from you, so then you go out and hurt another, not intentionally, of course, but that is how it is feeling here.  I just see one thing that is rippling out to all these other people in your life. So stop the pattern. Go towards what is troubling you and deal with it directly. Do not spread the drama or the anger or the frustration. This is an important lesson right now.  Stop it in its tracks so you can share the love and compassion with those that you really do not want to hurt.

Leo Horoscope Image

You are in some serious contemplation spaces! You are fully in that space now where you are looking backwards into your life story and feeling out where you wish you had come forward and spoken more of your truth.  This can cause a dip in energy or some sadness if things did not go as you had planned. Memories are flooding into your consciousness. And with each one, you are visualizing how you WISH you would have handled that or dealt with that. And my love, this is wonderful, and not horrible! You may feel like time is lost and you can’t go back and you messed up.  But see this for the energy it is moving in you NOW!  This is an important time that heralds a new movement for the Leos out there.  You are COMING OUT in full strength because you do not want to waste any more time fucking around by being insecure and not moving with that courageous forward motion.  All the reminiscing is actually birthing a new you!  Now your mind space CAN feel a bit depressed and negative and held down in some way, so there may be fatigue or no joy.  But please let that go. Every thing really has occurred as it should and all those missed opportunities are not really the end of your happiness, or the end of what is the potential. You are in a REBIRTH space. So what has died is coming back to you and it will feel even more powerful this time around because YOU are realizing the fragility and blink of an eye swiftness of life.  You soon are not going to let precious moments pass you by.  You are going to sign up. You are going to say YES. You are going to partake. You are going to come out and come forward because there is no more time in your life for regrets. Hello new Leos.

Cancer Horoscope Image

This can be a time where you are having to be an anchor for those who are not handling things so well. It feels like you are needing to come forward as this encouraging agent inspiring others to not give up and to see what they need to see. And I am not necessarily feeling like you WANT to do this because you also are being pulled into your own world where you want to think about your life and think about where you are going.  You are wired to be very inspired at this time and with really connecting with your career and with ways to share more of your creative gifts. But there is this emphasis on home and on being this anchor for someone. It feels like you want to sail up in the ethers but are being called down to home to deal with these other things.  Now I am also feeling that it is very important that you take care of yourself!  There is a need to separate yourself from others depression, or pessimism or issues. This may even have to do with your partner or parents or someone that you feel intertwined with. And seriously I think you will feel depressed yourself if you do not get the space and go out into the world to do what YOU want to do. You may find that you go on a sudden vacation or some sort of getaway on your own, even if just for the day. There is the need to clear your mind and to gain a new perspective by being around water or some place that feels like it is a wide open space.  Something about looking out at vast sceneries is important for you now.  When you are there you will be able to feel out more clearly what is your stuff and what is others stuff.  And like I said, I keep hearing that you need SPACE.  If you don’t you will get very bitchy and cagey and depressed.  But if you do get the space you will open to the compassion and forgiveness vibe and will have a much more solid footing to make any new decisions in your life.

Gemini Horoscope Image

Now you my love are really in this energy of needing space from your close partners.  There is an overlapping of energy and things feel more frazzled and not connecting so harmoniously. It really is pushing you to go get some space and discover your own boundaries again. There is also the need for a rebirth as things feel rather stagnant or not moving in unison. I feel these 2 lines and they were going together but now they are branching off into different directions. And this is not a bad thing, as we do tend to go in and out with people who we are close to.  Look at this more as the dance!  This is adding more value to what you will be able to offer each other. You also are very much in this space to be sort of dreamy in your head, and it may have to do with nostalgia with friends from your past or with people who have made a difference in your life. You are wanting to create MORE VALUE right now and that is your main goal. So this will have you looking over you life, outside of sharing your energies, and doing what others want you to do, so that you can see clearly into the changes you would like to implement in order to feel like you are loved and you love life.  This is really important. You want to know that you are valued by others and that their lives are better because you are in it with them. Notice which friends SEE you and are there for you. They are the ones you need to listen to right now as they will have message for you that may come as possibly hidden and not at all direct but LISTEN.  They are your guides right now into the truth of how valuable you really are.

Taurus Horoscope Image

Oh, this is a dreamy space that you are in with your mind where you are sitting in something that may not actually feel like it is totally pleasant, but boy do you have HOPE. You have great hope for a prosperous future and that is the perfect energy to have at this time.  You are making structural changes right now that feel like they are guided by spirit. You are feeling CALLED to do things and CALLED to shift things. There is a positive vibration with this energy and you may also notice MUCH synchronicity guiding you in directions that may actually be a surprise.  You also are encouraged to spend as much time in the retreat, just right now, in order to pull away and allow the messages to speak clearer to you. You may wake at 3am with the most brilliant idea EVER and it will likely relate to something you were already doing or thinking of doing.  This is very much an idea space, or implementing changes with brilliant ideas. You are to let go of any limitation with how you would like to get your things out there in the world. You also are to have free reign on the potential of the vastness of things in your life right now. That means breaking through the glass ceilings and going for what has NOT been done before. This one screams of needing wide open spaces, so you very well may go on vacation or at least spend the day going somewhere that is unfamiliar. You need this HEAD SPACE. You need this freedom that has been held down by obligations or too many material concerning issues.  You need to lighten the load in your mind or you will BURST.

Aries Horoscope Image

This energy feels pretty confusing! You want to retreat, but you want to get business done. You want to hide away but you want to go out and make things happen.  It feels like you can’t figure out what to do to feel truly happy and content with life currently!   I think you need to take off some pressure that you have with keeping up and thinking you have to keep busy and constantly be climbing that mountain to success. It really feels like there is a halt out in the world, or you are feeling blocked, but still trying to push through.  I feel this resistance ,or pressure and it can have you feeling a bit cagey.  So listen up. This is a time to take a break and allow the dream space to take over.  This is a time to not put so much energy out there and instead take care of YOU. This is a cycle that will be in place for a while now as there is the need for you to just PLAY more in life. You are being asked to do things that are out of the blue and spontaneous but are just about having fun and cutting lose.  There is the need to delve more into the meditative spaces of creating art and just doing something because you love to do it. You also are TUNED into that joy and love factor and are trying to figure out ways to be on the path of doing what you love. This is why the energy is trying to stop you out in the world so that you can gain a solid foundation that feels safe and protected and also calm and trusting.  You are needing a TOTALLY new approach to how you have been going for what you want and the keys to this new path can be picked up when you surrender to the self care movement.  I can feel that you have not been breathing and maybe even have a sort throat from this pressure to act and accomplish and BE this powerful force. Love. All in due time!  You are on path! You are going where you need to go. But you have to honor this new way of manifesting in the world and it is not through force or gang buster moves. It is through the surrender. This will be new for you!  Do what feels like play and the guidance will come to you.