Just know, loves, that this Full Moon is the one that we most notice every year! It is always heavy, dense, weepy, full of aggression AND confusion. But what we most need to know about these times is that we can never move to the light, or to the higher vibrations, until we have faced our shadows and delved fully into the dark and murky parts of self that we would rather keep hidden. This is just a time that forces us to look and holds us down until we see what needs to be changed, let go of, transmuted, transformed and embraced as a new path or new way of expressing in  the world.

Just know, it is all for the good and when the storm lets up we have rainbows and dancing and a new freedom that we could NOT have if not for what we let go of.

Pisces Horoscope Image

<<< Pisces >>>
<span “font-size:14.0pt;mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt;font-family:”bell=”” mt”;=”” mso-fareast-font-family:”times=”” roman”;mso-bidi-font-family:arial;=”” mso-ansi-language:en-us;mso-fareast-language:en-us;mso-bidi-language:ar-sa”=””>This is all to move you forward with something that helps to expand your career or a dream you are wanting to get out into the world! This may have to do with learning something new or gaining more tools or joining with others to create more magick in the world.  So whatever is leaving you, whether it is lack of faith in self, or something you were holding onto that felt like you needed it to go JUST LIKE THIS, is coming to the surface now to fall away and show you that in fact you did not need it at all. This feels like a hope in the clouds, or something you thought was important, but in fact, it is not.  This also is VERY much linked to how you feel in regards to your place in the world. You may have been doing the comparison game and feeling like you are not good enough.  I feel your mind has been going through a tug and pull of thinking maybe you are not good enough or have what it takes or even know what you are talking about.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  Its like this question mark came down and landed above your head, confusing you as to many things in life.  Your way out of this is to do what you know best… pull away, spend time in meditation, go into the cave to be alone, and wait this energy out!  You are ONLY feeling the collective fears of everyone else and their drama, so do what you can to disconnect from that and take it easy and spend time out in nature or in water. Water can really pull those fears out of you now!  Keep your eyes on the horizon and know you are going to feel SO much stronger after this TESTING GROUND moment.  Rise above the madness and confusion!  This has nothing to do with you anyway.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

<<< Aquarius >>>
Understand that something from home, your foundation, your roots or family lineage has been something you have been confused over and feeling like something needed to be fixed or brought to a healing and something happens to FREE you in a way. This may be that you have been planning on something happening and now you know for fact that it will not and you are forced to move forward with less than what you thought, but in all actuality this is all you need and the lighter the load, the better in fact! You are going through major shifts in regards to the people in your life. You may be examining things through the harmony vs. disharmony aspect and really feeling out who supports you vs. who questions or drains you.  You are waking to the power that can ONLY be found in the murky depths, as you dig through all these shadow behaviors of others, that maybe were just transferred from one generation to another. I see you stopping to feel how THIS MOMENT NOW relates to what has traveled through generation to generation and something about this situation is demanding that you stop this pattern. Just let it go. Just stop needing something from people who CANNOT give to you. They feel dry to me and you are trying to pump them and get what you need, but they cannot provide. You are sailing away on your own boat and not concerning yourself with what others expect of you or try to emotionally manipulate out of you.  Walk forward and walk with total confidence in knowing that YOU need to do what YOU need to do and THAT path is what is being supported and encouraged.  Shed the layers of others expectations! Start this path anew!

Capricorn Horoscope Image

<<< Capricorn >>>
This is get real time in regards to letting go of debts or things that are just like big ole chains holding you back and making things so much more difficult than they need to be. This feels related to others, so it may be that you stepped into this role and have just taken it on, as others are expecting it of you.  This feels like following along and doing what you have thought you needed to do, but something is breaking out of you. I even just saw Superman, peeling off the old clothes and going out into the world as this secret force that not many people know about you!  This also feels VERY much related to self worth, in that you are learning to see that you REALLY are as wonderful and creatively gifted as you know you are. You are stepping out of the shy persona, or the holding back persona, or the one that makes way for others, and you are stepping forward in new ways that really have you standing out and making yourself known. This can also feel very passionate in you as you can feel your heart expand in wanting to be more creative and tune more into things that take you to that meditative space you know about when we are in your CREATIVE FLOW.  Enjoy this energy and do whatever you can to organize your create space and really start to map out new ways to move forward on some of your dreams. I really do feel that much of the movement comes from the actual movement of the energy.  This means moving things around, clearing out the clutter, organizing the environment and also PLAYING with this!  Follow the energy that guides you to make changes and do not think of things in terms of returns or how this will potentially manifest in the biggest ways. Just get into that flow of expressing creativity and allow the energy to take you to the new heights you dream of embarking on…

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

<<< Sagittarius >>>
So this energy is saying you are stepping back, slowing down, and allowing the river to guide you into the next phases of your life story. There is judgment here and comparison and this may have you holding your energy back because this is NOT where you mind should be! There is the need to cleanse your mind, possibly just by taking a break and pulling away in order to smell the roses and be more IN THIS MOMENT RIGHT NOW.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  Yoga is SO a key here in slowing you down and having you settle more into Earth energies and not the ones that are so OUT THERE and all about accomplishing dreams and pushing forward. Remember, Saturn is in your sign, so the next few years are about CULTIVATING your gifts. You are making a slow cooking soup that, sure it could be served immediately and be so-so, but if you let it cook for days (years) you will have something that is SO rich and so full of lasting power on the palette.  Everything is saying, slow down, for you. This does not mean you have sit there like a potato and do nothing… it means you are to learn to live life from your gut and through ALLOWING inspiration to find you, instead of you going out to find it.  “Need to do and make happen” is becoming “need to surrender and allow the world to find me.” There is also something with needing to not feel so out of place or alone in the world.  You are to join with others in more carefree, tea sipping, times.  This SO MUCH feels like you are to take vacations and see the world and also get out more in your own environment where you just go to coffee shops and open to what may greet you. This is a really big shift and it makes me think of how we used to live before the internet. We used to always be out and socializing and also resting more into the process of life in allowing things to find us.  We did so much more daydreaming before the internet and you need to settle back into the “old ways” right now…

Scorpio Horoscope Image

<<< Scorpio >>>
Okay Scorpio. We are in your Full Moon energy so you are right at home in the intensity and darkness that has so many other humans in a nightmare right now!  This is WHO YOU ARE.  Now something about this time of year, every year, is that you are being asked to upgrade and move closer to the Eagle expression that you are on the path to becoming. Every Full Moon in Scorpio you are being asked to let go of layers of that lowest part of your expression, the Scorpion. There really is no sense in taking pride in the darker ways you can express because you are to evolve above them and not hold tightly to them because they are so familiar.  You know that you never will get to the Eagle until you face your most shadowy behaviors, so this is a time to see them reflected in others and to make peace with them so that you can rise to this higher position. You really are to learn from the Taurus, who is very patient with the faults of others, and you may notice that you have many of them around you at this time. They are trying to show this other way that is patient and kind and gentle.  Now, you are at a sort of crossroads with some thing going on with your foundation and this may be that your partner or people who live close to you are trying to show you another way that you need to learn from in order to THEN shift your energy into manifesting more opportunities through your career. There is some chip on your shoulder, or some past behavior that has become a pattern that really needs to fall away at this time. And you know what it is. This is no great mystery. But it takes you making the commitment and deciding to upgrade in regards to something with your personality.  This feels like you moving closer to the LOVE that is SO what Taurus are all about. And now you know that all aspects of your life, including home and career, shift like when you move a compass, which will align you to more bounty, and ALL from what you face about yourself that needs a deep cleaning and a serious purging. Let this go. You don’t need to hold so tightly to something that does not manifest what you want anyway.  You also do not need to be right with this. Others have a side to this story too.

Libra Horoscope Image

<<< Libra >>>
My love, you need to put yourself forward! You need to stop the sweet hearted balancing act for this one minute and only focus on YOU.  There is something that YOU need to do, and that is ALL that matters. It is all about YOU right now.  And let me tell you that when you put yourself forward and state your needs clearly to others, even though it may cause a temporary stink, YOU are the one who is going to be feeling oh so much more confident in self. There is a separation going on right now in your system and you very well may feel this on a physical level. It is like you are seeing above situations, where before you were only seeing down into the small details, and these details influenced you to do what others wanted you to do.  I also see this as some sort of discipline where you have to put your blinders on and move forward in regards to what your heart is telling you to do. You may get inspiration from friends who further guide you to move forward, but still, you are the one who is really making this change and it is something your soul has been trying to wake you to for some time. Finally the alarm has gone off and you are AWAKE. You will fully know what to do within a few days after this Full Moon. And whatever just came to your mind JUST NOW was the decision you are to make.  This is a also a huge purging time for you where you are letting go of OTHERS THINGS.  If it is theirs and not really yours, let it go. If you have taken it on because you felt it was the proper thing to do, let it go. You are turning into a kite right now and I see you flying to much greater heights by lightening the load of OTHERS DRAMA, weight, MONEY things, and contracts that have been binding you to the ground, which is not where you are supposed to be!  Feel the weight of this load being lifted, love!  It is time. And this is going to surprise you with how much creative inspiration comes FROM letting this burden go. Things are on the up… and the more you let go of in this NOW moment… the more that kite goes to the places of your most far out dreams!

Virgo Horoscope Image

<<< Virgo >>>
Oh baby love! You are going places!  You are going up and things are going to start coming together JUST WONDERFULLY!  Even if you are still in a bit of the darkness as we speak, just know that insight and magick and wonder and new ideas, new homes, new energy is coming your way!  Your only rule in all of this is to watch your thoughts!  You must realize that good things are so on the way and even if you feel confused or murky or spacey, but know that this is the chaos that comes before the order.  Don’t ever forget too that we only reach the light or to higher vibrations in life when we FULLY embrace our shadow selves. No one gets to the light just because they want to, they have to GO FULLY into all the things that they wish they could keep hidden and THEN light comes. This will relate to your life right now where you may be dealing with murky and messy things that feel like there is way too much to handle and deal with, but you ARE moving to clarity from each step forward you take.  I see this as you are rounding a corner right now and all you can see is what you have been seeing, but very soon a new light appears and a lot of the burdens and pressures will totally lighten up.  For now, use words that support what you want to see your life look like!  And watch them CLOSELY!! Let go of the critical thinking and judging your pace too harshly. You may even feel pretty fatigued and needing to just sleep and take huge breaks. If you are feeling those things, you are right where you need to be in regards to allowing inspiration to flow to you.  You really are hooked up in ways where you can be led and driven, like in a carriage, to your next destinations instead of feeling like you are walking through the desert and going in circles anyway.  Stop, drop and roll… back into bed. Stop all the madness of circle walking!

Leo Horoscope Image

<<< Leo >>>
You are stepping forward in BRAND NEW WAYS!  This can be a time when you feel oh so confident and ready to make great shifts in your life that are all about manifesting some of those far out career goals. Now the key to this is found in what you are willing to let go of and release from your past, or specifically something that is home or family related.  This is the time to focus on all things that are a foundation in your life and to closely examine what is not really something you want to tag along with you any longer.  This can be a time of huge purging with getting rid of things from the home and also with letting go of the pains you felt in childhood or that relate to your parents. There may be things with death, or sadness over situations that you cannot control, and I just see you giving a great big sigh and allowing the cords to fall away.  It feels like, enough is enough.  There is also the need to welcome in a start over in some area of your life. This means death first, though, or let go, in order to usher in the rebirth. But is it time to create a new story.  It really is!<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  And because of what you are letting go of now, your chest is growing larger (in good ways!!) and things will just start to fit together where before there was some sort of waiting game, pause, or confusion, and now you know that it is what it is, and LETS MOVE FORWARD.  Bye-bye sad days. Bye-bye regrets. Bye-bye feeling that you have made a mistake. Bye-bye thinking that things are not perfect just the way they are. Hello new life. Hello to feeling on purpose and in control of your future. Hello to feeling that your whole life has unfolded JUST as it should have.  With all that baggage gone, just imagine how far you are going to be able to go in your VERY NEAR FUTURE!  Yes that was a clue of readings to come.  You are free to dance wildly right now KNOWING good things are oh so close!!

Cancer Horoscope Image

<<< Cancer >>>
This is the time to let go of any doubts in thinking that you do NOT have what it takes!  You are truly to go towards believing that you can have anything you want and that your life really can be one of total joy and happiness. This feels like you are needing to have more confidence in your self, even if you need to pretend for now!  There is also something with your creative gifts here and again you are being asked to feel really proud of the special touches that you have in what you create and can offer the world. This is a special energy for you that is sort of a life changer.  It almost feels like too that you are releasing baggage that frees your mind to be able to see that you CAN create a life that is beyond your wildest dreams.   You may even be releasing debts or wounds from long ago that have kept you thinking you deserve this path, where things don’t come together and work out, and that you have something to pay back.  This may also be lineage drama.  It is old and heavy and, love, it is time to lighten this burden. This is energy that wants to free you and align you to a path that is carefree, fun, and full of flirty new love!  Now, the key here too is that you really need to KEEP DREAMING. We do not always have these free gateways to magnetize miracles, but you are in one and will be for a few more weeks.  So whatever you do, dream that anything is possible! Let go of all the pain, the disappointment, the things that drain you and hold you back, and SEE the life of your dreams being your reality. This is a time where I say, if you can dream it, you can have it. Use this energy to move those mountains!

Gemini Horoscope Image

<<< Gemini >>>
This energy is offering an opportunity to let go of the guilt and to let go of judging yourself so harshly when you have to do something that affects others. This feels like tunnel vision where you are being guided by spirit to make changes in your life that are all about expanding your horizon in beautiful ways! You are paying attention to your words, and using them with power in order to get the ball rolling in regards to something that takes you to a new place. This may have to do with a career that is run on the internet and it also may have to do with something that moves you to a new location. Whatever it is, you are going places, and you are being asked to say what you need to say and to speak through your heart. You will be guided to speak your words, so don’t think you have to build up courage to get them out. They are bubbling to the surface because there is the element of an AH-HA to this situation. Suddenly things feel so dang clear. And you can expect that leading up to the Full Moon, things felt SO murky and confusing and heavy, in a way. But now the light is shining and you will start to feel pretty divine, in no time.   Seriously though, allow alone time and meditation and synchronicity to guide your decisions.  This feels like if you can wait for JUST the right inspiration, you will have the steam and courage to do whatever you need to do in order to move forward. This is not rushing forward and going on what the mind guides you to do, but what comes as brilliant ideas or clarity that comes out of the blue. Surrender into the situation and the light bulbs will start lighting up!

Taurus Horoscope Image

<<< Taurus >>>
This is a time you really need to let go of the control in wanting others to be who you need them to be.  Now, there is the element of needing to be stern, though, and really lay down your own law, but after that, you need to see where the chips may fall. I see two opposing forces that are just clashing up against one another and no one is bending. And trust me, you are not to bend either!   You are to speak from the heart and say what you need to say and not bend ONE INCH. Do not cave or hold back anything! This feels like a storm where there is lightning, torrential rain and high wind, and you just need to let all parties express their thing and then see how it looks when everyone is done expressing their side of things.  It is full force, but also surrender. And the outcome feels pretty good, and mostly because you know in this moment that you need to be true to you, and as you know, this is not how it always is with the Taurus.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  You may even be surprised with how the words flow out of you so determined and with not an ounce of that caving in energy.  This feels like a long time coming, possibly, but also just some change with this energy where you CANNOT hold back from what you know to be the truth.  Honestly this feels like with this Full Moon in Scorpio, that you ARE taking on a bit of that Scorpio flavor, in that you can’t NOT speak your truth, but because you are the beautiful Taurus, you are doing it with grace.  And maybe not grace from the get go, but grace by the end of it all. This also relates to your home or your roots, so a decision may be made in this arena that is all about moving you forward with your career. You many even realize that this thing has been blocking your force, but with Jupiter now in forward motion, you KNOW this has to happen to bring about the changes in your career. You may even notice a slow down with the career BECAUSE of this home-based situation thing.  And ya know what love, you really do know what to do and nothing is going to stop you from moving forward, so know that you are RIGHT ON SCHEDULE.   Your Bull is fully activated and nothing is going to stop you from doing what you need to do and saying what you need to say.

Aries Horoscope Image

<<<  Aries >>>
This can feel a little heavy where you are dealing with issues that you have wanted to keep below the surface, but oh my, they are coming up! This can be a time when you are having many a provocation with others and feeling like you aren’t being heard, kind of like you are talking to a brick wall.  You may even need to accept that you cannot change someone else and may not get the response that you desire.  There is the element of needing to let something go so that you can fly free with no demands on your shoulders. This is a burden and you are going to do what you need to do and THEY are going to do what they need to do. I really do see this as two separate paths, and you are trying to merge them onto yours, but truth be told, they are SUPPOSED to travel another road!  You are only to honor this and allow them to fly out of the nest and do what they need to do.  You are to open your heart too, as wanting this other person to change is causing you to close your heart and to feel restriction expressing in other areas of your life. Just allow this, love. Don’t feel the need to change anything!<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  There is the need to you to put up a shield and just be true to you.  Don’t let this affect you are make you feel sick.  Now there is also something here with needing to distract yourself from this situation with another, or group of others.  You are needing to see the big picture and not so much of this very moment, and the way to this is in engaging in carefree experiences and also ones that have you providing care for others. This can be doing some sort of volunteer work or something where you are taking care of someone in need.  Do good deeds for others and just keep putting out the love to whoever is open to this energy and then the friction situation will dissipate from your own heart and then it will heal itself on its own accord.  You really can’t solve this anyway because it would involve controlling another. Yes, it very well may have you all consumed, but there really is nothing to do but let it go.  Just let it unfold and see how it looks in a few weeks…