Delving into the deep waters
in order to find missing pieces
and make the connections
of what we have been looking for or trying to understand all along….

Pisces Horoscope Image

This is a really great time to be the Pisces! There has been a shift in energy like as if your life is wind powered and there has been a spell of stillness but now it is gushing wind your way!  So your hair may be flying in all directions but you are cool with it. You can feel that this is a burst of rejuvenation and optimism that will almost have you feeling superhuman. And you are encouraged to ride this wave because it will sail for as long as you hold the dream and believe that you really can do anything. This means find a path that lights you up and keep your eyes on the horizon. Even if you are going over any rocky or muddy terrains that also may show up soon, you are being asked to still keep your eyes on the farthest point and know that that is what is most important. There also are shifts occurring with people around you and with the dance you do with them.  You may be in many discussions or creations or with idea sharing from new inspired visions.  Something too with you realizing more of your worth or with a new solid confidence has you showing up clearer in the eyes of others. This means not so much illusion or confusion surrounds you as you are growing SOLID. I saw this as you being shimmery like a ghost but now you are coming into form. That mean something to you. Stepping up. Owning your gifts. Bringing it. This makes me think of how I always kept my gifts on the downlow because I was afraid of being judged or mocked or doubted. I even also thought I needed others coming along with me to stand on stage to validate my worth.  And even with my website I brought on like 12 other people and we all shared the home page. And when I finally took it over as MINE, it soared. It did nothing when I had all the other people with me. So think about that. How are you thinking you need to hide behind others, and how is that actually diminishing your own power? Where do you need to just bravely come forward?

Aquarius Horoscope Image

This feels like something about you is really changing and upgrading and becoming more mature about life. This feels like more of a trust and even possibly seeing things in a new light as brought on by another person or a situation that brings something to the light for you to see. This is showing up as you holding this item and you have only had that perspective but now you are turning it upside down and seeing that there is more for you to see!  This also tells me solutions are coming and in a new way and possibly from something that feels turned around or not what you were expecting. This can be that thing about falling down and seeing that this happened to show you something down there that you were missing. So trust anything that feels out of balance or comes as shock to your path as something that was  not expected. Keep your eyes on the positive perspective knowing that things can work to the benefit if you do not judge how they want to come together. This means enter the surrender.  Also when you are in that surrender your detective skills are going to be amped up and solutions or answers will just fall on your path!  You can have really true and pin pointed visions into what you were missing or what was in a confusing space during this time. There is much light shining in and also more pieces of the puzzle helping you to make sense of things. You also are very much consumed with work or with a creative idea that is just being presented, or will in the near future. Timing is everything with this, so don’t jump the gun and do honor any delays as being a part of the plan.  There is a strong energy here saying to flow with things on a day-to-day basis.  If you are trying to go upstream and force things they may dissipate and move further out of your grasp. So be a sign reader and follow whatever way the wind is trying to direct you towards.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

This will be a busy time where your mind is very much OUT THERE. You may be traveling with others and feeling inspired from being out of your familiar surroundings. You may also just be thinking about future plans and ideas you have been wanting to do for the longest time. There is the element of long held dreams getting closer to birth.  So there is excitement and also extreme dedication, discipline, and attention to detail. This also feels like something is being started over or seen with new eyes.  This may be that new solutions are coming to you in regards to upgrading and improving and that they come almost on butterfly wings. This feels like flashes of insight where everything suddenly becomes clear.  It also is giving you the feeling of a fresh start with your foundation so that a new confidence is born.  Things feel like they are making more sense and this has you feeling more sure of what to do and when to do it. You also are in a heightened synchronistic time where numbers, animals and very quick manifestations are dropping on your path. This means you can really trust this time and are to stay in that energy of anticipation. This means be clear on what you would like to come to you as confirmation or solutions and go out into each day EXPECTING things to come to you. People from your past may also be showing up! You haven’t seen them in forever but suddenly they will be reaching out through the internet and possibly even showing up face to face.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

This is a very introspective time for you! Be aware that messages will come when you make the quiet and alone time for them.  You need space to be able to hear what wants to come your way.  You also are connecting things from your past or from the programming of your beginning days. Old memories are coming up, maybe even surrounding what you saw from what your parents were accepting in their lives. You may be seeing how you are walking in those same footsteps in a way and will want to liberate yourself and create a new beginning for your own life. This can be like you always buy this certain product because you were raised on it and now that is causing you to question, which will motivate you to choose differently.  Now there is also some exciting ideas to come your way when you are in that retreat space of the surrender!  There are new ways for you to do what you are doing with slight adjustments.  This feels like things becoming clear in ways you couldn’t imagine until you walked further on your path and naturally stumbled upon them.  There is also a bottle neck feeling so things may have felt like too much or too confusing and once you reach this space things get more expansive and ah-ha!! So wait for that. Wait for the inspiration to find you instead of seeking it out.  This really screams of not trying to force things or bring them your way before their natural timing unfolds. There also is more going on at home and the solution through this is just to dream of finding ways for it to be in more harmony. There is something percolating or something has awakened in you that change is needed, but it doesn’t feel like the solution is there just yet. So don’t push it until you know 100% that a decision can be made.  Be okay with the uncertainty or the smelling that something is up. Let go of trying to figure it out or get an answer right now. I feel like maybe next month something comes to the head because it is in your future but not too far away.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

Okay now! This feels better! This feels like how you feel when you have been in a traffic jam and all bitchy and stressed and then it finally lets up and you are going full speed ahead with the stereo blasting and hardly a care in the world of what you just had to sit through.  Now there also have been some lessons attached to the slow down and the having to wait and not feeling so in control of what you wanted to have happen. You actually were put through the ringer in order to learn to trust that you are not so much in control of how things need to unfold. We sometimes think we can will anything into happening and when it doesn’t we can get depressed and frantic, but from there we grow more humble! So the plummet is not such a bad thing and it happens in order for us to just slow down and work with the trust factor.  And you are also going through a sort of surgery with your mind that is trying to align you to using better words for your situations. This can be just holding the space that things WILL work out and that just because you can’t see them right now, doesn’t mean you need to worry or change your course. This makes me think of when I first started my business and how I would gauge the days sales as whether this was a good day or bad day. I also would sometimes get nervous when sales slowed or went down. And then I just started holding this vibe of how I don’t really know what is on the way but I KNOW it will work out to my benefit and I will be just fine. That allowed me to stay in the LOVE VIBE of what I was creating as the other one is the scarcity vibe. And from that high vibrating mentality I have always been taken care of and it always works out.  So your thoughts are coming forward in this reading and they just need to always be aligned to a hopeful future, even if you are in the midst of a tornado.  Synchronicity will be aligning for you too, so be in the trust of your life and things that will blow your mind in the most wonderful ways will be able to manifest in your near future days.

Libra Horoscope Image

This feels like other people are really moving you to create change in your life!   You may be connecting dots with your relationship with them and seeing how some things are limiting you and other things are amplifying you. You are very sensitive now to who feels wonderful and who feels like a big energy drag. What is great about the energy vampires though is that they are birthing some new movement in you. It may just be a dream to manifest in the coming future, but bottom line it is having you declare that you deserve MORE.  And an opportunity for you to declare that is always wonderful!  Remember that friction and discord pave way for a new path, and things that make you feel not good enough are just the needed provocation for you to expect more, expect better, and to only allow in things that match your worth and lift you up.  You don’t have time to feel judged and out of place. And this also is saying that a new thought is coming to you and it may be something totally foreign to what you were thinking. But it is interesting!  There also is something based on your experiences and the acquisition of wisdom from a path walked that is on your mind.  This makes me think of an instagram account I stumbled upon yesterday and how this girl was really overweight and then lost it through eating raw and now she is like a guru for others wanting to do the same. And it made me think of how perfect our lives are and that the struggles, especially the ones from early days, are when we end up offering the words as authority holders. What we walk, we teach. What we study, we TRY to teach, but what we walk is what really hits people to the core.  And how exciting to think that some struggle you endured could be the very reason for your soul to express in this lifetime. That should give you hope. Also pay very close attention to the words you are using in your head. There is something from the past still lingering there… maybe with money fears? Or that there is not enough?  So do just let that go and just pretend that there is so much to go around and that the ones who most know that are the ones who will get their buckets filled up first!  The ones who think there is not enough will be at the end of the line discovering that they are right!

Virgo Horoscope Image

This may be a time when you start to come forward as a new person from what you are letting go of in regards to the people around you. This feels like a shedding of skins and even with seeing yourself in a new light. You may even be in situations that have you wondering how you got here. Now, on the flip side of this there is also something with feeling so at home with others.  It feels like more than ever you are more aware of other peoples energies and how they make you feel. And there is something here with a new strength building in you that wants to only be around the ones that feel wonderful. You may be in some situation that operates as a wake up call and it may have you feeling a bit flustered, but what it really is doing is birthing a new enthusiasm to put yourself in situations that amplify you. There also feels to be a new decision that maybe isn’t out in the open and just something that is birthing in the deepness of you, so just sit with it and don’t try to figure it out yet. It is showing as a sprouted seed in your mind but there is only darkness around it which tells me it has nowhere to go just yet. This means, don’t try to interpret it.  It is not yet decided how this will turn out. There also is this energy of you reaching out but not being heard or responded to? It feels very frustrating because this is something that you cannot drop and need it to come into completion or resolution or something. It just feels like some people around you are very illusive and unclear and unable to complete things in the way you need. For this you are being asked to go a few days beyond what is driving you crazy before you make another decision to try again or go elsewhere. Things just feel unsolvable at the moment as they are still coming together in some mysterious way that will reveal itself soon. I also know too that often when things are not coming together, or our calls or emails aren’t being answered, or that person wont talk to us, that something else is trying to make its way to our attention.  So just try to stay cool for a few more days and when the solution comes, it comes loud and clear.

Leo Horoscope Image

This feels like there is some sort of big change on your horizon in regards to the home or with the foundation of how you have been doing things. There are changes from the ground up as you are thinking more about stability and safety and creating a nurturing little pad down below.  Your focus is fully on the ground floor but for the purpose of ideas that deal with expansion and adding on and taking on more responsibility. Its almost like you are wanting to manifest from the base of this more mature standpoint. This also feels like buying things of quality that may cost more now but will last in the long run. So there is an investment of more NOW but in the long run you will be glad you made this choice of quality over affordability. And actually this really feels like a new home or new business situation. You are laying down roots in a way that will bring much more stability and expansive creativity to your life!  So this is good!  But, risk is involved as it is taking you a bit out of your comfort zone. But seriously, if it is showing up now… it is the right one for you and it will feel heaven sent once you are actually in it.  Now there also is a lot of healing going on in your life!  You are very aware of old patterns in you that may be coming up and possibly are being mirrored through partners or through someone else around you. This can have you feeling of ways you want to do something better or change an old pattern or get to the root of what is out of balance so as to create something magical and beautiful. If you are seeking out help with this old pattern, this is a great time to find someone who can assist you. You may even find a healer, or someone with some Shamanic sort of gifts who can help you transform your thoughts or let the pressure out of an old blocked energy circuit, or guide you passionately into a new way of being.  You are wired for rebirth and a new way of life!  The people who need to assist you will be showing up now and very soon.

Cancer Horoscope Image

Changes, so much movement and communications galore! You have so much to share and this deals with a new baby, new creative project, new love, or rebirth of an old love! How exciting is that. And what is really great too is that something creative based is filling you and inspiring you with new ways to share something. So because this great thing has entered your life or your body, your mind is at this satisfied point that is now inspiring you with brilliant visions that are coming in a more carefree way. This feels like creating for the sake of creating and not worrying about money or being seen or anything like that which actually drags the energy down. You are in this PURE FORM of creation that is just really about doing what you love and honing in on what you are really good at, even if you find yourself in an arena that is not what you were thinking of. There are surprises here!  There is also taking a risk and jumping off a cliff into an unknown place, BUT in your heart you know that this is for YOU! There is no doubt. There are quick yes’s and a feeling of completion. Like something that is happening completes you and fills in an empty space that you have been trying to figure out.  You also are focused on something publishing related, going back to school related, website related or something that is meant to reach people in a big and far way.  There is a long road and much to do but you are really serious about things and ready to tackle the details that can create what will be a work of art. This is something special and you can feel it in your heart!  Let the excitement fuel you and know that the cosmic forces are working especially hard for you in wanting to grant you something that will bring much joy into your life! Be ready! There also is the element of being taken by storm and swept away to a magical place. I saw the Wizard of Oz scene with that vision!

Gemini Horoscope Image

Wow. This feels like something has really had you feeling flipped upside down and all the way around BUT that this is for the benefit of realigning you to an even better path for you.  So many things can be coming up, almost as if you walking on land mines as they are so surprising but their affect is so powerful. You will not be the same person in a month to come! The changes are that huge for you. Now there is also something with your thoughts though, and how they may be manifesting even quicker, so BE AWARE. Don’t think in terms of there not being a solution or that things are too difficult because you can do and create anything right now with the power of your thought intentions. Things also feel health related, so you may be needing to make some adjustments with how you are seeing what is hitting you to the core.  There are changes with diet needed and you may need to go to a specialist to have this handled or figured out. You may also just be able to do some detective work on your own and see what is causing reactions, or inflammation or upset tummies.  It is distracting you and now is the time to discover what this is. The answers are there!  Friends are also really showing up at this time to guide you into new areas in your life, possibly through offering opportunities. There is something that is career based and souls purpose based that has the ability to ripple out into areas that you maybe have not even imagined just yet. So this is telling me, go for things that give you a YES, but don’t take them at face value because they are even deeper than what you can imagine. There is more to them than what first meets the eye. This can be like meeting someone who you totally connect with and then years later they come and offer you the opportunity of a lifetime.  The YES will guide you home!  And this is HOME.

Taurus Horoscope Image

This is a time of changes that deals with putting things back into a healthy balance. You are fully focused into your closest relationships and there is something coming to the light that may deal with judgments or criticism. Things are coming to the surface in a way that will feel shocking as it comes from behind the scenes, although it has been building for some time. This is a case of things being felt for a while now but there is movement, finally, to push them to the surface. This is between any two people in your life, so it may be your partner, work partner or even close friends.  Now this can go both ways for people, so on one hand this can be people coming together who have had feelings for each other for a while now and the energy just swoops in and makes it clear that NOW you can be together. If this is the case they have been on your mind and you may even notice that you are brought together in a synchronistic moment and it feels amazing!  There also is the indication of some seriously exciting and healing sexual times!  This can be so romantic and really have you dancing through your days! I feel this HIGH energy!!  But on the other hand and this feels like a heavier energy on the scale, many people will be having uncomfortable talks and needing to get something off their chest that relates to pent up emotions and things kept buried for too long. So it feels aggressive, but it is not really, it just was kept under wraps for too long, so it now is coming out as SOMETHING BIG.  Now do know if this is your situation, it is all for the good. This one has cosmic action written all over it and what is happening now is very important for something that is to come in the future. This is making space for something that is to evolve and come together in the future. You just need to know that and apply the trust. TRUST THIS is what I hear loud and clear. TRUST THIS discord, separation, disconnect, ending or moment of truth where different paths must be undertaken. If love is ending on your path, just know, now you get to fall in love again with someone new… when the time is right. Endings always mean new beginnings.

Aries Horoscope Image

These are some heavy-duty waters you are walking through. This one feels like sludge in that it is slowing you down and maybe having you feel that this is just way too much to have to deal with.  But do notice that there are interesting and healing things here showing up! You may feel like you are going through your past and seeing with clarity new details that you missed before. So you can trust the intensity of this time. This one screams HEALING and bringing hidden matter to the surface to be purified and let go of.  There may also be regret… or wishing you would had said something or done something, kind of like when someone leaves your life and that opportunity is gone.  I just saw the image of a dog shaking the wet out of its hair after walking through the river. So you are going through this thing that takes your total attention but then you are going to reach a point where you have processed and then you are going to shake it off and feel the rebirth of a new you who has let go of so much that doesn’t even pertain to you anyway! If feels very much others related.  So it is time to shake this off and get on with it. This also feels like something that you have known or picked up on and just now it is the time to deal with this and bring on the healing.  We all have stories of how we wish we could have done something different but all we can really do is commit to not making the same mistakes from out past.  Consciously we all feel this way whether we speak it or not.  So forgive yourself and forgive others.  This is not something you need to carry on your back.