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Readings Channeled by KV and her amazing guides!

Pisces Horoscope Image

Pisces the Intuitive Guides:  
So this Full Moon is going to offer you some sort of big learning opportunity in regards to your relationships with others. You can expect that something may come that is somehow dealing with your career or with something that is up there and in your face in regards to something being brought to the light. This very well may be something that was hidden or that you could not see and I feel it will come sort of out of the blue where all of a sudden there is this situation with another person to have to deal with. And seriously this is very important and something that will actually allow you to have a better foundation with which to see your career grow and blossom. You may even through some provocation feel driven to make a change with the foundation of how you have been running things. You also are VERY in tune at this time and will be hooked up to the undercurrents of things.  This may be where you are seeing into situations in a different way and your body will be telling you things that may not be what you are actually seeing.  Trust your body though! You ARE in tune to things that relate to others that is in contrast to what you feel is really going on.  This feels like a mask and you are seeing into what is really hidden beneath. Understand that all situations that are coming into your life will be guiding you towards changes that you need to make with your career! So pay attention to the messages. You need to see that there is something out of alignment with how you have been moving forward and the people coming your way are actually doing you a favor by showing you what needs to change.  Know that this is a time to put things in order and make connections and make corrections so that you can get all that out of the way and make room for more creative expressions to blossom out of you. Lighten your load love! And trust the messages that come to you that will supply you with what you need to do.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

Aquarius the Sparks of Genius: 
So this is one of those times when your shadow behaviors are trying to make it to the surface in order for you to see this and LET IT GO. You are for sure going to be in some sort of situation with a friend or someone that you meet in a group situation and there may be illusion in that the situation starts as one thing but then evolves into a message that involves your values or something that you have been putting out into the world that is manifesting right back to you. This may be that you are in an entanglement with another where you are arguing over money or over a purchase or something that is with getting something from another and something that you think you need. Now what I want you to know is that this is deeper than some ole superficial thing like that!  There is something actually related to manifesting joy in this lifetime that will relate to how you handle this situation. This may be that you expect a fight or that things will not come easily or that you have to defend something. There is such a strong message here of needing to go with the flow and to trust life and to not exert too much control into feeling like you need all things to run on your schedule. Synchronicity is showing up and asking you to follow the signs and to even take a risk in regards to doing something different than is that of your natural pattern. I see this as you doing what you have always done but now being stopped and being forced to see how this way you have been going about things maybe is not really producing the outcome you desire. Notice the signs that show up.  They will come quickly after you make decisions and they will reinforce that YES what you did was the best thing or NO maybe you should look at that as where you need to shift patterns, move to another track and discover a better way of trying to get what you desire.  You are all about going after what you want and the signs are leading you to seeing if your approach draws them in or repels them.  I can tell you that softness, integrity and kindness win me over EVERY TIME.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

Capricorn the Tribe Guides:
Something with your work environment or something that is related to judgmental feelings is so in your face right now!<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  This will be where you are speaking up and saying something that maybe is related to something nit picky and not really reality. This one is actually very much related to situations of the past or even things in your mind that you have wanted to keep hidden but they seem to be coming to the surface at this time. This may deal with something you have wanted to keep on the down low and hidden from others view but it is out there and asking that you come at it from a new perspective. Some situation that comes with this Full Moon is full of illusion but has the potential to shift your mind in ways that actually manifests a new way of bringing in the magic. So do pay attention to what comes your way but also remember that your mind may be in a judgmental space and is not really holding all the information to make a correct call as to how to react. But at the same time, know that what pushes you is actually just a simple little thing that relates to something much bigger. And when you go humbly into this, as you more than any other is being called to retreat and pull away with this, but when you go silent, you will be able to receive guidance as to what this REALLY means. This is like a situation where a car will not start, and get you where you need to go, but the true point is that the starter or battery or spark plugs need to be replaced. So the thing that allows this OTHER thing to operate is what is actually out of order. And look closely at your thoughts and the ones that are judgmental or where you need to be right. This can be where you do not get your way and you are LIVID. Look closely as why you need to be right … why do you think you need to be right? What does it fill in your soul to know that you are right? Can you let that go?  Or can you meet in the middle with others?

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

Sagittarius the Hope Bringers:
You are going to have this energy manifest in one of two ways. You will either feel HOOKED UP and ON TRACK and moving right along and feeling like you have been waiting for this energy right now, OR… you will still have some issues pop up that sort of sizzle you and almost make you twitch.  I seriously just felt those twitches in me!  It is this snapping and sharp movements. This also feels like lighting bolts that come out of the blue and that really sort of frazzle things and take things totally off path.  Now you are very much highlighted in this energy so it may be that you are actually setting thing off in others… BUT the learning is actually something that is hidden down beneath in YOUR body. So there is something about you that you have not really wanted to see and that possibly relates to a wounded expression that has become a habit.  But let me tell you love, if you can look past the superficial frictions and frazzling situations with others, you will be able to see the root of this provocation and when you finally look closely at it there will be this sort of  “Ah-ha… oh my gosh… it is THAT.”  It is THAT thing that maybe you picked up in childhood, or took on from one of your parents, or even took on from one of your parents actions in life, and you will see that you are sort of believing the world or your relationships with others runs the way it does based on THAT.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  This is a time to clear that from your system. You are to transform what you believe is really possible and let go of all the past messages and conditioning of others. You are ready to give more of your positivity to others and even in your career. And it is your words shared with others that can almost erase the past and create a brand new slate with which to manifest more abundance in your life. Think about rebirth and react to something in a brand new way and you can start to see new expressions manifesting within hours!

Scorpio Horoscope Image

Scorpio the Dark Matter Masters:
You are another sign who will feel this provoking situation with another where you just cannot stay quiet and NOT get to the bottom of this. You will find that you maybe are defending your values with another or even dealing with something from the past that was wounding and you will be trying to bring peace to this.  You need to talk about this!  You need to share your side of this and you need to feel heard. You may be in a situation that is just setting off wounds from each side so much so that no one can really hear the other persons take on things. There is the need to say THIS IS WHAT YOU DID and THIS WAS MY SIDE OF IT.  There is something with boundaries and the crossing of those and the need to show the other what you are trying to say. There also may be some battle with money.  Now this feels really heavy in my body so it doesn’t feel solved just yet, or at least not fully forgiven and okay with you.  There is like a wound where the scab has been pulled off but there is till tender wounded ness under there.  This is a journey to heal.  This may have something to do with childhood too, or children or someone needing attention.  And honestly, the best bet for you is to go and talk with some of your cherished friends who can show their support and who can lift you up in agreement that you DO need to air this baggage or drama.  You NEED to get this buried thing off your shoulders!  And maybe those who have wounded you or are in these dramas with you are not really ready to clear the air, you do need to honor that YOU need to let this go because YOU deserve to be heard, valued, loved and cherished. You are important and your opinions matter!

Libra Horoscope Image

Libra the Beauty Guides:
This is going to be some wake up call energy that relates to the power of your words and in keeping things on the high note and on the positive. There is illusion in your mind that VERY possibly relates to a wound that is ONLY in your mind. There is something with you here creating your future by those thoughts in your head and that they are more fear based or worry based or expecting a battle.  This feels like being ready to blow and manifesting situations that draw you into the fight because of what is in your mind.  This may very well align you with others to have this mirrored to you and what you may see in others is actually what you are doing yourself.   I see you needing to take some breaths and allow the next steps to be different from the past steps. If you have handled things in this one particular way for as long as you can remember, you are being asked to try another route!  Something wants to shift in how you are seeing the potential of your future. And love, it is SO in the way you use words! It is SO in letting go of feeling judgmental of self and others and bringing in the FORGIVENESS. THAT one is really strong in your reading.  This is you needing to come forward with compassion and forgiveness. I am also hearing that thing about how you can have it all when your delivery is like honey.  Doing things that are mean or operating from your wound when you are not getting your way, or when someone has hurt you is only pushing the bounty and beauty away!  I see you needing to just surrender and TRUST THIS LIFE and not try to push or manipulate things to how you think they should look.  Think about some flowers, especially some of the cactus ones out in the desert, that just BLOOM all of the sudden and out of nowhere.  One day there is nothing, and the next day there is a bright colored flower. Trust the flow of life in that way. Allow those blossoms to just show up in their perfect timing. Also listen to your body more… listen to those messages you are getting.  Listen to those subtle nudges trying to tell you that it is okay and progressing JUST as it should!

Virgo Horoscope Image

Virgo the Knowers: 
Things for sure may just rock you to the core right now!  But through whatever happens with this other person who lights your fire, just know that something from below that has been hidden and not really something you have been wanting to face NEEDS to purge and be transformed. This needs to see the light and you will have so much to say on this discussion and may even have to keep coming back to say “AND.. AND … AND!” This feels like something that has been kept on the down low for too long and now that this wound has burst open, possibly through the provocation of another, you will not be able to stop until you have the last word. And I don’t see this being the need to be right so much as just needing to share what you feel about this and how it has moved you and just how you see this.  Now do understand that this one ripples out in more ways than what you are seeing on the surface.  This one is growing and turning into way more that it was when it first burst! But you DO need to stand up and speak, my love. You have every right to share how you feel about this and even to put the mirror on another who is possibly living in illusion or in their own private bubble.   You got a needle and you cant help but run after them and pop it! Maybe a bit of devils advocate going on here too?  I just see you being unable to stop on something that DOES need to come to the surface. Just be you love, and say what you need to say, and get it out and clear the air.  And if you happen to experience something where you are being judged unfairly, try to still see how you can hear them out and learn from what they are saying about you.  There may be some truth in what they are saying and you just need to face it and make the changes surrounding it.   It is okay to not be perfect and to make mistakes!

Leo Horoscope Image

Leo the Bright Lights:
Oh gosh what is this? Yours feels very much full of illusion but that is pretty murky and hard to even figure out. Something old and ancient and wounding and from others and with money or debt attached to it is hanging over you and possibly has you feeling sort of depressed or just not feeling that things are okay. This feels heavy and like full of drama and wanting to say FUCK THIS SHIT and enough is enough. You are ready to shed some layers and let this go and move on and NOT be pressured by things that feel SO others related and not even having anything to do with you!<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  You just want to be free from all these entanglements with others and how you then have to clean up the mess or give of your energy to bring things into right action. Now you are really feeling in tune with just wanting to feel more carefree in life and to have fun and to create without the weight of needing to make money or be recognized. This can be where you are judging what you have now and not seeing the big picture of how it all can change tomorrow.  Take some deep breaths because I can feel you are shallow breathing and almost freaking out.   Its okay baby!!<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  There is the need for you to pull away and get some space for yourself just so that you can try to clear out all the obligations and regroup so that you can move forward. You ARE going to get that chance in a few weeks where you will get to remap your focus, but for now you need to do a tara, where you reboot back to 00:00.  You need a sort of fresh new start so that you can let go of the emotional entanglement of things, climb your way out, and reground back into your power so that you can then handle things from that point.  It will help to delve into creative spaces that pull you away and also if you can go out and do some good deeds for strangers, or just do some service that is from your heart and for the betterment of others, you can snap back into correct focus. And seriously I so see this all these other cords of others drama almost smothering your brain right now. So, regroup, and THEN move forward with taking care of all the many details.  This is almost like sleeping on things before you act.  Pull away before you react.

Cancer Horoscope Image

Cancer the Love Muffins:
If only you could hide away in that shell and avoid everyone right now! Its like you were in the shell and thought you were safe and secure and a tornado came through and ripped it off and you feel very vulnerable and delicate and almost wanting to lash at others for fucking with your nap and private space.  This will have the Crab feeling very crabby right now!  You may even want to roar like the Lion!  Now love do try to stay off of the computer and away from any sort of provocation because most things will annoy you at this time and are actually pushing you to express and to clear the air. There is something with this where you have been holding things in and trying to make nice or trying to be brave and express in the highest light but explosions from the mouth are happening. With this reading I pulled my head back and just opened my mouth fully with tongue way out and did BLAAAAA.  So that must be how you feel!  Now do know that much of this is in your mind and you can be feeling ultra judgmental and critical. It can even be shocking and like where did this come from. But love, just know this is a release that needs to seep out of you. It may come in harsher ways that you would like, but it is like that boil bursting and THEN the healing can take place. This is something about healing and something from your past that has been building and is just wanting to make way to the surface.  Allow this to unfold, but do be aware that you ARE to keep your eyes on the horizon with this and even though it may feel stormy there WILL be a rainbow in no time. Keep your eyes out for the rainbow here!  It will not stay like this long and you DO have every right to express these emotions coming out of you. Do not allow anyone to force you to shut them up and down play them.  You just let them come out, no matter how ugly they may appear when they do. This is what happens when things have been hidden for too long. Within days it will all be laughable so just go with it!

Gemini Horoscope Image

Gemini the Fact Machines:
You may be manifesting some situations with others where you will be called to stand up and speak your mind, but seriously this doesn’t feel too intense or earth shattering as it is for many other signs right now. It does feel like something is at the limits, though, where you can’t hold back and really are feeling called to speak your truth with others. I actually see you being very clear in your communications and also very much about moving things forward in a positive way. There is something with releasing the past and letting things go and striving to move forward in more positive ways with others. This can bring up something of the hotter and colder game where you will clearly feel who or what is the best for you. If you get too frustrated and agitated and bitchy it is just a sign that THAT thought, person, idea, project is not for the best for you. Trust your emotions right now and when you feel low or lifeless there is something to it. You also are in this sort of tunnel where you are focused on looking up and taking time to dream of what it will take to move forward and to accomplish some of your far out dreams. This feels like you are owning that you do have goals that you have not yet accomplished and are focused on what steps it will take to start manifesting them into your life.  There is something changing in you and you may have a hard time putting your fingers on what it is.  This feels to me like a maturity thing but it also feels like a silence thing where through the slowing down and keeping quiet you are learning more about what life is all about and how to play the game.  I keep seeing this tilted head where you are contemplating something and seeing it in a new light.  This feels very much like pausing but that more is being gained in the pause.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  You also are feeling more receptive and not pushing out so much and this is where you are being guided through new path choices by how this feels in your body. That is it too! It is that there is a new connection in you and its almost like the mind is not having so much control over you as the body is starting to gain more of a voice in your decision makings. That is wonderful!

Taurus Horoscope Image

Taurus the Grounding Forces: 
You are so being called to speak up and say it from the heart in regards to your needs. You NEED to get this off your shoulders and you need to speak about what you are not getting that is a requirement in you being a happy and content being. You will likely do this in a partnership or in some dealing that involves money or with a purchase.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  Money and others are VERY much highlighted in this reading and battles with boundaries and two different sides.<span “mso-spacerun:=”” yes”=””>  I see some clash clash clashing and eruptions that feel pretty intense. It is also HEAVY and watery and almost too much to deal with.  It also feels swimmy in that it is all consuming and something you would rather not deal with but do feel like it needs to be confronted and figured out.  You are being asked to hold a very positive space in knowing this is all happening right on schedule and what you are breaking down is actually sort of a wall that is keeping you from total happiness in life.  Get over this one and there are rainbows!  Double rainbows in fact.  Do understand too that is this something about speaking up and it also can be a wound within you that says you have no right to ask for your needs to be met and should just go with things and accept them.  There is a bit of a rebelliousness in you right now going against the grain of what others tell you that you are suppose to do. You are VERY encouraged to do just that!  And it may be uncomfortable in the first moments of doing what others are not but you will see soon that it brings freedom to your soul and THAT is what is most important. And honestly, love, do know that the real purpose of this time is to clear out all that baggage and junk and to make way for more space for you to focus on your creative gifts and to be back in the synchronistic flow of life. You also are being asked to join in some spiritual or mystical union with others where you can express more aspects of your creativity. There is something about this that is going to build up your confidence to make the changes you need to make.

Aries Horoscope Image

Aries the Empowerment Lights: 
You are SUPER hooked up right now and may be able to stay in the eye of the storm while others are feeling the craziness of life with this Full Moon!  You actually are a bit a head of your body, so that you kind of have a map knowing what is to come. This can mean that you know to say NO to a situation or a get together and that warning or hesitation is keeping you out of the battles that are so happening in the humans currently. Now you are also shifting into a space where you are learning something new and doing something that will expand your life and this is really where you are focused right now. You may be choosing something health related or something where you learn a lot of new details. This feels so exciting that you can’t even focus on little day to day dramas because your eyes are on the horizon and on expansion.   I see you just working on details and filling things out and researching and putting things in order.  This feels like a great time for you where you are getting serious about all the little details of the day to day and really choosing to make the changes that will bring you a more abundant and joyful like in the future. And in the future was highlighted in my mind when I typed that. So this tells me that you are very much about keeping your eyes on the prize and recognizing that things take time and energy and you are ready to get going on this path knowing that eventually you will get up to that mountain but you can only get there if you take one step today.  This reading feel completely different than all the rest! Lucky you! Move forward and know you are on the right path!  You are creating monumental change in your life, love.