Nourish Face Oil

So you all know that I don’t offer any new products from my artists unless I LOVE it. I take the time to try it. I take the time to feel it out. And if it is only mediocre, it’s not going to be offered in the shoppe. This is how I can know that every thing we share is the bomb. I think quality over quantity with all things. And if it means taking more time to perfect the ingredients, then I am going to be the one to initiate that. I don’t just want to fill my shoppe, I want to provide top quality goods that change peoples lives. I have always had this high standard. And most of the items we offer have gone through months of testing and perfecting. 

  And I asked Rosie to start creating a face and body oil line for us. I am now 44 and the reviews of face oils in people in their 30’s are much different than when we reach our 40’s.  You can trust what someone says when they talk about loving a face oil when they are in their 40’s!  And I noticed a serious shift take place when I turned 40, as all our Goddess Elders warned us about, even though I was one of those strong willed 30 somethings who was like I WILL DO IT DIFFERENT THAN THEM.  I WILL NOT BUY INTO HOW MUCH WE CHANGE IN OUR 40s’. As I now sit here saying, wow, we really do change. Our endocrine system changes, our hormones, our skin, our hair, our metabolism, our bodies. It all changes and this means we have to get serious about taking care of ourselves in a more determined and focused manner.   And as for our latest product NOURISH FACE OIL, I am in LOVE.  I have tried EVERYTHING out there and all the top notch products that even can be close to $200 a bottle. To keep my skin beautiful has always been high on my list and I continue to seek out something that really does what it says it will do, while also operating with integrity in regards to the ingredients.   Nourish is everything that it implies it will do and MORE. After one dose my skin was so buttery soft! And in the morning I woke up and had this youthful glow to my cheeks that I was just admiring in a picture I found of myself in my late 20’s.  I am in love! And this is really saying a lot too because when I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in the high desert at 7000 feet, the first thing I noticed was how all the 40 years olds did not even look like the ones in San Francisco, where I just moved from. They had this pale, flat and dry skin and looking much older than their ages.

Nourish brings back the life to your skin. It brings that sweet tone of youth and a glow that may have others wondering if you have fallen in love!



And to celebrate its arrival into the Aquarius Nation shoppe, we are offering this oil at 20% until December 5th, 2016. Get ready to fall in love with your skin again!


Nourish Face Oil Ingredients: 100% Pure. 100% High Quality. 100% Good for your skin.

  • Ylang ylang essential oil: (wild crafted and distilled, this oil is from the first most potent part of the distillation) rich and relaxing, ylang ylang can help reduce feelings of anxiety as well as balancing the oil production of the skin and promoting cell growth.
  •  Vetiver essential oil: The root of the vetiver plant is used in distillation and imparts an aroma reminiscent of the smell of the forest floor. It is used in cases of acute burnout and exhaustion for its calming effects. Vetiver also prevents and reduces wrinkles and stretch marks and is sometimes used to treat acne.
  •  Palmarosa essential oil: balances moisture levels and the production of oils in the skin. Palmarosa also has antimicrobial properties and can activate the growth of new skin cells
  • Madagascar vanilla macerated in jojoba oil: The gentle comforting aroma of vanilla can ease stress and anxiety, and supposedly assist in wound healing.
  • Pomegranate seed oil: Due to its high antioxidant content, pomegranate seed oil can help nourish the skin and slow the aging process. It also helps protect and heal damaged skin
  • Rosehip seed oil:  Rosehip seed oil has a potent ability to reduce wrinkles and heal damaged skin by promoting cell growth and collagen production. It is rich in vitamin A and many essential fatty acids which help improve appearance and elasticity of the skin. Due to its lightness, it is easily absorbed into the skin.
  •  Jojoba oil:  This is the carrier oil most similar to our skins natural sebum, jojoba oil also contains large amounts of vitamin E which is helpful in healing scars and abrasions.
  • Argan oil: Well known as an incredibly nourishing and moisturizing oil, argan oil also contains an impressive number of antioxidants. It is helpful for fighting the signs of stress and aging on the skin.