Don’t be afraid of the changes.  There is NOTHING TO FEAR.

Yes, you may be feeling like the water is running dry or something good is coming to an end or something that felt secure now feels like it is not going to go as planned.

This energy now feels very much like we THINK all is lost or ruined or appears to be destined to NOW all of a sudden fail. BUT that is not the truth AT ALL. But I hear you that it DOES appear to be that way. This is all illusion and can be seen through the example of RETROGRADES, where it appears to be moving backwards but is really in a sort of stand still limbo state.

We have all been stopped and not many of us are moving forward so all things in the world may also feel like they are in a stand still.  This can feel scary, but I promise you that there is nothing to fear! We are actually in the best position ever because we are on the upswing for how low things have needed to go.

But we are also being held on this bottom point so that we can SEE things in new ways. We are in the process of looking at things so ugly and dark so that we can really sit with them, not run from them, and instead discover solutions for them. We are leaving victim mentality and that means we see solutions for things instead of denying things or just coming up with band aids for them.

Don’t forget to watch this for more insight into this energy!!  Hella important messages in here.
Lunar Eclipse in Libra Video

KV and the aquarius nation 

Pisces Horoscope Image

This Lunar Eclipse is so important to the entire evolution of your soul. THIS TIME right now is where YOU are changing from the inside out.  Things have happened in your life that have opened you to exploring the power of your manifesting, and the power of HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF is now going out and mirroring that back to you.  This feels very much like situations have come through interactions with others that are all for the purpose of you building up confidence in self. You may have been thrown off balance from someone’s actions or some situation that forced you to look at yourself closely. Do not get down on yourself for what you have now seen or with how you feel it may be too late to start over. This is a time to re-write your story! This is the time to learn from your experiences so that you do not repeat the ones that bring negative results.  This is the time to start fresh, but from the foundation of HIGH self worth and a clean mind that is more compassionate with judging if something is right or wrong. Something is changing in you that has you feeling more optimistic about the steps forward. If that something is not here yet, IT WILL BE SOON. This feels like layers of your life are being removed, and almost from your memory.  It feels like something is balancing out so that you see the understanding in why things form your past have gone down the way they have. This feels like you are REALLY letting the pain and the disappointment go. This feels like you are changing into someone who wants to make the peace and not fight anymore.  During the next half year you will be ALL about cleaning the house of your soul. This is the time for you to rise stronger in confidence FROM letting go of all the sadness and the feeling that you are here to suffer or not live a life of your dreams. This is strength building. You also will notice changes in your body around the shoulders and chest as they have been more dropped and caved in FROM the need to protect and with feeling less than or not good enough. But now they are moving into PROUD position.  The chest is out and the shoulders are up. Do this now to feel how it changes the feeling of your heart.  The slumping puts pressure on the heart, and creates a chain wave of restriction, which manifests out in the world. But when you open that space and pull the chest out and shoulders up, you feel freedom and actually more of a sense of acceptance.  Focus on this upper back and chest area.  You have been carrying WAY too many woes of the world and you need to let it all go because actually things are running right on schedule!  Things are not collapsing and falling apart or destined to fail. In fact, very soon they are about to take another form that makes EVERYTHING make sense. So know that in your heart. Be honest, be true, be open, but do not interpret anything as wrong or a mistake.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

Okay!  Exciting!  So this Lunar Eclipse is telling a story of your next half year until our next Eclipse Season.  For you, my love, we are totally focused into getting all your ducks in a row so that SOON you can really start bringing your Souls Purpose work out into the world.  There are new ideas bubbling up from your soul that are very much looking back at your past and your childhood upbringing in order to see what needed contribution you are to be making. We are all in a very sweet spot of narrowing it all down even further and you are one of the signs that will quickly start taking the first steps into this new arena of doing your part.  You also may be letting go of feeling like you need to wear all the hats and instead are focusing in on your part in the grand scheme of things. People will be coming together who complete you in a way, or where they bring something that you take off from and then someone else joins to take off where you bring something.  So this looks like a chain where you are interloping with someone in the front and someone in the back and then when you are together… BOOM!  Magick. Its like you have been going along as a generator but not plugged in, and you are coming together in situations with others that NOW hook you up. This feels like the next months will have it ALL making sense!  There is a new SOLID grounding coming that may be from moving or relocating. This is like that game where the ball rolls around the maze and you try to get it to drop in a hole of safety… you are moving to this hole soon. And it may be through a move, but it also is a solid grounding change that comes from KNOWING you have a place in this world.  When you hook up into your chain, things are gong to flow like never before. So know that!  Until then, keep your thoughts on the positive and SEE that there are reasons and solutions for it all. Open your mind to BEING the solutions person. Open your mind to being that leader that guides others through the storms. Open your words to the channel source that is like that strong powerful mama energy that makes us feel safe, no matter what we are needing to face.  LEAD others into this safety feeling through solution finding.  Pretend, for now, that you have it all together and KNOW the best way for us to proceed. We are watching YOU.  We are looking to you to see how you are handling things and if you are all cool and all is good, then the masses will follow suit.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

Moves and changes are SO on the horizon! Now this does feel like things have been a bit rattled on the home front or with your feelings of safety in the world, and this may have been a dramatic change since things felt SO RAD before.  But just understand, you first have been given glimpses of JUST how much you can do out in the world, and that inspired you, but then you now have to get down to business and take care of all the details that are hidden or down below. There is also an insecurity showing up and this again feels like looking out at others and comparing timelines, or with an old fear that may be money related that keeps repeating in your life. This is probably that scarcity thing where you are now feeling like there is NOT enough and you won’t be able to REALLY live your dreams.  Things are not there JUST YET and this is a testing point as you are naturally going back to that outworn groove of lack and struggle and the need to feel controlling with outcomes.  I see this sort of rigid fear, that makes me think of family members, or the influence of times past, and honestly they all need to be re-written in you. You are holding onto old paradigm beliefs that just do not apply in these new energies.  You are being asked to be open to seeing how you are cutting yourself short because you believe it needs to be a certain way. You are being asked to expand your vision and even to accept a new assignment!  There is a path forming ahead very soon that will require you to make a sudden left, or a slight veer to the right. The slight veer is more of the life you have been living, so if things feel GREAT, go to the right and flow into the next steps. But if things STILL are not working out the way you KNOW they should be, then expect to make a total break and shift into a new direction.  You are being guided to form a new expression of your career out in the world and it may be different from the path you have been insistent on traveling.  And again, look closely within to what naturally scoops you up with opportunities.  Do not look out at what others are doing and try to put your own spin on it.  Walk forward into YOUR path and go towards what people naturally come to you for. What you THINK you are to do in this world may be different from what you REALLY are to offer. Just follow the signs. Follow the opportunities.  Close your eyes and see where your gifts are MOST NEEDED.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

So much action going on in the creative spaces!  You are in the process of narrowing down many creative ideas you have in the attempts to stand apart or shine with your unique gifts. This is a deep pondering time where you are looking out at others to see how THEY reflect who you are.  This is similar to how what is going on inside of us shows up in the relationships of our animals, or the situations in our lives.  So you are thinking about these things and really paying attention to the discord or hidden things that you have not wanted to see from your roots or home front situation.  Something is shifting, or even breaking, in regards to shedding light on something that you are identifying with that makes you feel important and needed in the world.  This is going through a huge change where things may have been rolling along and unfolding in a certain way, but now there is a new course unfolding. You may even feel the need to be the student in some way through situations in your life showing you that it is not time to move forward and OUT THERE just yet. This feels like a time of simmering and stewing where things are forming and assimilating and not yet ready to take out and deliver.  If you can just accept this, then you will feel better!  If you resist this and still want to plunge forward, you will not have the confidence to really deliver on your goods.  There also may be changes with a partner or with someone that feels like a soul mate.  You may even be feeling the spark with someone new and having so much fun with that first flirty get together time.  Sudden breaks are very possible, but do not look at them as a bad thing. Things are breaking, but also realigning. This is like, yes the day may have ended, but a new one is coming next.  You are being asked to TRUST THE SYNCHRONICITY.  You are in a space of needing to not want to control or do things your way but instead watch the weather patterns and feel what you are being called to do.  Some opportunities will drop in your lap and they won’t feel all shiny and bright, but they dropped in your lap… so you will be confused.  Just know you are going to have months of prizes in different shaped boxes showing up on your path and you will be picking the ones that FEEL RIGHT.  You are FULLY being asked to stop judging how you think your path should look and instead pay attention to what is calling you or trying to get your attention.  And no, timing is not an issue! You are needing to race to NOTHING.  This is a long and slow new course for you.  This is like a long-term apprentice situation where you want to truly be the master. Think slow, love. Get this right.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

So, change in on the horizon!  You are in this position where things are uprooting themselves and showing you sneak peak looks into things that are normally hidden or confusing.  This can almost feel like déjà vu, or even clarity into something for the life of you, you couldn’t see before, and now it is showing up in neon lights. There can be sudden insights within your mind where you say things like “THAT is what is going on! THAT is what I was feeling.  I knew something was going on!”  This feels like you have been onto something that was going awry, possibly in relationships or work relationships, and now, through your throat, you are going to be able to communicate in new and more affective ways. There may have been either too much freedom with words or too little.  And what is changing in you is less of the fear or worry, which has you feeling insecure, and more of the productive communications that speak your truth and work in ways to naturally bring you what you desire.  There are Earth Shattering shifts going on with you learning to TRUST THE PROCESS. You may even have things fall away, right out of the blue, where you are hanging by a thread and don’t see a new thread to grab onto. This can be that you are walking on stones in the water and no next stone has appeared.  And this is being put onto your path so that you remember to TRUST THE BIG PICTURE. You are way too much in this little moment right now where you can’t see where this will end and love, you aren’t supposed to see that just yet! You are learning lessons in the next 6 months that are about believing in the best and knowing you are supported and knowing you WILL know what to do next. When you face a sudden cliff and have no idea what you should do, GO MEDITATE.  You WILL attract something that feels out of your control so that you relax, pull back, see the big picture of your entire life, and align to the powers that be that are the REAL ones in control of your destiny.  You will not pass forward until you learn to chill out and surrender fully and honor that things are actually out of your hands. BUT they are in your MIND….so THINK them into manifestation.  SEE that you do know it will work out. KNOW that you are blessed and will come out on top.  FEEL that everything is unfolding right on schedule and who knows, it may be tomorrow that the answer comes… so relax today.  Control be gone! Enter the flow.

Libra Horoscope Image

Things have been intense for some time, right?  This can feel like you don’t even know what is up from what is down right now.  I see you thinking you know what is up but still feeling very fragile as to not knowing if you ARE getting this right and ARE doing the things that you soul wants you to do.  You are very much focused on others right now and may be having some concerns on the home front as to wondering if this can be done.  This feels like doubt or insecurity, and it feels like a sudden shift. So you may have been going along and feeling like AWESOME, this is it! And then for no good reason you are now worrying and doubting and thinking maybe you were living in la-la land with this dream.  This feels like something shattered or lost its spunk.  But do understand that the standstill feeling or the sudden doubt or the insecurities coming to the surface are all about you moving through the issues so that you can finish the run and feel stronger for what confronted you. This is actually a time when you will feel MORE on purpose with who you are and what you are here to do… but it comes after you feel the antithesis.  The strength comes from the depression. The strength comes from the feelings of insecurity.  The order COMES from the cleaning and looking closely at what is in discord.  And that is the main lessons for all humans right now! So what feels like lackluster in your life is exactly what will shine oh so brightly over the next 6 months. And from my view it looks like YOU and what you REALLY want to offer the world and how you REALLY want to share your gifts and heart with the world is what will be SHINY very soon.  So face these insecurities and face your worries.  But do understand that your words and how you think the world is, is exactly how it will appear for you. You are being asked to hold high and positive visions for your future. You are to TRUST that you are a good and loving person and that means you will manifest good and loving opportunities. I feel you are so close to something too and can’t see or touch it just yet, but you don’t need to doubt its arrival. IT IS ON THE WAY. Open your heart and mind to receiving your bounty!

Virgo Horoscope Image

This can feel like a heavy duty time and truly, the next 6 months ARE going to be intense at times from changes that can have you feeling unable to cope, but then quickly shifting to feeling on top of the world.  It will flow often from TOO MUCH TO HANDLE, to oh my gosh I LOVE MY LIFE!  This will be a 6 month period of WAY UP and WAY DOWN.  But do know that you are bringing many changes in your life that require you to take care of business and also to shoot for these amazing new heights.   You will be down in the details and focusing on all this work that needs to be done, but you will also have a great reception and opportunity to go far and wide with some long held dreams. This feels to me like a new business owner where you have this dream that you know is something special but you have to work non-stop and put in a lot of time and money to first get it to take off.  So I see you in the fields working away and getting sort of tired and bitchy for all that needs to be done… but I also see you sitting on the porch looking out at your fields and how everything is growing so beautifully and feeling very grateful for all the hard work you put into this.  So honor this flow of yours. It will not be easy, but the rewards will make it worth every obstacle. There is also something with a new way of working with money and you may be in disagreements with partners over how they want to do things. You may even want to do something that keeps the boundaries of YOUR STUFF vs. MY STUFF.  You also have this opportunity to really keep it real and stop bullshitting around with insecurities because YOU ARE THE BOMB. Just last night I was talking with a new friend and she said what I always say too about how we keep our Virgos close because they are so special to us.  We are not the only ones singing the praises of the Virgo.  So step up into how others see you!  Let go of always needing to not mistakes and judge yourself by such harsh standards.  When you love yourself and know that you are such a treasure, then you will be able to move into this flow with your creative gifts that downpours you with money! I am not kidding you here!  You need to own that you have special gifts and that we value what you are here to offer.  You can have it ALL this year if you only remember how wonderful and gifted you really are. Do NOT judge yourself through the eyes of others.

Leo Horoscope Image

This is a time of great change for you, and you know what, the way to bring about the best bountiful opportunities is through changing what you believe is really possible. If you are basing your life on patterns from your past where this same situation has manifested, or where you have learned that you do it this certain way and that is the only way, then you will need to make some changes with those thought perceptions. You are to open to another way of seeing things. You are to let go of your past and stop manifesting the same situations.  You are to make peace with what has happened and what you have learned from it and then you are to forage a new way and a new life. This is a huge crossroads for you where you are deciding to ask for more and to expect better.  Confidence is also showing up here so you may be feeling VERY insecure and unsure of your efforts.  You may be feeling more doubt in self than you have before.  It may even feel like it comes out of the blue and you can’t figure out why you feel like you are so not good enough.  Its like you want to BE the shine that you know you are to be, but something feels foreboding and predicting of storm clouds ahead so you sit in pause and listen for bad news to come.  This really is in your mind though, love!  The world is feeling this way and you are showing it larger.  Things are changing on the internet and with how you share your gifts far and wide and what comes back to you may feel smaller or not as extreme as you wish things to be. But it is all good.  You may not be getting as many sales or something with the money you expect is confusing, but you need to just ride this wave and keep your eyes on the horizon! Like the flow of the ocean, things rise and they fall, but change is constant. You may feel on the low a bit, but the rise comes next. And THAT is your challenge over the next 6 months. You are just to hope for the best and to trust that things can turn out beyond your wildest dreams.  You are NOT to fall into the fear and scarcity.  Instead you are to move forward in a consistent and strong manner towards whatever you are dreaming of accomplishing right now. Slow and steady wins the race.  And you may want to put blinders up so that you don’t compare yourself too much or even look to others for inspiration. YOU have the inspiration inside of you.

Cancer Horoscope Image

There is just something on the home front that needs some attention!  And you certainly don’t need me telling you that because YOU KNOW!!  Very likely this relates to something that is parent related or with something childhood time/home related. There may be the elements of needing to let go of and also making peace with.  There is some sort of balance act that is being called forward, and this may be that you have been holding all the weight on some concern and really need to give up some control or ownership. There is the need to GIVE TO ANOTHER, hand over, let go, release.  There is also relief from this, so your decision will bring an exhale that grows stronger days after a decision is made.  This is also very much career related. So if you imagine a teeter-totter, or seesaw, then you can see how you have had this extra weight on one side that has not been distributed equally and it is keeping some of your career dreams at bay.  You are to even things out through letting go of the need to hold on.  There is a resistance to the flow, for fear of making a mistake or a wrong move, and you are to surrender into the signs and into what is shining brightly in your life right now.  Something NEW is coming, but it comes when you let go of something from home. You may feel that your security is taken away or your foundation is changing and that can have you feeling nervous and unsure, but trust me, I see sunshine and rainbows in your future, love!  This is just a scary transition because it requires you to change, but it is all about you learning to let go and trust that you are supported, safe and protected in this world.  Also money is about to move forward!  So things of monetary have been on your mind, and mostly with Jupiter retrograding in your house of money!  Look to the 9th to feel more sure of what decision you should make.  Also understand that the money aspect is leaving our consciousness and we are ONLY moving towards what we love to do and what feeds our soul. Money is not to be a consideration for your dreams. Money follows Souls Purpose Work.  When you align to that thing that you LOVE TO DO, you will forever be supported and taken care of.

Gemini Horoscope Image

Well the light is oh so shining brightly into something that involves your creativity and also with something that relates to birthing a child or moving forward with a dream. This is also something that you really just need to trust because you are looking into the future and trying to predict, but you just need to settle down and enjoy the ride because this ride has many levels to it, just like with the process of making a baby, or launching a creative project.   You are birthing something new that will grow in huge and wonderful ways but you just need to focus on visualization and with all things that nurture this in ways that can lead to destined success.  You are to see this in the best possible light, even though you may be feeling fears of how to do this or if you really even can do this. Let those things go. Let the worries and doubts leave you and just move forward like a child with only wonder in your eyes.  There is something of an old habit where in the past you may have thought something wonderful was going to happen and then it didn’t work out in the best ways so this has you manifesting in cautious ways now.  This is where you KNOW you have a great idea or a great situation coming soon but you are filled with doubt and insecurities because of things from your past.  I invite you to just let them go. I invite you to KNOW that your thing now is manifesting in a new era and it wants to feel like the best thing every in your life. So allow it to! Do not create a foundation that cripples your creation and instead do whatever you can to put love and supportive thoughts into how this will unfold.  See the best and feel the best. And let go of the what ifs and the thoughts of fear based situations that could also possibly transpire. Just go to the light of things. Just know that amazing things are on the way and put your entire heart into what you are birthing.  This is such a beautiful thing and a bit of a miracle that is soon to enter your life… so allow it to!

Taurus Horoscope Image

This time sweet loves is very much about seeing what you need to see in regards to your health or the care of your body and how that ripples out into other areas of your life.  This can be a time when you will totally take charge and make the changes that are very much future related with your body (or heart). This can be like choosing to do a Plant Based Diet or committing to pilates or yoga.  You are wired to BE the healthiest person you can be. This may also be that you need to forgive someone, or yourself.  You are in a space where there is attention needed in regards to starting over through compassion and forgiveness.   This likely is with others who have let you down or who are not giving you what you need, but it certainly can have to do with you too where you are putting too much pressure to perform and be the best. You may also feel like you have to do something and your gut is saying NO or PROCEED WITH CAUTION and others very well may try to control you into doing what THEY want you to do. Take your time with this. Your body is guiding you and your intuition is right on the money currently!  You actually are most useful when it comes to pulling back and meditating on things.  So don’t be surprised if the universe gives you many an opportunity to digest things or slow down or look at things from another perspective.  You are in the cave right now and if you can honor this then when the time is right for you to come forward you will have much more insight and valuable ideas to offer the world.  Being stopped is NOT a bad thing for you right now and is actually the best possible situation.  Magick happens while in retreat.

Aries Horoscope Image

Hello rebirth! You are in such a sweet space where you are learning from others and how they mirror things that you need to see about yourself, and you are actually listening!  (laughter)  This is how 10 people can tell you the same thing, but until the timing is right, you just can’t hear it. But then a certain moment hits, and the wisdom fully digests down in you and you GET IT. You are in a moment like that. I see you letting go of control and moving more into surrender and trust.  This also feels like you are moving forward more securely in knowing who you are and that whatever path you are on IS the best thing for you RIGHT NOW.   This feels like a peace that is coming from finally feeling like you don’t need to push the river to make things happen and instead can just go with the flow. Its like you met your guides or you discovered something spiritual or you had a near death experience where NOW you can see it is all in order and unfolding just as it should.  This also should be infusing you with energy to move forward, proud and loud.  You are in the mood to make some money and create some stability.  You are also manifesting new situations that grab you up and force you on a specific path so that YOU can be more highlighted and seen by others for the wisdom you bring that offers improvements or upgradings.  You may even have a bit of a disruptive affect on others because you move them to change when they do not want to do so themselves. Don’t worry about that though, and don’t hide your truth because others can’t handle your spark.   Move forward like the pioneer you are and KNOW that you are doing something with your career that faces the dark issues but brings the light and empowerment in ways that ONLY you can do.  Shake this world up, love. Stand in a pool of dark and glow that beautiful light of yours. Others WILL follow you shortly. Do not ever discount the importance of your contributions even though you may not see the results immediately.