Lets do this!  You know what you need to do.  You know its time to take some first steps into this NEW path that is forming. You are feeling inspired and really ready to create the changes built on what has been falling away over the past few months.

Put the blinders on and be the pioneer of your own life. If you don’t live your dreams, who is going to?


Pisces Horoscope Image


This time is your rebirth. You will start to notice a fresh new air blowing through that comes from the lessons you have had thrown on your path the past several weeks. There have been reversals, that you thought were negative, but there were NOT!!  And NOW you are going to feel reborn!  It really was all a test and now you are going to come forward feeling much more confident about who you are and with what you are to offer the world through your creative gifts. Some ideas will fall away, but some will stick, as you will know that THIS is your thing and the signs are showing up confirming that THIS is the path you need to continue on.  Because of the reversals, you may be on a different path than you thought you were going to be on a few weeks ago, and trust me, this is NOT a mistake! Part of it was testing you to go with the flow, but also to listen to what YOU need to do and NOT concern yourself with what others need you to do. You likely had to step out of line in some area of your life and even though it may have not been the easiest thing, and others may have doubted you, which caused you to feel uncertain about your new decisions, it still was the correct thing to do.  If you recently went against the grain on something then you will be bumped up to a new level now!  This is also a time to PULL BACK and observe the patterns that are drawing you to a certain area in regards to sharing your gifts. DO NOT look out at others!!  This is an inside job and also one where you are to be very patient as you nurture and support this new baby you are giving birth to…

Aquarius Horoscope Image


This can be a time of much movement, as many new ideas will be flooding through you as to how you can gain a more solid footing in life so that your dreams out in the world actually have the umph to get out there and make a difference. You may even have a total reversal sort of situation where you said NO to something, but now will say, actually, HELL YEAH, or vice versa. There is a new perspective going on where something you thought was out of order or inefficient now feels just fine and doable.  This REALLY is all about you changing the way you have been seeing something.  And when you do make this adjustment, maybe even with letting up on yourself with your goals that you think you SHOULD be accomplishing, that a reborn sort of feeling will wash over you where all that was restricting you now feels like it really is perfect in its timing and perfect in how it is coming together.  I see this as a new color over your head, from the 3rd eye and up, and it was where you were making something out of nothing and now you get that you were doing that so you are lightening up.  You very well may be planning a move (that may come quickly or suddenly) or will be making changes to your foundation so that things feel more harmonious, beautiful and functional.  If your studio is a mess… organize it RIGHT NOW.  This will usher in a new sort of energy that has you loving again what was feeling tedious or boring.  This feels like the end of burn out where then you move into a new empowered state to create.  You also should notice that you are feeling better about yourself and not so critical about how not good enough you are.  This is something from your past that is leaving you where someone said something or did something, that you have taken on as your own, and it is clear right now that that is ALL THEM and you are deciding to wipe the slate clean and write that new story that says how beautiful, lucky and perfect you really are.  Its about time!

Capricorn Horoscope Image


You will either be moving at this time or doing something that really brings in a wave of fresh air with your home so that it feels brand new. You may even just paint, or buy some new pieces, or hang new items on the wall, but there is a spring cleaning sort of act going on with your home or home studio and this has you really excited to get down to business and make some even bigger changes in your life. It is amazing how when we get our houses in order how things out in the world seem to function better and bring us more of what we desire.  You are also going to notice that your words are much more hopeful and full of trust in how things are coming together. There is less control and more IN THE FLOW with seeing how things really have aligned perfectly when you look at the big picture of it all.  You also should be feeling more confident of what your unique contribution is to make with the world.  Something is clicking where you see how the flood gates open in certain areas and they really ARE sucking you in and trying to make you move in this certain direction.  Before you may have been taking on too much or wanting to do it all and now a sort of pinpoint vision is being applied to what you should do on your own and what you should have others do as they have the pinpoint vision for those other things.  This is separating energy, but more focused into one or two things.  You may even be hiring help with your work or even having someone else clean your house so you can focus on YOUR thing.  If you are moving, you will SO hire movers and NOT do it all on your own. That is the point I am getting here that you are not doing things on your own any more and really reaching out to others to make things feel smoother and not so hectic and crazy.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image


There is a lot of energy moving through your creative life!  This may come in the form of new ideas flooding into your life, but also there feels to be some things that are not that fun to have to deal with. Maybe others are asking too much of you or judging you where you feel not so good about yourself.   There can be a lot to handle and many details to take care of that weren’t so evident before.  You also are being asked to slow down, even though it all feels so fast, and see how something is pushing you forward, and possibly because of comparison or trying to keep up with others. There is a need to feel important and perfect and this has you pushing yourself more than you really should. You may even be going through burn out from working so hard at keeping up with things.  Don’t sweat this feeling though as chaos always proceeds order and what you are going to do is scale down your life so that you have more BALANCE and not so much of a lop sided focus.  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? There is something to this for you right now! Also you need to be more in the moment with life, and let me tell you that if you are racing forward on career dreams and are more focused on money and accomplishment then you WILL get to the future and regret not nurturing friendships IN THE HERE AND NOW.  There is the need to spend time with real in-person friends and to hang out making the space to just share and catch up.  This is calling for more lighthearted times.  AND you will discover that you have more ideas that are unique and ahead of the times when you do just slow down, ground yourself, sit under a tree for hours and breathe.  No rush, love. There is no finish line with this life of yours.  It just keeps going and going. If you keep racing to some goal, you will only need to keep creating more outlandish goals and true happiness will totally elude you.  Just sit still, smile, and be grateful for all that you DO have right here, and right now.

Scorpio Horoscope Image


Things are really starting to move forward in your life so that you can clearly see where you are going and where you want to go.  And not necessarily that you are there, fully living your dreams, but you are able to appraise your life and either feel really good for what you HAVE manifested or decide to bring in a WHOLE NEW expression so that you feel valued for what you offer. Basically if you are feeling honored for your gifts, then you are SOARING right now and will feel like you are ready to take on the world. And if you are not, then you will feel empowered to make great changes. This New Moon is saying LEAP and focus fully on what you need to change to start feeling like you ARE valuable and are making a difference in others lives.  That is your ultimate goal right now!! This is where you need to scream to the sky, “Universe, USE ME!!!” Tell the great powers that be that you are READY.  You also may be feeling critical with your job scene if it is not in alignment with your dreams.  So use this energy to make changes now. Job changes ARE to be happening right now through you either leaving them or changing your perspective of what it wrong with them.  Do remember that often we have to love what we have in order to bring in the new.  So if you hate your job, see something about it that is good… the people you work with, making a difference, the hours, the pay, or whatever. Also look to others in your life as they may provide the inspiration to make a change, OR they may also offer the opportunities to move into a better space that showcases your TRUE GIFTS.

Libra Horoscope Image


You are intertwined in lessons with others at this time and seriously, you can change the whole atmosphere through the power of how you use your words. If you are worried about saying something, or worried about how the other will take what you need to say, then let that go! This really is a time where you need to shine the light on YOUR needs and even though it may rock others because they are expecting something of you, you still really need to be true to you.  You may even be coming out of your comfort zone with this and it will be like taking a risk, but you will have good results, so go for it!  This feels like you have been focused more on pleasing others, or being the good girl or boy, so as to not make a stink, and energy is pushing you to just say what you need to say even if it does cause a break in the relationship. And seriously, if it does, which feels like it will only be temporary, you have every right to have opinions or express what you need from others. So if they do take offense and push you away, that is only THEIR control issue stuff and nothing to do with you.  Also do know that you are in a space where your thoughts are creating your environments… so if you expect opposition, you will get it. So expect that healing will occur and that others will allow you to be true to YOU. It’s time.  This also can be a time when you really have fun with your peoples and through opportunities to come together you will see how much you NEED THEM.  This feels like isolation to saturation!  So you may even make huge shifts in knowing you need to make space to spend real time, in your face with people you love and resonate with.  This truly is a time when people will see the real you, and if you want to, feel free to share a side of yourself that you were too shy to do before. Create a new story of who you are! This makes me think of when I moved to San Francisco when I was 24 with my cat Moose.  It was so exciting because no one knew me! I was totally free to be my true self, which DID feel very different from who I was in my hometown.  Go reinvent yourself, love. We will accept whatever you give us!

Virgo Horoscope Image


This is the time to shed those layers and let it all go! This is cut loose time, and you MAY be cutting loose old patterns or even people in your life who are draining on your energy.  This will be a heavy time for many a Virgo, but it really is all about letting go of baggage, throwing it away, lightening the load and moving on to the bigger and the greater.  Changes may occur with your home, where you move or put things into storage so that you have more freedom and space in your home environment. Understand that this time is about cleaning things up and letting go of what is no longer useful in your life.  So you may get rid of things, but you also may shift things around to create a healthier flow of energy. You also are in a pattern time in your life where situations are occurring in multiple numbers so that you can see what is going on here.  You have fallen into a natural response pattern and it is annoying, right?  You don’t really want to keep doing this, but you do, because it is a pattern. You are being asked to respond in a new way though.  You are to either stand up, or pull back. You may be acting like a pit bull and all attack first, think later, or you may be acting in a subservient fashion where you think first and never act.  Whichever one is your habit, you are to find the middle ground between the two.  Your needs deserve to be told.  And their needs deserve to be honored. In the middle ground both are met and both parties give AND take. Remember that whatever you FREE UP at this time is going to take you to way greater heights within hours of your new decisions. You may also be moving to a much bigger and expansive space, so if that is on your agenda you can trust that something is on the way!  And don’t be surprised if it shows up RIGHT after you draw the line in regards to something with someone in your life.

Leo Horoscope Image

LEO ::

Oh, I see you smiling!! I see something very exciting and wonderful on the way!  You are so close and within the next two weeks a surprise comes your way that has you feeling like it was ALL worth it! Every step, every struggle, every pothole, it ALL. So hold on a little longer… there are still steps to take and connections to be made but the flow is already moving and the situations are all waiting to click together.  This does involve a risk, or something where you are coming out of a box, or sharing more of yourself than you normally would.  You may also be doing something that is online or through teaching or something that shares what you offer and people are saying YES to this. And this is a hardcore YES. So step into this upgraded version on what you have to offer the world.  There is also variety to this, so you may be expanding on something that interests you and the call will be heard in your soul that it is time to move in this direction.   Follow what has heart and follow what feels like it is so satisfying to do.  There is the need to let go of fears of money or debt or failure.  Just let all of that go. Every risk carries those possibilities, but love, you are golden with this.  Follow the signs and also follow what you are hearing inside of your body.  The only rule to this is that you MUST not look to what others are doing and mimic things in any way!  You are to create a unique niche and a different way of doing things.  The more different and not like the pack you can be, the more lasting of an impact you will make on the world.

Cancer Horoscope Image


Hello bright light! This is YOUR TIME TO SHINE.  Every year when we first hit spring you at the peak of offering something that was designed during the beginning of the year.  To know your flow is to know that you are always waiting for spring to hit in order to THEN bring it forward.  And here we are… what do you have?  What are you ready to launch? What have you been working on behind the scenes?  Step bravely forward with this, love.  Put yourself out there. Go for NEW THINGS… if you need a better job, KNOW that it is just waiting for you to claim it. If you are ready to go to new heights with your career, know that you are stepping up into something right now. What you share at this time WILL be received in a way that is very accepted by the group.  And the more that it is for the people and also about combining with others, the more likely it will be a huge hit.  Also too know that some work that is publishing or writing  or teaching or internet or blog related is a part of what you may be well known for in this lifetime. It is being further activated in you that you ARE really good at this and have much to offer the world.  This is not a definite that you are sharing this right now, as we all have unique timings, but this IS waking something in you right now. It may be that you really OWN that you do have an amazing book in you, or that you ARE an awesome and effectual teacher who can change the course of all your students lives.  Something is waking in you that you ARE here to make an impact on some group of peoples.  And seriously, the normal worrying doubts you have will not be there in a few weeks because opportunities are coming to celebrate your creative gifts and reinforce that you are valuable.

Gemini Horoscope Image


Movement galore and then the screeching to a stop!  That is what I just saw! So I imagine things have been way fast and furious with so much to do but now you are getting a bit of a rest where you can pull back and watch how your creations are moving along. You ARE in a super creative space, but now you are going to pull back to find inspiration in the process of watching. This feels like tea leaves fortune telling where you are looking into this cup to glean wisdom on what you need to do next.  You are appraising your life and appraising how you feel with what you have accomplished thus far.  Also there will be more movement into the TRUST vibe where you are seeing how things have connected in your life, possibly through friends or some sort of group situation, and it may even be that someone is coming back into your life as more of an important figure.  There will be ponderings of the good old days and also seeing how much magick has happened along the way. I see you guys coming together, where there may have been some distance between you, but now it is like not a day has passed. You also are very much more in tune with the importance of having solid friendships and that avenue to express your secrets and get the best advice.  Keep them close. You need them, and they value you SO MUCH.  I see this new sort of flowering that is coming from your social life and it feels like a glass of wine where it just is settling the pressures of work and keeping up with your goals. I also see you laughing and feeling really free from some new decisions you have made.  This also feels like a POP where you hit the wall and then it all moves into another space, or where you are about to POP in regards to something.  Water is really important for you right now!! It will help to shift the emotions and also move through some old wounds that are coming to the surface. Do energy work on the water before you get into it.  Give it the purpose of healing old habits or fears.

Taurus Horoscope Image


Oh, you are so close to coming out of the line and really stepping forward with this new confidence and also new assuredness that you are so badass and can do whatever you dream is possible!  Many things are in the works in your life where they are being rearranged and recalculated and reconfigured and VERY SOON you are going to launch yourself in new and bigger ways. This feels VERY MUCH souls purpose related where you have spent much time in contemplation spaces really figuring out how to highlight what you are so good, and dare I say, the best, at.  You also are joining with others who are artists or musicians or people in the creative or spiritual arts and together you will create this sort of whirlwind or tornado of energy that is going to have all the people you reach standing there with their jaws ajar, like, who is THAT? Or, What is THIS?  I also see this whirlwind growing and expanding to the point that right where you are RIGHT NOW is tripled or quadrupled in one year time … and this is only growing!  So realize, the decisions you are making now, and the creative endeavors you are moving forward on now, and the people you are joining with now is creating a perfect sort of storm that is as close to dream come true as something can be!  Give it space to unfold and blossom, but you are laying down a foundation that is like 200 feet of steel poles down into the ground.  (Seriously that is the image that was given to me!) NOTHING will shake this or diminish its value.  Power be with you, love. You bout to be making a mark on the world!   The Group is KEY.  Think of each one of you as being a color of the rainbow and together you will dazzle the humans. And is there anyone who doesn’t stop and smile every time they see a rainbow?

Aries Horoscope Image


So many things are changing with you! You can probably feel this on a cellular level where you feel driven to express in a whole new evolved and spiritual sort of way. Seems you have been through some times that were pretty shocking and not what you expected but that through that journey you are going to be coming forward with wisdom that really touches people in ways that you could not affect others had the low times not occurred.  You are in this ah-ha sort of space where your interpretations of your past are now feeling very much okay in your mind. Its like you are shifting into a space that is not about control or needing things to go your way, but instead where it feels all good.  You may be saying, “It is what it is.” And that is enough for you.  This is also bringing a wave of patience to your life where you are seeing that there are NO mistakes and pushing the river does nothing but create floods in other areas of your life.  You are now learning to get on that raft and just hope for the best.  You are learning the power of TRUSTING in the powers that be.  You are learning to surrender to life and to know that every step of your journey is aligning you to a situation or person down the road.  Its almost like you have been given a viewing of your life story and life purpose, and this may have come in the dream time, and now you are all good with just going one step at a time to get there. You also are waking to needing to make time to get your hands into things. You may start something like working with clay, or gardening or knitting, or drawing mandalas.  This is really important for you, so do it!  You have massive creative juices and ideas that will flood into you when you do those sort of meditative acts. And you know, MEDITATION and that stillness IS part of what is aligning you to trusting the natural flows of life. – See more at: http://www.aquariusnation.com/aquarius-nation-blog/aquarius-nation-new-moon-in-aries-readings#sthash.2LEWWqtb.dpuf