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Its time to stop messing around with our shadow behaviors, our get even ways and our ego out of control.

It is time to be the light that we want to be.

It is time to BE the change we want to see in others.

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Pisces Horoscope Image
You are in for some serious movement within your career arena! But do know that this is an area that will be growing for a few years, so if things feel like baby steps right now, that is okay, because you ARE going somewhere. You just need to be present with each step you are on at any given moment. And THE main lesson here is in getting things in order within your home base so that these steps do not crumble the higher you go. So there will constantly be a balancing act that feels like 2 steps forward, 1 step back and sometimes even 1 step forward, 2 steps back. But you have to trust that it is all or the good because IT IS! This is the way to make your dreams be something that is solid and true and not just so haphazardly constructed that is falls apart in the future. This also can mean you vacillate between optimism and then doubt. But just know this is how it is going to be for some time and it really is for the best in the long run. You may also be having lessons at this time that deal with people in your life that you maybe haven’t heard from in awhile, but something comes up that may bother you or even rock you a bit. Something has built in them that was unspoken and now it may have created a situation that feels like miscommunications. So something may come as a shock or sudden action that is basically built on something not being spoken about in the first place. With this I am feeling you will have the opportunity to bring it to healing, but at the same time we are in a big BREAK point so if it needs to break apart, let it go. But do also know that if you can bring the peace and hear each other out you will have the makings of something that will be solid to the core and a great relationship, whether romantic, work or friendship.
Aquarius Horoscope Image
This is a time that OTHERS are coming into play to offer you wisdom or guidance in some way. And actually this also feels like it may have to do with provocation, so you may be pushed by someone and consequently will then react in ways that are aimed at hurting them. PLEASE be aware of this! Watch all your actions at this time because they also are carrying energy that will swing right back your way. So consider this a test. If you don’t like something you hear, MOVE AWAY. The Galactic Vision way is clear in knowing that when we do not resonate with something it either is just not for us, OR it actually has something we need to see that we do not want to see. And understanding the fine line between those too is basically found in our emotional system. So when we just do not resonate because it is not our thing, it causes no reaction and we just go on our way. But if it is something we need to see, we SAY it doesn’t resonate with us because we don’t want to see it! Focus on this during the next two weeks as you will be given MANY an opportunity to learn more about your own shadow behaviors. What I have found from working with so many people is that we ALL are pretty messed up and fractured, but we don’t want to admit that. And we put on fronts to try to hide that. So be humble with your insecurities at this time and when you are pushed to react in ways that IN ANY WAY hurt others, STOP and see what sort of wound that is really covering up. Are you feeling jealous? Do you not handle hearing that you are not getting your way? Just go deeper into this. This actually NEEDS to leave you because we are working on bringing you more joy in your life. And that means we must release the hidden wounds and the garbage you have been carrying on your back. This is about processing things and facing the darker issues. And this is about releasing things so as to FREE YOU UP. You will be thankful a few months down the road for what you facing head on right now.
Capricorn Horoscope Image
Okay you may be in a rather dark and TEDIOUS space, but you are being asked to keep your eyes on the horizon on all of this responsibility. I am being shown that you have access to a white string that is leading you through this cave. It is on the wall and about belly button height. If you imagine you can actually reach over to your right and feel it right now. I just did and I could feel it is a thick woven string. But anyway, this is telling you that you DO have assistance! And even though it can feel really dark and with things piling on your shoulders in ways that have you feeling VERY fatigued and out of sorts. There also feels like a frantic energy where you are reacting before thinking, BUT it also feels like if this is with another person, they will quickly come back at you in ways that may surprise you, BUT it ends up grounding you by helping you to see the error of your ways. This is how I always tell people that I can be a steamroller, but I appreciate when people put me in my place to show me the boundaries of how far I can go. If I don’t have that, and you are someone who keeps things in and doesn’t respond at the appropriate times, then I can steam roll right over you. I don’t mean to do it in a harmful manner but I am a truth speaker who stands up and voices my opinions clearly. And I value those who can do the same. But many people were trained not to speak up and instead to take things… until they can take no more and then they BURST at the seams like an explosion, shocking all those around them who didn’t see this coming. So you MAY be bursting like this. BUT correction will come in quickly at this time as someone will not just take it and allow it but will work to bring in the understanding and the peace after the storm. So this should have all parties growing closer or at least more on the same page about what you both with take. Just hold onto your guiding sting… you ARE being led somewhere and it IS not deeper into the cave but actually OUT OF IT!
Sagittarius Horoscope Image
This is a really special time in your life when you can feel that things are in your hands. This means you are in full control of how you will navigate your vehicle in life. Most people think of this as more difficult because you worry about making wrong moves, but this is the one that offers MORE opportunity for growth than at other times when things are driven for us and out of our control. So you are thinking about new choices and what paths to take in order to feel that 2016 is satisfying and full of growth. You may be working in your journal and thinking about a whole bunch of goals that deal with where you want to live, how you want to see your career grow or even where you want to see your relationships grow. Something feels like you are very aware of what is feeling off or even energy sucking in your life. It may be with a partnership that has outgrown itself or even one that needs some more love and care in order to believe that it can withstand the tests of time. This feels very much like an analytical period where you are scrutinizing things in terms of their long-term growth in your life. You actually feel very driven to cut things off and stop them at their growth if they in any way appear to be moving in a direction that is not fitting in with your goals. This also will be a time where you can say what you need to say and with a passion that is CONFIDENT of this. There is no wavering, as you are feeling very solid in knowing what you need to get off your shoulders. This may feel like a new you! You may be shocked at what you are saying, yet comforted that you finally did. You truly are evolving into a new and better expression of the true you that sits at the depth of your soul. So this also means that you need to be gentle with these changes as there is the need to provide nurturing and gentle care to the hidden parts of you that are finally coming to the light.
Scorpio Horoscope Image
This feels like there is something that needs to be said. There has been something building and even a bit of a friction going on that keeps trying to fully erupt and clear the air. So far there has not been an understanding of how to deal with this, or how to take this to the next level. There also is a strong critical tone to this, so judgmental energies are attached her and a feeling of negativity surrounding the core of what is really going on. This also feels like two people going in different directions yet trying to keep things together. So there is love here and a mutual desire to keep the hope alive, but there also is a new vision forming that would create a new way to deal with what is before you. And you are being asked to change some of your intensity with needing to be right and to hear others out because it feels like they are telling you what they need, but you are telling them what YOU think they need. And there is a clashing here. It may even be causing a rebellion because it sacrifices their sovereignty. Now there also is something going on with a building project where you are putting new pieces together and working out a new plan of how to do something creative based. This is lighting you up and there is much passion here, but you are being asked to take it slow and allow this vision to grow and blossom on its own timeline. You are feeling a rush with needing something to go full speed ahead and the powers that be are challenging you. It feels like you are being shown who REALLY is boss. (smile) And this is important so that you can be in this new alignment with being better at going with the flow and allowing the signs to lead your way. There is a FORCED surrender of an energy in your life and it is actually holding you down! But it is really trying to keep you from missing the mark and then having to loop around another time. You can wait, and then catch the boat that is on schedule to arrive soon. Or, you can push ahead now, miss the boat and then have to come back to this point and wait for the next one to arrive.
Libra Horoscope Image
There is so much movement here! This for sure feels like the holidays because you are just buzzing with doing this and that and getting together with those people and that person. There is a strong connection here but there is something where you are connecting in different ways. This is coming from a strength that has been building in you to be someone who SPEAKS UP, makes decision and even goes against the grain. This too feels like you are leading the way in your life through what you gut is telling you because it is warning you about future times that are dependent on the choices you are making. So this tells me you intuitively are glimpsing how each direction on this fork in the road may play out down the way. And this has you making sometimes shocking decisions, but they are on the money because they are coming from your gut. This means you are sort of moving through life in a blind fashion, but you know that whatever you choose is what you HAVE to do. Some of your decisions may be based on breaks with others as that is what I was getting with the new connections. This can be where you have felt your energy going down with certain people and you KNOW you have to not play a part in that any longer. It takes bravery to move through such decisions, but every person before you who has done this is later talking about how grateful they are that they did such a thing and how it freed up their life and their energies. So I am the confirmation you need in knowing that all things falling apart in your life are creating the space for something WAY more beautiful to come together. You are blessed with Eagle Vision at this time and you can trust what your gut is trying to tell you. You also are so divinely protected in all decisions! There is a rebirth to occur next month, although you will start to feel it right now. You can tell that something is dieing to make way for something else that is very “soul nurturing” and UBER satisfying. So go forward and take off the layers that you just don’t need any longer. These are not losses as you are moving into a climate that will support ONLY what you are wearing when you arrive.
Virgo Horoscope Image
You are busy, busy, busy at home right now! This can be something that is career based and with a project you have been slaving away at behind the scenes, of it even can be something related to a gathering or get together. There is a focus on putting things into order and clearing out the old energy. This may mean you are getting rid of things as I just saw the fragmentation of a computer scene with moving things around and packing them in a tighter and condensed sort of fashion. You also are working to clear the air with partners or people you work with SO THAT you can be more focused with your work or dreams at home and not be dealing with the “elephant in the room” situations. So there is something that is coming to the surface and it will either be something relating to a creative project or something relating to a dealing with another person close to you. But when they occur, an exhale and a new sort of order will be created. This feels like when we hold back and don’t really express how we are feeling and then we can let things grow out of control and grow suspicious or judgmental. So be brave and use this opportunity to get to an understanding instead of flying off the handle and creating damage to a situation that is merely a miscommunication. This feels to me like when our needs are not being met and how we then want to hurt the other person, because basically, we are mad about it. And what really needs to happen is a new way of communicating so that we can really bare our soul and be vulnerable and allow others to meet us halfway with getting our needs met by them that they may not even know about. And when you do this, from a place of vulnerability and HONESTLY, a total clearing and healing can occur. It just needs to reach the surface. It just needs to be brought to the light. You also are being asked to believe that this elephant situation CAN be healed and brought to a better resolution that works for all parties.
Leo Horoscope Image
You are so busy with all these details to put into order! You also are working hard to map out this journey of your life that you will be involved in a year from now. There is a huge forward motion of this energy where you are thinking seriously about what you need to do and what you would like to accomplish next year. There also is something with dreams manifesting or dreams to arrive on the horizon. It feels like it has you in awe that this is really happening and you may still be in a state of disbelief. It just feels like a dream and one that hasn’t completely hit you. This can be like getting a book deal or music deal and it being something that manifests fully in a year, and you will be in a state of doubt because it has not REALLY happened just yet. But you are being encouraged to know that there is a gap with timelines right now, so you KNOW it is coming, but it hasn’t fully come yet so you feel a bit uncomfortable. I hear you on that. It is being human. But trust me… IT IS COMING and when it is here you will be giddy as all get out. You are coming towards a WIN. This also feels like a risk, so it brings with it a whole new way of living your life, but it also feels very much like you will do it like a rock star. Now you also have a lot of decisions to be made and you don’t really know what to do. You are going back and forth and dealing with many things to decide. It feels so busy in your brain! I also see you looking up to the horizon and you are in the dream and in a future day. It feels good, so stay there often! Something about this reading is saying that you DO need to think in terms of what the ULTIMATE dreams is and what you would like EVERY SINGLE aspect of your life to look like. This may mean you are focused on the home environment, the work environment, LOVE and all the things that will make your life feel more joyful and full of value. You really are onto some big changes in your life and right now the energy is following your thoughts, so SEE how you want it all to unfold so that it feels like the dream. Yes, I have said DREAM many times, but that is what I am being told here! The dream. The dream. The dream.
Cancer Horoscope Image
So there may be something here with getting tests done or working to heal some health imbalance. It also may be something hormonal because I am seeing this as something that is a bit off and causing these other things that feel emotional. Now what is REALLY wild is that this also feels very much influenced by your thoughts! And meditation and yoga are coming up here. There is something with getting more rest and trusting the big picture and also connecting more with nature. So it has a natural remedy that is aligning you more to a healthy flow. This also is showing up as flower essences or something that is HERE NOW and simple yet exactly what your body needs. You may even be out in nature meditating and will think of a flower and if you then research this flower you will discover that it has an essence that helps with what you are going through. There may also be something with an allergy TO a flower that is causing a change in your body. But since I am feeling hormonal influences, this tells me you may suddenly be allergic to something that before you were not. This could be like gluten or something. If that just hit you then I would try going gluten free for 5 days to see if things change. This also would make sense because I am deathly allergic to gluten and when I have even a flake I inflame about 3 to 4 inches and it also changes my brain chemistry so that I think I am a loser and should just kill myself. I DO NOT have those tendencies otherwise but gluten MESSES me up. And the reason I say that is because something with this reading is pointing to your brain and how you are thinking about yourself. So you may be doubting yourself or feeling negative or even having self-hatred. And this for sure could be a gluten allergy. This also could deal with some changes at home that are very unclear and confusing to you. It seems you are going back and forth and trying to figure something out before it is ready to be revealed. Don’t let this have you losing your cool! You will KNOW what to do when you are actually doing it. So don’t doubt abilities before the situation is really here.
Gemini Horoscope Image
You may be in some serious talks with partners or those who you have close dealings with. Something needs to be revealed as you have spent time worrying about it and possibly even feeling judgmental over it. This really feels like something that is coming to the head after not being spoken about for some time. And honestly I am feeling that it is towards someone else, and possibly someone who is down in the dumps or where you are feeling like you have to be extending your energy in order to pump them up or amp them up. If feels like another person is weighing you down and you just don’t want to be weighed down right now. Something with your spirit wants to fly free and to be in the space of infinite possibilities and positivity. This also deals with bringing things into balance with someone you love as things are a bit off kilter or just not feeding your soul. There is lack here or something cut off and you want the flow to be at full blast but you don’t know what to do just yet. And honestly I am not seeing a resolution just yet, but I am seeing words being spoken to start getting that ball rolling. It feels like a process and the need to bring in more LIFE and JOY into this situation. You may also have to forgive something. Understand too that you in a huge growth spurt that is coming in the form of transformation and also with really waking to your value. So this has you upping the game with others in your life. You are going to be breaking through insecurities and any doubt with self and what this means is that others around you will also need to upgrade! This is so true in partnerships too. We need to grow as a team but also improve constantly. We are with others in order to learn and evolve into better beings. So you may be thinking things like LEARN THIS ALREADY!!! If someone is lagging behind it will cause discomfort for you because you KNOW you are going places and you need to be free to focus on manifesting your dreams and not always working to hold others up. There also may be a big theme of money going on with you right now and that can be causing some strain. You may be taking on some new “venture” that will take a lot more money in your future and this may have you worrying. Try to stay positive that all of this will work out just fine. You need to think big picture as that energy will be coming in a few months so it doesn’t hurt to plant those seeds right now. You are safe. You are protected. You can do this. You just need to have some dialogues with those who are around you who feeling a big DAMP. Let them know you are in FIRE and need air to fuel this dream of yours. This may mean you need space.
Taurus Horoscope Image
You are FULLY in a space that is about managing things and taking care of many, many, many things in order to clear the air and move into a lighter atmosphere. This is about cleaning out the hidden places and getting rid of energy that is holding you back and weighing you down. You really are moving into a much lighter position that feels like flying, but first you have to pack your load in a way so that all the loose ends are gone and things are compressed and put into an efficient flow. You also are really seeing your shadow behaviors play out in regards to provocation coming your way. You are being shown sides of your personality that have been kept on the down low, as that is where we like to keep them. We like to believe that we are solid and evolved and healed to the core, but keeping it real, healing is a process that can take a lifetime. Or at least we are still in the healing process as long as others provoke us. So you are in this space of learning more about things that you have not wanted to admit or see. And this is a great opportunity to lighten your personal energetic load. This is you lightening your footprint so that others only feel the love you want them to feel from being in your space. This is also you facing that the situations coming into your life are patterns that have played out before with different characters. This is about same energy, different time and NOW you are being asked to deal and heal this in a different manner. These patterns continue to loop until we decide to change our reaction to them. Often we just push others away declaring that THEY are the ones with the issues. And then we find ourselves in the same dance with a different person and continue to point the finger at the other. But in fact, they will continue to show up until you deal with it in a new way. This can be humbling yourself and apologizing or at least working to heal the fracture instead of allowing it to be a permanent break. You really do have a golden choice right now and if you deal in the high vibe way, this can be cleared from your pattern and be the last time you will attract such a thing.
Aries Horoscope Image
You can do this and you are READY. This is the time to gun forward and to really start putting some steam behind new ideas that deal with getting your things more out there into the world. You are to focus on your Eagle Vision and see your life in a big picture way. You are to think of all the steps you are taking right now as leading you to a very important position in life. You are to diligently move forward and take care of all the details that are coming your way. You are to NOT gloss over something and think that it is not important. Every aspect is leading you to a destination up the mountain and if you skip things you will get to the top and feel insecure and unprepared. You may also be benefiting from travels at this time as they feel work related or at least where some sort of opportunity, even if it is just inspiration is on the way. Others are bringing you solutions and answers to questions or stuck positions on your path. Its like they are bringing you water and power bars to keep you going! You also are being asked to hold a very positive perspective on what you really CAN do with your life. You are to be that ultimate life coach with yourself who convinces you that you can do anything you dream. You also are looking at something from your past, so this may be that a person, a project or an idea is coming back into your life and is the source of giddy excitement. Things are starting to make sense and this has you feeling way more trustful about what life has to offer. It feels like you are rising to a new perspective and view on life and this is great news! I feel you are writing all these things and putting them into order. This may even be a teaching material or something that is like an e-book or offering that educates others.
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