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You better be feeling pretty happy right now! There should have been a feeling of ON being switched from off on this Full Moon for you! A gate HAS opened and what is going to be moving full speed ahead are ideas you have for your business or the work you are wanting to offer the world. Now this is not necessarily saying that you are launching something because you may be in a build that takes some time, but for sure the ideas will be flooooowing! You also will have SO MUCH MORE HOPE as to what you can really do with your career. There may have been some doubt recently, but now you will really start to feel like you can do whatever you dream. Also there is movement now and the feeling of a floodgate opening… finally. You may even be sharing tons of emails or reaching out to your peoples in order to further facilitate some of the visions you are having for your future. I see you with lists and checking things off and really putting some things into order. There is also a new excitement for your future and a drive to get down to business! You also should be feeling very comfortable in your body and with expressing your true mystic nature. We have been in a world where metaphysics are now mainstream for years now and what you will start to notice is that people aren’t so confused around you like they used to be as you will be able to openly voice your thoughts and opinions on life in general. Seven years ago there was more of a fight to express who you are and more resistance to what you know to be the truth. And that is no longer with us, which is so many people you know reads cards or does readings! Ten years ago you were a RARITY and in demand. We are saturated now in the world of the mystery and this means nothing about it is uncommon or even special. It is mainstream. And the advantage is that you can be true to who you are, which means you can develop and grow freely into the person you are destined to become. The disadvantage is that you can’t follow a path that has been done by so many before you, which means you need to find a UNIQUE way to express your gifts. If you want to shine, you need be different.

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So you should already be feeling this new sort of balance in your life where you are REALLY needing your friends. You may notice that you are wanting to be with others more and really dedicate more of your life expression with people who LOVE and VALUE who you are. You may be reaching out more to people who you haven’t seen in forever, or you may be thinking of friends from long ago. But you also are in a deep purge of saying GOOD BYE to all those people who do not match your vibration and who actually feel like a big heavy weight in your life. We are to call people our friends when they lift us up and inspire us to become better peoples. We really are not to take on people who point fingers or make us feel like we are flawed! We do enough of that to ourselves! We don’t need that from people we think of as friends! So values is on the table for you this Full Moon and also something that brings in a START OVER where a new foundation or pattern can be established. There is a strong release to this Full Moon for you but also a fresh new beginning where you are going to be feeling good and ready to bring more joy and fun into your life. I see you cracking out of a shell that was made from others projections of who they think you should be and now you are sort of rising from the dead as a more powerful version of your TRUTH. Rise up, dear Aquarius! It is time to manifest some long held dreams that FINALLY have you feeling at home in your body and at home on this Earth. You were sent here to lead, so get going. You may start leading with one follower but eventually you will have a whole butt load of people watching your ways and knowing YOU are the one to watch.

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So this Full Moon for you is going to start a movement into you learning to trust life more. You may have had some worrisome situations in your recent past that now you are seeing as really just something you created in your mind and that were not totally based on reality. You may have had some paranoia or feelings that something would fall apart or disassemble. You may have thought one thing but now are seeing that the opposite is occurring and this is a good thing! So the powers that be are pulling you back from moving forward so much so that you can learn to see that something else is actually driving your car of life and that the only way to even moderately control the steering is through TRUSTING that all will work out to your advantage. You are being encouraged to shut down your mind a bit and not base your past on what is actually the potential. You are to create a new way of viewing life and one that is about TRUSTING that you can do it all, be it all, have it all and live a life of total joy. Basically the message I am hearing for you is: Don’t limit yourself with your mind. You are being asked to bring some mystery and wonder into your mind space so that even unicorns can seem real! There also are to be miracles set to pop up on your path as a way to have you reprogramming your way of thinking. So expect the unexpected and allow what shows up to bring a new foundation to what you believe in or can conceive of as the potential. Your life is set to EXPAND and it is ALL based on you allowing the dream to fully infiltrate your mind.

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This energy should feel VERY good for you! You should feel more hopeful and inspired to move forward on long held dreams with the conviction of a warrior/warrioress. You are to KNOW that you CAN succeed and that you ARE onto something. There is some work to do and some details down below that still need to be addressed, but your ideas that are about growing and expanding your life ARE to be followed with total faith in a successful outcome. There is a merging to this energy and one that gains more momentum FROM combining efforts. This may be with others encouraging you or coming forward to congratulate you or even doing something that reinforces that you ARE a valuable asset. But there also is something with you needing to own your power and not waste any time with doubt or insecurities. This is really important as you need to hold the faith that you are gifted and special and CAN ride whatever waves the Universe may throw your way. You are to look blindly into the future of your dreams and just take one step after the other. You are not to worry about outcomes or even HOW to make this work, as at this point you are just to hold the dream for an amazing outcome. You also are being asked to work through any concerns at home that are still a bit illusive and have not made their way to the light. This means bring up some conversations with others where you need to be heard because right now you are speaking CLEARLY and with strong convictions.

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This is going to be a time where you are TOTALLY focused on getting out of debt and coming up with some way to bring in more funds! You are all about money right now and in finding ways to collaborate or work with others in order to get your dreams more out into the world. Your mind is fully focused on building something or taking the necessary steps needed to do this right and to really make a mark with your work. You also should be feeling very creatively inspired and on fire with new ways to do something that has recently come to your mind. There is a lot of organizing going on and also the releasing of old baggage and old patterns that actually have been working against you. You have been unable to see clearly into the depth of things as other more superficial concerns have been distracting you, but at this time you have your head held down into looking closely at what is REALLY going on. You may also be working to understand partnerships better and will see that the only way to bring about change is through YOU changing. We can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results as WE are in charge of bending and flowing with life in order to attract what feels nurturing and supportive. There also is something coming up with old value systems, or old messages that are responsible for what is occurring now in your life in the form of conflict or confrontation. There is the need for a fresh breeze of hope to infiltrate your heart so that a new way of practicing unconditional love can be your reality. You are in the process of letting things go, practicing forgiveness and also learning to love again. LOVE or a rebirth of love is also showing up and shining brightly like a peacock! What changes in YOU will attract the loving adoration and respect you desire.

Libra Horoscope Image



You are in a space where there is SO much hope, but at the same time so much to shovel out and release from your personality. You are letting go of situations where you are the victim and losing out on things. There has been a magnet sort of attraction due to something in you EXPECTING that things won’t work out or that things have to be difficult. I can see this as people in a line so this tells me that you all will be going to the dump to let go of victim mentality in phases and not all at the same time. So some of you are already leaving the transfer station and have unburdened your load and are feeling FREE to expand into a new life where you are valued, respected and treated like royalty. And other Libras are still in line and waiting to release their load. So do at least know that after you face some darkness, some wounds, some patterns, some disappointment, some inferior feelings that then you will feel high on life and ready to go out there and grab some new situations/people/items that match this expanded state. You may even be making purchases that are of a higher quality than you used to expect and this is a good thing because you are to attract things that are matching this NEW YOU and not the old you that is needing to fall away. You are turning a corner, my love. And something that is dead and no longer feeding you is set to fall away or be cut off. You may even go through a period of TOTAL uncertainty of your future and this is just a testing period for you to let down control and allow the sweet Universe to show you that there is another way. Before you had a wall up keeping the good at bay, or keeping it from sticking for too long, and this NEW YOU is going to be so focused on trusting it all so that the opportunity to spoil you rotten will finally be available. Let down that old crusty wall! Be soft and be full of faith that you DO deserve the bounty to smother you.

Virgo Horoscope Image



This is going to be an amazing Full Moon for you where you are going to gain a new foundation with which to manifest some VERY big dreams. You will see pieces comes together from wishes you put out there months, or even years ago. I am seeing puzzle pieces flying into position as you stand there in awe at the MAGIC of it all. This also is going to birth a new faith that you will have with this Living Universe in truly being out to support you in all your dreams. You will realize the power of your intentions, I tell you what! You may also be working on moving, traveling or doing something new that expands your scope of life. Going back to school or learning something new may also be coming up for some of you. With this new energy coming in aiming straight towards YOU, you will not want to limit yourself with thinking small. This will be a great time to make goals that are out of this world and taking you farther than anything you could have imagined. This really feels like all doors are opening for you and your faith in miracles is what is setting them afire. There also is help that is coming from those around you, who are possibly artists, musicians or mystics. These dreamy sort of beings are finding you and wanting your down to Earth energies to help anchor their own dreams firmly into reality. So there is a joining together and a marriage that feels made in heaven, or at least it will feel that way to your heart. Be happy, my love. Things are changing and your future is BRIGHT… as in rainbow color bright.

Leo Horoscope Image



Oh my! Its great to be a Leo at this time! Your heart is AWAKENED and you want LOVE! You are ready to be seen, adored, respected, squeezed and licked up like an ice cream cone. You are ready to GO FOR IT and to take some huge risk that is near and dear to your heart. Something has happened that has REALLY opened you to how fragile life is and how there is no sense in waiting for tomorrow. You are in the present and ready to do things that you never thought you could do before. There also is a strong excitement for something in the very near future and you just know it is going to be something that fulfills all your dreams. I hear you squealing as you are counting down the minutes. There is no more confusion or doubt because you are READY for this thing that feels like Christmas eve excitement as a child. Children are also showing up and you may be thinking of having kids or working with kids or it may even be that you FEEL like a kid right now! There is just straight up giddy in the energy of this reading. You also are coming together with friends or people who are opening your heart even further because they are helping to release a burden and lighten your load. I see hands coming out in all directions as they sort of do whatever they can to help you and show you that you are being taken care of. You may have some fear about some mysterious and hidden thing that is in the future but you are just being asked to TRUST this and know that things will run smoothly. You have A LOT of protection around you and some are crossed over and some are in places farther than your current location, but thoughts are ON YOU and there is so much love coming your way that no wonder your heart is feeling so awakened! You are LOVED. And you are missed.

Cancer Horoscope Image



So you are SLOWING wayyyyy down. And you are being asked to take some deep breaths and keep your mind on TRUSTING this situation you are in. There may be some fears that are OUT THERE and way far in the future and filled with doubt, but you don’t even need to go there. You need to shut out the concerns and just ride the wave of trust. You are moving to a new location in life, whether physical or metaphorical and the view is going to be very different from the life you have known. And while you may not be there just yet and are in the preparation period for great change, you DO need to let all the old world cares and concerns and fears LEAVE YOU. It’s important that you BE HERE NOW and enjoy this moment with the feelings of being protected and taken care of. I just got the image of being a child and being in the protective arms of a Grandmother. This woman is STRONG and when in her care you KNOW you are taken care of and that you don’t have to worry about a thing. So go to that place and pretend you are protected, because YOU ARE. You don’t need to play the adult right now and try to map out your whole life scope. You just need to pretend that forces are working FOR YOUR BENEFIT and you just need to be very innocent and open to miracles as you sit there and allow the world to greet you. Now you are to focus on not being so critical or negative because your thoughts may be a bit dirty at this time. You need to release needing to KNOW and you need to release judging everything to pieces so that SO much is seen as negative or deficient. Just be the love and allow the love to fill in all holes of your life that are causing any confusion.

Gemini Horoscope Image



Oh gosh! You can feel that something is changing about you and it is with what you are sharing of yourself with others. You may be coming into your own or feeling more confident of what you are here to offer. But there is also something that is birthing this and it is coming as combativeness from others. So you are being MOVED to be more true to who you are, THROUGH others actually pushing you out of your comfort zone! So this may feel weird to you but ultimately you are needing to draw boundaries and declare more of what you think and who you are. This actually makes me think of someone who is in an abusive relationship and how they take it and take it until they NO LONGER TAKE IT and then they grow super human strength in declaring NO MORE. So you are thinking about how you have been held back or limited in life through others holding you back or wanting you to fit into some box and right now you are COMING OUT. You also are in a deep cleansing period where you will be transforming bad habits and starting new healthy ones. This would be a GREAT time to give up smoking or to stop doing something that is actually not for your benefit in the long run. You are also to be gaining a stronger connection to Spirit so that no matter what happens in your outer world, you are still calm and grounded and feeling in control. This means yoga and meditation are to be new habits that you ingrain daily. You also are to slow down for just a bit longer and savor what you DO HAVE. There is a rush to you that should not be starting just yet but you WILL be able to move forward very soon. Take deep breaths and wait for it.. wait for it… wait for it. Trust me… IT is coming!! (sooner than you think!!)

Taurus Horoscope Image



Oh you are going to love this! You are ready to WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN and get super duper clear on drawing those boundaries so that NO ONE or NO THING is allowed to cross into your space unless it HONORS you. This tells me that in recent times you have gone through situations where maybe trust was lost or you felt betrayed or let down by others and THROUGH that example you now have a new definition of what you will and will not accept into your life. You should be feeling very clear and very strong with naming what you want to see happen and also clearly stating what no longer matches the vibration of your life. You are cutting down weeds and planting wild flowers. You want to be able to grow in ways that are not held down by others expectations, or whatever. I am just getting that you need to be free to be you and not to morph or adapt to what others think you should do. You also are VERY concerned with bringing more stability into your life through creative offerings and possibly collaborations that deal with artists, musicians or mystics. You are coming together to do more in the long run. There also is a wind blowing under you with what you are working on right now and it has WINGS. So stay with this and also dream of how big this can become AS you work the details into shape. You are onto something and it has the potential to bring in BIG MONEY if you can work with total authenticity and integrity every step of the way. This also is GROWING — so be patient. This is like with your garden — allow the seeds to grow on their own but do feed them daily with love.

Aries Horoscope Image



So you actually are going through a bit of a change in life where you learning to ask for MORE THROUGH accepting what you do have. So you are hooked up to this expansion flow that wants to GIVE YOU even more, but first you have to love what is in front of you now. This makes me think of how when we want to move into a new house we have to FIRST love where we are; or when we want a more satisfying job that we FIRST have to love and appreciate the one we currently have. This means you need to be thankful that you are able to pay your bills and meet cool people and have a roof above your head, or whatever. Through savoring each and every thing in your current life you are gaining access to MORE. Now you also are learning to believe in miracles and to let go of thinking you need to work so hard to manifest your dreams. You are trying to catch on to this natural flow of life where the ideas and inspiration naturally find you. You also are going to be VERY focused on your souls purpose path and with what is YOUR special and unique thing to offer the world. You want to GO FOR IT and you want to really make a huge mark with YOUR unique offering. So allow inspiration to guide you and bring you organically to what this is. Yoga and meditation are coming up, as are teaching. So there may be something through those avenues that IS your thing, or brings your thing to your awareness. The more you can love what you have NOW while listening to the wind bring you messages of inspiration, the more you will be on a path that will feels BEYOND what you thought was possible. Also focus on reworking a website or writing project AFTER you take this time to slow down and hear your next moves.

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